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World Warfare
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  1. MrMinyMe


    It was a friendly Scrimmage with Pasta
  2. I like most of your ideas, except the one where you suggested where you speed up the game play. I love the way that he game is played right now, the gameplay is amazing and the length of the battles and upgrades is great. But the other suggestions are great
  3. It's cool that you can connect your account to Facebook or Game Center in order to safeguard your progress, but I think it would be a cool addition if they added password safeguarding. Now to be clear I have t gone searching an awful lot to see if they did but I haven't seen anything on the account tab that says create password or anything. Just a tip that I think would be helpful
  4. These are great names, but they were supposed to be posted by December 26
  5. My in game name Is MrMinyMe12341
  6. The Officer that I think you should add to the game is Carl Andrew Spaatz. As commander of Strategic Air Forces, Spaatz directed the United States portion of the strategic bombing campaign against Germany, directing the Eighth Air Force, which was then commanded by Lieutenant General Jimmy Doolittle, based in England, and the Fifteenth Air Force, which was now commanded by Lieutenant General Nathan Twining, based in Italy.In March 1944, Spaatz proposed the Oil Plan for bombing, and in June 1944 during the Operation Crossbow priority bombing of V-1 sites aimed at the UK, Spaatz advocated,
  7. MrMinyMe


    Members from league Pasta (DeadlyGreek, Gasmask, MrMinyMe, And BoffaDeez) take on a daring fight against the enemy (PrinceNadua) from DeathSquad007 with help from MasterChiefs from DemiGODz.
  8. I was wrong I just hadn't realized that the guy was in my battlefield because he hadn't talked in the chat before
  9. Yes, it hasn't happened as much as it was but it still is
  10. I haven't played much since the update the other day so I'll let you know if it happens again.
  11. Yes the people that kept joining our league chat were at one time in our league, but the chats that I kept joining I was never in their leagues.
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