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World Warfare
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  1. I don't know about you all but it is just a game after all. Too much taking things personally if you ask me on all sides. In the end a game should be about fun, not work, fun, if it's not fun either fix why or find another game, you know for fun. It's why I don't do cups, they use to be fun, but haven't in a long time, they became about loss of sleep and money. At any rate many of the tactics, and improvements in the game have come from the efforts of Godz under KingCB. That is something no one can really ever take away. But it became about grind and less about fun as it has for many players. In the end I know my personal goal for the pack is fun for all my members, sometimes we win, sometimes we loose. Sometimes we get mad( we are human) but in the end we want fun for us and everyone. It's one of the reasons I know when I lead a field if we are winning just before the field ends we ally everyone that gives everyone that stayed through to the end a reward and it ends with a happy note. I can't say all my guys do that but it's my way anyways. have fun folks, that's what it should always be about.
  2. Going to say it's sort of insulting to see elite commander in there. Since that medal was one given to the top 10 commanders at the end of last year its devalued that honour.
  3. I am discussing it amongst my members to decide what we as a league wish to do.
  4. Though I do see the side of challenge, the nice part about newer players is potential. There is a lot of great new players that are always possible recruits for older leagues.
  5. Well see often te gemming abuse claims come from the ability to rebuild a army almost instantly multiple times. Now resources create limits on such things. But even though the resource purchases are limited in the commercial center with a large amount of diamonds a person can get the resources as well as munitions and just keep refreshing the center u til they have what they need. But changing te commercial center as I suggested above it still maintains the centers functionality without allowing its continual abuses.
  6. Ok folks I know the developers want to say gemming isn't a big issue, tactics can beat it etc etc. We know it is a issue, and I'm not talking using gems at all, but the excessive pay to win that has been going on from some. So how do we resemble this, keep diamonds relevant as their purchase does in fact keep the game going. But on the same token reduce the easily pay to win aspect. the real abuse is simply Commercial Centers. Have enough diamonds and a willingness to blow them you can resupply and get lots done fas with refreshes. Thousands of diamonds can do wonders with the commercial center. but they are a valuable aspect of the game so below is my suggestion of changes to reduce the pay to win. each level of the commercial center will give Give you a full page your choices will be divided amongst tradable resources, purchasable resources and purchaseable munitions, with the division being fifty percent to tradable, thirty percent to purchasable resources and twenty percent to purchasable munitions. have the commercial center have a five hour refresh time and most importantly remove the ability to purchase a refresh with diamonds. these changes keep commercial centers valuable while removing the abuses and pay to win aspects they have come to be.
  7. I'm wondering how they plan to resolve people who save up with the new 30 day card which gives amythyst instead of diamond. I say is because of amythyst has a 10k cap your gonna get a lot of pissed of people 5 days into the 30
  8. Still need to test everything but wondering why you removed allied chat. Dont get me wrong love league chat, just think allied chat serves a purpose yay is no longer available.
  9. Unblock me please


  10. As we have currently been in a field we have discovered the city shields are glitched. Cities engaged in battle are not suppose to be able to shield, even says so in the shield purchase screen. Yet eight ballers shields like is going out of style. I realize they like to run a lot cause they troops get boo boos, but the shielding all the time even in battle is ridiculous. This glitch needs to be fixed.
  11. Wolfpack is boycotting the cups until the cups actually mean more then Diamond spending
  12. Hello all thought I'd toss out some ideas for improvements to help the game. First for leagues: 1. Increase league size again this time to 60, with the influx of new players it opens opportunities for larger leagues. 2. Add two or three more rank levels in memberships, make us able to name our ranks 3. Under approval should be two sections one for requests and one for outstanding invites, allowing us to cancel invites that are outstanding 4. League log should show who invited or approved a member, or removed one. League cities/commercial centers 1. When selecting a person to ship to the following changes should be made. First separate league members and allies. When scrolling to selecnwe should be able to scroll up and down for the persons name and then side to side for the persons city, it will make selecting cities far easier. Therefore let's say I have twenty members in a field and I scroll down to select Yoshi, then scroll to see his cities. Something along these lines select person then see their cities whoever you what to implement it. Cups add back the gold cup, make it a different map smaller scale of the isles map. Make capitals produce taxes like golden empire. Make one league city convertible to a gold mine only allowed towers as outer buildings, central structure is a large gold mine. Rewards are mostly gold base not diamond. Build times reduced by thirty percent. No diamonds at all, or restricted to two thousand a day. Solves the bigges complaints and gives a fun option to encourage its use.
  13. Never heard of them, go kick their butts
  14. First I want to say what a pleasure playing with many of you is. It's truly a great game with some great people. As leader of the Wolfpack since its creation I have strived to maintain a certain level of decorum from our members. I have noticed as of late we as the pack have had some less then savoury interactions with fellow players. Not to say at all times our daily mind you, but we engaged with gusto. In the course of this shift in our way we have become less helpful and that has in my opinion impacted many new players. This sort of thing is regretful. As leader of the Wolfpack I assume fill responsibility for this uncommon behaviour we have exhibited as of late. And to you my fellow players I say I apologize. Now don't get me wrong the occasional Whitty banter is not what I refer too but really mean, boisterous and helpful behaviour. The pack and I have discussed it and collectively agree we have gotten a bit out of hand. We will strive to be truer to our pack ways. I thank you for taking this time to read this and again apologize for the issues. Please address all questions and concerns directly to me. Thank you Telwar
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