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World Warfare
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  1. Engineers are infantry units. Infantry is seen as the lowest tier and not used for anything other than a city cap. Please refer to older posting about infantry and the supporting roles.
  2. Literally you can just focus on taking it from a Europe/Asia/Pacific style map which is fouls represents now to allow more regional battles and have the terrain adapted to each. I.E North Africa : Desert Eastern Europe to represent Barbarossa and more Soviet oriented battles with more armor. The UK and Western Europe. Here you can really have a new type of game play, and have channel crossings to simulate DDay invasions and what not. There's a lot you could do with this one and have a totally new game mode for such. I know some of the JC people are getting burnt out
  3. Might be pretty good for the cadet match to get you used to the general ranges and also since there isn't just a base range now for some units, officers making the stats improve, a ring actually isn't a bad idea as I sit here and ponder it. Add it to the settings where we can disable the borders and what not. Obviously would be applicable to your units and your allies
  4. One interesting weapon system not yet mentioned was the Nebelwerfer. Originally designed as a mortar system, Nebelwerfer translates to "Smoke Mortar" which the Germans used as a disinformation tactic. Obviously with any weapon system, over time it was upgraded and improved with newer variants. The one in particular I want to focus on is the 15cm Nebelwerfer 41. Let me introduce to you the "Screaming Mimi/Moaning Minnie" By the time the 15cm variant was released, the Wehrmacht had already experimented with rockets for almost two decades prior with the rocket development reachin
  5. .....lol really? Pretty sure the community wants the duration to go down not be increased especially by another freaking week. If you know what your doing your troop cap is full of a combined arsenal of power troops. The units in place in the game are pretty much the normal units seen in world war 2 so the developers are pretty limited right there in itself. Also all of the unit you have suggested have already been previously talked about in other threads.
  6. Barthel

    New maps

    If we look at our current map as a whole, we can make out that it roughly represents the Europe/Asia theaters accordingly for the war. That's the world as a whole so why not enter regional warfare now. Zoom into a particular region such as North Africa, Eastern Europe, Weatern Europe, The Pacific Islands and others. With each region also brings a new terrain look in a sense so if your fighting in North Africa, there's more desert and sand textures than forests. Same goes for Europe, depending where you go, make the terrain look somewhat similar. This is clearly toning down the scale
  7. Well thought out. Kinda makes me reconsider buying an officer.....eh nvm staying F2P still well thought out
  8. Good guide and all but not really a solo guide if your using LC troops. Not really a noob friendly guide If you can't go in there with AT guns, StuGs and Artillery and get the job done then come on. using low tier troops is way more of an accomplishment and more feasible for "solo" players. Most players won't have access to the troops you mentioned because we all know how vicious it is out there for solos and if one can survive that long, they're not focused on waffen. I also see the Maus so like I said that's just eh now. Of course your going to take it out with a tank that has as much Hp
  9. Report to Veronica via contact us option on the main menu. Include screenshots and all the info needed best way right there for them to handle it
  10. What a great cover up for such another flop of an update if I ever saw one. Oh let's give out some new medals and stuff to throw you off from how crappy everything just became..... This update is atrocious and is literally starting to become other games. Did you guys sell out to another company without telling anyone? Are you becoming EA where you just totally disregard everything your community has brought forth to you. Said there was a fix coming and all I see is an even bigger headache than before....and what's with this resupply? Just another pay to win aspect that you literally can't get
  11. All I see is more clutter and things that weren't a problem now are. Why couldn't you guys just focus on fixing the actual freaking problems BEFORE implementing anything new......?
  12. I call bull. I'm pretty sure there was way more than just a handful of complaints on these players. She can claim whatever she wants but the actions of all the players within the league ultimately signed their fate. It wasn't because of the league name and I was there for the conversation about it. That's not the reason, the comments made from the other members of the league did it, and it wasn't just that instance but when the reports stack up over weeks. Yeah ur screwed so this reason about Wolfpack causing it is straight bs.
  13. Still not a pheasible option. I had moderator for Xbox when I worked for Xbox customer support and even then my profile never displayed I was a mod. There doesn't need to be more mods. People need to understand what is good, playful trash talk and what is just unsporting conduct that leads to further shit. It's on us not joycrafter so moderators jumping around taking time away from their actual roles is kinda unnecessary unless it's really warranted like some situations....few and far between....call for them.
  14. Moderator isn't just given out because someone has a good rep. Lol! They are employees so not a viable option there for other players to have a "moderator" title and go around doing god knows what. Once there is new options for chat to personally be able to mute a player and most start ignoring it all together the problems will cease. Having a plethora of untrained people representing the moderation can be a very very poor decision for any company or community.
  15. This and the chat rules all tie together. It is down the responsibility of the league leadership to keep the trash talking to a minimum. If it can be done for most then the rest can do it, if they want a good time in the match. Obviously your going to have those trolls who will talk sh*t all match no matter what but if the leadership within the league can keep a handle on things then overall the experience will be much more enjoyable. Snake very well written to out it lightly..
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