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World Warfare
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  1. Klobbi then it is about how leveled up your building/zones are...
  2. Happy thanksgiving....enjoy time with your familes...missing turkey day and other family events was always the hardest....heres a recolored photo from ww2....obviously not me
  3. Also i surrendered a 2 maps while waiting for a league group to jump with ...and i have those two chats jump into my bf chat randomly as well...
  4. Definitely not fixed...ive even seen turrets at same base have mixed results one has buff next doesnt
  5. Top picture longest single deployed brigade of OIF. Photo was inspired by bottom photo. I was somewhere near the bottom. Bottom photo is division photo from WWI. Red Bulls Attack Attack Attack Silent6 of GODz
  6. If your up by that much why vote to extend...? Unless you like no competition stat padding.
  7. Is there a way to skip cadets map with a new account? Ive seen guys with no hours randomly end up on maps with us, but i cant get my testing account for base data out of cadet maps without playing it and gaining rank. Some of the best aspects of the game wont be recorded by a new player id imagine.
  8. So the medals are for those who fought in the cup only correct?
  9. I will take the delta force medal please and thanks for the prompt issuance of the other bonus
  10. This game is rare...where you actually communicate to this level with players appreciate revisiting of the award and correction thank you jane!
  11. Well two things... First you guys never posted the rewards for the season but continued to advertise season 1 rewards even now...on the page im looking at...this is misleading No reason season 1 should have greater rewards then season 2 ... Its crazy that you lower rewards when you dont reveal them until after the tourney ends... Also a first time winner reward shouldn't be used to close the gap it should be in addition to the rewards. People put alot of time and effort into it and the smallest things joycraft could do to make its heaviest users happy they continue to get
  12. From my understanding there are two separate sets of rewards...but i guess we will see in a few hrs
  13. Im in the process of building a set of posts that are informational and will prob eventually combine into one post as a master guide of information
  14. The airdrop supplies tactic if your referencing thqt foesnt list how many rss you need to fill up ...and it only loads 50 percent full...additionally with the the gems being harder to come by with this other currency being added tactic use will be even more premium then before.... So this help with my problem at all...but thanks
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