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World Warfare
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  1. My thoughts about some suggestions and how they can be incorporated in the game better: For Slaytronics “tanks should only be good day 1” I disagree, airman and cannon are powerful day 2-So on. And with the suggestions beside splash damage I feel like tanks still would be the worst unit in day 2 and more but they’d be a lot more playable. Keep in mind that airman can get level 15 and have salvo on flak 36 day 1 which destroys tanks, but this is still somewhat counterable. And again tanks should be good vs cannoneers while airman should be the one countering tankers. But this is arguable.
  2. And adding on to my last post DO NOT make tanks have a splash damage option, I use tanks myself and I think it would make tanks overpowered and there should be a troop that well used that has single fire. The single fire of tanks is also cool how it makes heals useless but if tanks have splash damage then I’am confident they’d win almost all the time against m40. Following my previous suggestion would make them balanced in my opinion and this game would be so much more fun for tankers.
  3. For tank optimization I personally think tanks should not have a splash attack damage option and here’s a better way to balance them T-34 should be available at level 1 league city, however they might be a bit weak still and not used and pershings should be available at level 2 league city. Why? Tigers are currently the most used tank for tankers and they are perfect for countering artillery however not much chance against m40 but adding pershings would just be a tiger with more health. Would tigers be useless then? No because tigers would be easier to expand to level 5 and I’
  4. Make more time between declaring victory and the “battle field duration” timer IGN: Maxanator
  5. Limit gem usage/the amount of gems that can be used per field Remove being able to get the resupply package or make it for 5 keys instead of 30 Add more buildings to the level 8 rebel cities cause there’s no use getting them
  6. That’s stupid, the devs should have told us cause now some of us won’t be able to play or will have to surrender out of a field. And I don’t want to surrender out of a global field that’s been going on for 3 days already
  7. Will we be able to be in a global field and MMR tournament field at the same time?
  8. How many teams/leagues will there be in a field?
  9. I agree with Cengiz, making a maximum for gem use in the new field would be awesome so it’s on based on who’s richer. And it’s also MMR which should be based on skill. 5k is a good amount, not everyone can use 5k in a field but it would balance the players that can gem a whole navy.
  10. You guys said troops will respawn each 2 hours but will there be a way to know the respawn times, cause it would be bad if someone attacks a rebel city 5 minutes before respawn tiger cause they’ll kill all the troops than they’d respawn all a sudden which would be a problem so hopefully there’s a way to prevent that problem from happening
  11. I really like how rebel are a bit more buffed and how the rebel cities and surrendered cities upgrade slowly however, I suggest to add some air defence to the level 15+ rebel cities since a army of bombers can cruise threw them quickly and make the 15+ more buffed since a level 8 and level 10 rebel city where much more powerful than a level 15 since level 15 has 5 m40 1 bomber, level 8 had 3 rockets+2tigers+2destroyers+2 bombers, add ships surrounding water side of level 15s, also change the troop respawn timer in rebels cause I killed the whole rebel army and than was attacking center of city
  12. Did some pumpkin carving :)
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