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World Warfare
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  1. I’m interested in hearing players thoughts and first impressions on the new bombers.
  2. TDF

    Best Moments.

    Here is a brief overview of a pretty cool naval battle that happened a while back. Summary: One of our allies was attacking a city with Naval support. In the middle of the attack, an strong enemy naval force engaged them. I was tasked with intervening. I attacked the enemy force from the west, after a while, they withdrew to the southeast, then turned and headed west to a fortified channel. Myself and what was left of the allied fleet pursued. A running battle commenced until finally the remnants of the enemy fleet made it to the fortified channel where they were reinforced by anothe
  3. I did as well, my only issue was the necessity of loading the units individually. I hope thats included in the fix that Bolt mentioned.
  4. TDF

    Battle Techs

    I use naval a lot. My favorite tech was the sea transport ability to load units from the beach. That combined with Cunningham allowed me to have a rather nice Marine Corps. This did reveal some interesting problems with sea transports that, because i didnt use them very often, i hadnt noticed. Armies loaded on ships tend to stay on board a while and they run out of food. It would be nice if the sea transport had a supply button, and carried a reserve of supply. I see this working exactly like a carrier. In addition, it would be AWESOME, if also like a carrier, sea transports
  5. Your powers of obervation are astounding, bravo!
  6. @update Phase 3. Thats awesome
  7. AA would have been more useful and realistic.
  8. I have personally been in fights over my last city where it changed hands two or three times. To all of a sudden not be able to cap because its was my last city is horseradish. In fact, i have recently had to retake my capital, which was my only city that had been capped while I was asleep and converted to an lc, then abandoned. No way that i should have been resrticted on that due to not having another city.
  9. What's funny is that you thought it was funny ?
  10. TDF

    New Officers of May

    Hitgirl, I hope you realize MkV was being sarcastic. They used a BEAR! Of course there are women who would qualify.
  11. You can buy the package and then be a years play back ahead. Everybody wins.
  12. Are the original officers gone for good? There is one of them I was going to purchase.
  13. TDF

    New Officer

    Theodor Scherer doesn't seem to be working, either that or the range and power bonus isn't being displayed.
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