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World Warfare
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  1. I hope it's fixed soon I forget while typing that but before it crashed it showed my a picture of a general and a GM under it
  2. No I was showing something else the words were Chinese but I was set to English
  3. Wassssssup


    Here you can show your leagues try recruiting here.
  4. Pretty cool but I'm broke lol
  5. This isn't a suggestion but y'all need to do a better time tracking players because right now this is my seventh time switching picture and name for doing things that could get me banned and I have not been caught. P.S don't ban me now I'm a changed man
  6. I found it playing a game and an ad popped up with the game so I tried out the game and now I can't stop playing this beautiful game.
  7. When are y'all going to add submarines in the game?
  8. I meant distract not destruct
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