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  1. Going to say it's sort of insulting to see elite commander in there. Since that medal was one given to the top 10 commanders at the end of last year its devalued that honour.
  2. I'm wondering how they plan to resolve people who save up with the new 30 day card which gives amythyst instead of diamond. I say is because of amythyst has a 10k cap your gonna get a lot of pissed of people 5 days into the 30
  3. Unblock me please


  4. 1. Optimization though always good long run, just the term causes me concern due to past optimization bugs. 2. I find chat has more issues now then ever, seems the fix is a flop. I'll presume the other bugs are resolved till seen otherwise. I disagree with the shortening of the field, unless your reducing build times and resource costs by a equal percentage change, 20%. 3. In developing Golden empire will this be a secondary battlefield option or are you planning to replace the map again? I do think capitals should get the tax back in both fields. Language support is always welcome
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