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World Warfare
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  1. So with 7 bomber choices how do I decide where to put my point... any chance of getting cost and end values for each bomber?
  2. Do it but...it takes 9 days to build and All of the builders leagues CCs can’t send anything anywhere..
  3. Mastering a glitch and not reporting it; is the same as cheating, as for the lag blame apple...and as for the alt league diplomacy thinooo...I have never seen it on this board till I ran into War1war in cup with 3 leagues of ppl with 2 battles...yes they spent a lot of cash to make thos tanks, but the only way it would have happend is if 18 toons sent them all to one person.
  4. QAR

    Major Glitch ALL DAY

    I can’t even load to the main screen. iOS 11.2.1 iPad and iPhone
  5. Psst we didn’t play week 4....
  6. Good game posting a shot from befor the battle was over........
  7. This post is more about why are ppl being stolen from cause one league found a way to steal the cup... my moneys spent in weeks one and 2 fail in comparison to others, the you can kill them has no water,, you where not there...
  8. Have you ever seen what 15 level 4 tigers does? or tried to kill one?
  9. We brought 6 players not 6 players and 12 alts... big difference... and your assumption that LS and LSB are the same is both right and wrong...LS does not give us citys.... the worst part is ppl are trying to win not knowing that cup is rigged... he whom figures out the easyist way to win(without spending) wins...
  10. So your sayin I can make 23 alts and steal the cup from leagues that want to play? Yea mkv you didn’t spend money in this cup.. its screwed up..I know how much the asains sped I know how much everyone else spends to play the cup Your definition of it’s not against th Eula is bs. i cans solo make a team that can win your tournament in two mounthns...
  11. Yea I asked how to use the uso button got no reasponse... found a league using 12 alts in this cup..no reasponse... 12 alts um where is my moneys back
  12. It’s not right and theft Again I demand compensation for everyone that has played cup all leagues need the monies they spend back it has been freely admitted War1war is stealing the cup
  13. They made 3 leagues of alts I demand blue and purple are refunded to all players this tournament one league admitted to using alts to steal this cup ...
  14. I have a list of alts that where used but War1war to create a battlefield that was there own...so the could steal the silver cup... And the kicker
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