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World Warfare
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  1. Well from my game play of Aegean I can say the subs are very balanced but still require some changes to help them be a very good navy unit like North Carolina. One of the biggest fundamental problems is of course the speed of subs in battle. Most of the time your gonna be traveling above water but when your team is about to fight you are forced to submerge at least a scout view distance away- travel for 7-10 minutes to get at least semi behind the enemy and then lastly strike for another 5 mintier which all together is almost 20 minutes of not helping your team in the fight. Of course I do understand you have to communicate to your team to maybe back up and try to stall for strike but I think if your gonna have the strike and submerge time very long then maybe give subs a 10 percent speed bonus instead of the 50 percent speed debuff since they are very low healthy units that can die to destroys in a second. I feel like that is a fair adjustment for the subs but another route you could take is give them a 3 minute submerge and then a 2 minute strike with their speed debuff on them so they are able to help in the fight sooner. these 2 are good adjustments for subs and really depends what you guys want us to use subs for but currently it is very hard to utilize subs in a fight if it takes 20 minutes for them to actually get in position and fight- but then again their damage does make up for their slow speed but my allies be crying when they lose their 20 north’s while I kills the enemy north’s in one shot
  2. Blackstar1


    I believe you are just waiting on a new fresh map. Sometimes when you leave a map that is not full you can't join a new map until the previous one fills up. Or it could be servers acting funky like it does time to time
  3. Guess what man. They "fixed "it . Now your members are green will turn blue if they log back in but also here is the funny part . Missions still not working and the Asians leagues we are fighting in our cup is already in middle of map completing all there missions ;^) .Also they gave a 200 gems for compensation but I spent more then that so I'm very sad and frustrated.
  4. Hello I am also having the same problem as you but I am in the league godz dynasty and we just found out that our 1 guy who is registered can't even complete the missions either. And not just that but somehow we are going against both of the top 2 Chinese leagues with there sister league and they also have no problem except for there sister league who has 5/6. I do feel like that we now have to reset this cup or at least not count it against us since basically from I have seen is that a lot of leagues are struggling and glitching out while Chinese are playing without a single problem.its like giving them a free win for barley playing which I believe is against what a tournament stands for.
  5. Blackstar1


    I can understand why everyone is getting mad over the servers keeping you from moving troops or even playing the game but you guys gotta understand is that they are trying the best they can . When this game was first made it was not made by the best of the best who could program a game in near seconds . It was made by simple people like me and you who had a dream . A dream that we all over look all the time . A dream to give players a game where we can untie together and play a game in real life . And the fact that they even made this game free always makes me surprised. Most developers would charge you for a game where there is no to little animation yet it cost more then my 10 dollar stuff toy (( shush don't judge )) . What I am saying here is that we should not yell at the developers . We should encourage them not to give up on the dream that they made just for us . So let's just bear with the lag and couple of down servers and let them try there best to fix this problem we are having . Also please stop saying " fix the dam game " of stuff like that man. They are trying to make this game newer with each update but sometimes there are problems that will occur since they just human who makes mistakes . So let's encourage them to try better with sentences like " hey you got this guys . We know you can fix this " . PS: if the servers are ever down on a important holiday like Christmas or happy new ear then of course it will take longer due to them having a life just like us and they want to spend it with there family and then help us . I know that some of ya pay to play this game but it's wrong to keep someone from seeing his family so they can keep a sever running for people who yell at him for not fixing servers immediately. So happy New Years guys and I hope that we as a community can grow and help these developers to make this game popular like discord (( or at least candy crush ))
  6. Blackstar1


    The smurfs vs coc!!!!one of coc hardest fights ,they were able to ambush the smurfs when they attacked there lc .
  7. Blackstar1

    Best Moments.

    Man I can't remember when I first started this but the reason I played this game was because I wanted a challenge . A game where it's more then leveling up and getting attack actually mattered unlike clash of clans ( losing a bit of gold and elixir is fine to me ) . Then I found this game and started playing it . I was in many league but the one league that really loved me was player league . I was still a little fresh with the game and the accepted me due to my begging ??? . But after a while I grew to player and his league and it was the best . One of the best moments we had was when we were fighting a league called the corbulopact . They were really strong and we were a little short staffed when we fought them but never less it was fun . I had 28 level 3 aa , and now I'm known as the aa master , me ,player , and sunsy were at a farm and then we saw the scariest shit ever . 120 starts ( good 20 of them might have been bombers but still it was mostly strats ) and if was up to me to destroy them . They all charged in with all the best defense tactic cards you could put on a bomber and all I had was a damage increase tactic card . They all charged at us and I'll be honest I pooped my pants . My aa were shooting at them but it looked like the starts were taking no damage ....... then when they finally were in booming range all the strats and bombers went down . Left and right no bombers survived . This was one of my biggest victories and was when I learned even tho aa can't attack the ground they are still good troops who are still better then the new aa guns (# kill aa guns ) . I don't think I have pictures of the fight anymore tho but still it was epic and I have to say that league was very good .
  8. in theory this could also help the small leagues fight huge leagues too . Most of the time you can't help your Allie either 1.you are busy or 2. If you do help you cant fly back to your base and force to walk to one of your member city or another one of yours . So this would allow small leagues to combine there armies and basically create walls of troops around huge leagues kinda like a real world war . It would be interesting but also scary since 2 huge leagues would win a lot of fights and cities in a day with this update ( if it ever happens lol )
  9. Dude it's just 1 day of not playing . And even if they are " suppose " to help you on a Holliday that is special and the day of giving and loving they still can't fix every problem immediately. Programming is not a easy thing to do and if they are not careful they could end up doing even worse things then not allowing you to move troops( like deleting your profile ) . If you keep yelling at them to speed the hell up then I want to see you fix the glitch immediately while on a holiday where your not with your friends or loved ones . Just calm down and wait and please don't be a dickhead . It's very rude and mean.
  10. Blackstar1

    Troops disappeared

    Severs are currently not working .they are working on it but due to being short staff and Christmas stuff this might not be fixed until 1-2 days
  11. Panzerweger42 you need to calm down my dude . They are short staffed a Bit and trying to fix this game but many of them have a life and Christmas . If you can't wait 1-2 days for them to enjoy there Christmas and then fix this then you should not even play this game since it requires patience .
  12. That actually sounds like a great idea . Only problem is that artilatry would be the best thing to use ( also the aa unit ) so you would probably be angry at seeing thousands of arts . But other then that the map does sound cool .
  13. ( my opionin ) it's dangerous to land in Allie base if they let you do that next update . Your Allie can easily betray you when they know your gone and end up killing everything you have . Especially if they know you won't be back for a while . Your idea sounds good but it has a lot of negatives that is hard to solve .
  14. Blackstar1

    Bf id 1097822

    I believe the servers right now are having problems so a lot of people can't see there city even tho you had one and was not attack . They are currently trying to fix this problem but due to Christmas it might take a while so just enjoy your day and come back tomorrow ( or keep checking every hour to see if it's fixed if you really want to play this game )
  15. Lol I can't play for my league since I have so many enemies now , Spartans 34 are my biggest and angriest league that hates me a lot ?
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