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World Warfare
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  1. No problem, I can wait. Keep up the hard work developers have put in.
  2. I think the top league who won the cup before are doing the same thing....but instead of bring 2 extra leagues, they bring 3 or more, so that the small league die quick and can occupied the full map... basically all sisters' league will let the main league to capture all cities.... which means the tournament design has an issue. Just like LS and LSB, I think at the end, either LS or LSB will do the same as what I described above.... Agreed with SnakeEater/Wefew... Big Deal on winning the cup. The ultimate winner is the developer, who get pays from the player who is using GEM and buy
  3. QAR => did you bring two leagues to the cup as well? Luckystrikes and Luckystrikesback?
  4. petesew


    Well explained Mkv. Thank you so much...
  5. Any further update on the issue?
  6. iOS screen recording... AirShou is what Jai using. This is non apps store apps, as Apple think recording screen capture is insecure. The website do provide instruction for installation..... URL below. http://iemulatorbuzz.com/install-airshou-app-download-ios/ For new player, I suggest in order to get them up to speed and draw the attention, the battlefield should have some kind of entry level for novices, expert or hard etc. For example, eligible to enter novice level it should be W01 can enter only. For expert level "CW4", the city should start at higher level etc..... A
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