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World Warfare
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  1. Nice new map, it is like the golden one. I hope there are some gold mines there to take and explore. On the other hand I remember that map being the most boring one due to lock of pvp fights. The current map is the opposite, no one going for hq, no need to figure out the way to take it for just some Tigers and meager rewards. You guys should think of how to find middle ground so it would be interesting for all types of players
  2. Seems like no one is liking this new system, it needs to be changed, and changed fast before good players go play something else
  3. The new system is outright stupid, no need for development or getting the tasks done, just capture all abondoned cities you can find even lvl1 once and you are on top of the chart, it is destroying the game completely,
  4. So tigers are gone. It's good and bad at the same time. Good part that no one will hunt them. Bad part is that no one can now get in top 3 position unless a part of a big league. I'm in a map by myself( missed entry point with my league) got the highest battlefield points and second highest territory score, yet not in top 3. I have 3 league cities and having hard time building all of them up just by myself, can't get enough flags ( no tigers to kill) to continue expansion. Enemy has five league cities and monument with 18 players on board, their bonus is 12k more then mine, no chance to catch
  5. My main complaint is the vote, I had to go off the map being in a lead by 200k points, because no one will vote. Vote needs to be timed, like you got 24 hrs to vote either way or you are excluded from the count. love the idea of a noob map. Love the idea of multiple maps
  6. Good changes, I like them, thx On the other note, never ending games should be resolved, I like the idea to strip voting rights say after 24 hrs, that will get reed of inactive people
  7. I agree, close the map after 24 hrs
  8. In my opinion you are doing the opposite of listening to us. Stags are the only unit strong vs buildings, they should stay that way. At this time they are the only unit that can bring down lvl 10 turret with the enemy online. If anything the movement speed should be increased, they are a light armament and should move faster then tanks, that's also historically correct. Loading them on the plane is essential and should not be changed, as is they occupy more space in the transport then needed. Their defense is low and should stay that way, it's ok to have antitank be able to attack them, but ot
  9. Thanks guys for bringing up all those issues. One more thing that has changed is the bombers power, that could be intentional and could be a good thing but I think it's a bug. 25 bombers mixed lvl 1,2,3 and 4 all fun out of ammo at the same time and barely enough to kill a tiger, that is strange to me, way less was required in previous elections versions. Zooming in bug is a killer, can't command large amounts of troops if you can't see them and every second matters
  10. Unfortunately last maintenance did not fix the problem of zooming in and out as well as the problem of being unable to see cities and units until you zoom in on them. Being able to zoom is crucial in battle when you want to command large force or a single unit. Inability to visualize the surroundings prevent from strategy planning
  11. So far the game is a bit glitchy, zoom in and out of the map not reliable and takes several attempts to do. The fact that you need to transfer commander in chief status back and forth to convert cities to league city is not good and need to be changed, I think.
  12. I agree with the fact that navy become useless, it's already not really needed, since for a while I get to top 3 having no navy at all
  13. Seems like all the games ended at once, guess system crush or something like that,
  14. Spot on. You forgot to mention all the farms, still mines, oil rigs and rubber plants that work their butts off to produce and collect ....nothing, and money, well we are all used to our taxes disappearing in the black hole, so nothing new there.
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