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World Warfare
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  1. Mabus

    Best Moments.

    50 m40 I was so happy when I had them lmao
  2. Mabus

    Best Moments.

    Great game first found it myself looking for a fun game that was not like all the other clash of......craps out there and this is it Ty guys for this awesome game In game name is the one and only "mabus"
  3. Cool updates with the LC guys I also wish to stop seeing anymore money grab tech updates pls I and many others like me like the game the way it is no more tech updates needed pls u know the saying if ain't broke don't fix it I think u guys should save some money on new content and spend it on advertising I'll make more money with 10 milion people player rather then trying to get more money outa the 100k playing it now:)
  4. Sorry if this don't fit here but will someone please answer this question how do u change your banner colour? Orange or purple ?? And what league Lev ?
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