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World Warfare
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  1. Dear Mastercheifs, it is pity you can not join. but do not underestimate your Team members, with or without you is not big difference. we would like to confirm the time with your team. who is responsible to coordinate your Team internally ? if you want to discuss this privately , just tell me. we can communicate by Whatsapp or by other APP. Thank you.
  2. Dear Luckystrikes, in the last match of season 6, we are defeated by you. believe it or not, we met a very serious bug in that match. our league City is canceled twice by the System. we don't want to put everything onto that bug, but only want to tell the truth. anyway, inside our league, we get Agreement, your Team is our strongest competitor. so we invite you to join the sea map together and have a great game. we can send private message to your Team. but we think this post is more official and serious. our current battlefield will end in 4 days. we hope to get your Response in These period, so we can arrange a proper time together. after all , it is not easy to align 20 members to join together. hope to get your Response soon. Sincerely yours Fengyun
  3. Dear InHaLe, maybe you are relative new in this game. in tournament, in most case we fight 1vs5. you can ask GODz if it is true that when we appear, GODz always ally with other 4 against us. and GODz has his second league now, they always join together. this is the real fact. i don't know your background, in your context you said “we and they ” confused me a lot. are you a member from GODz? why you comment like a man from third party ? it is really coward to do things like this. ok, let's stop this. what we want is just a fight in bigger map with more members. don't make man's fighting like girls crying ,asking :"why this, why that". i will never reply to you again. for GODz, after so long time , even no member appears, we have no words. this challenge post will be put here, next time when they blow how they are brave , everybody will see this post in the same time. we will invite respective league to play in the bigger map. in fact , today there are lots of leagues are more powerful than GODz, like Luckystrikes. internally, we more expect to play with Luckystrikes. some of our members are defeated by them. Fengyun
  4. Dear InHale, i don't know who told you we intendly wanna avoid GODz. maybe one of their members. but it is normal. let us see who tell the truth. this post is clearly displayed here 4 days. did you see any feedback from them? they have time to make vedios , they have time to upload the vedio and make a lot of commemts, but no time to reply to this challenge.
  5. until now, we did not get any feedback. since GODz members are very active in this forum, i don't think they missed this post. the only explaination is : they ignore it or dare not to accept it. we respect all opponent team who is worth to have our respectations. we hope to get ANY feedback in next 2 days, even you do not accept this challenge. let all of us wait.... Sincerely yours Fengyun
  6. Dear GODz, i am one of the member from your Opponent league Fengyunzaiqi. since the Name of our league is in Chinese, it is hard to translate. i will use Fengyun for short. your Team and our Team have Long history in this game. we have several times competition for Tournament Champion. your Team has strick discipline and is well organized. we know your strength and of course we know your weakness too. Tournament is good battlefield, but only 6 members are allowed to attend. after internal discussion, we decide to declare war on your league. we can make an appointment, all our strongest 20 members join one battlefield together. let's have a great game. i am in Name of my league to write this note, we hope to get your responce. Sincerely yours Fengyun
  7. thank you very much. this game is really interesting. every new stage, you can find something suprise. this game is similar like PC game "Europe Escalation". i like it very much. by the way, i destroied all rebels arm, only left the Transport trunk. is it possible for me to take those trunk ????
  8. thank you very much for such clear answer. i build a league City now. but the league City can only build 3 buildings and has no Money to upgrade. how to upgrade the league City and how to build more other buildings ?? sorry to ask so many questions, but i didn't find the answer in FAQ.
  9. Thank you very much. right now it is crystal clear.
  10. Thank you for your answer. but i check the FAQ and didn't find the solution. could you please briefly descrip how to do it ? right now i am truely in one League but no communication.
  11. Hello everybody, i am the new commer. i upgrade my City to Level 14. but i still can not product BM-13 rocket. who knows how to produce this ? by the way, the Tower is very strong especially high Level protection Tower. how to destroy the Tower, who has good idea ? Thank you all
  12. Hello guys, i am the new commer. i upgrade my City to Level 14. but i still can not product rocket. who knows how to produce this ? by the way, the Tower is very strong especially high Level protection Tower. how to destroy the Tower, who has good idea ? Thank you all
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