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World Warfare
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  1. 3boody


    don't do anything accept the problems will gonna upset us and we out . And suck what you need in your game .
  2. 3boody


    yeah also the army disappear. 20 jets 13 is level 2 . awesome game . I hope all face the problem . to hate the game and leave it.
  3. 3boody

    the game is lagging

    and now our army disappear. f u c k this . I started hated this game . every 3 days we face problem . joy craft are f u c k ass holl beyyyyyy. also my money what I charge it in game I lost it for nothing and actually for this f u c k ing game I hope all off you face this problem to leave this shiiiit game alone
  4. 3boody

    the game is lagging

    from the laaaaaaaaag tired
  5. 3boody

    the game is lagging

    hooooooooooi . Help . the game is lag plz come help us we are tired from the game
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