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World Warfare
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  1. Enjoyed with my son the fireworks over the river sceagles515 (US Forces)
  2. And with all my forces i cant see when 82 on same city
  3. This is what im dealing with.. how is one supposed to play a game like this??
  4. sceagles515

    New update

    This new update is horrible switch it back. The small units put a strain on my eyes something fierce. Who in your development team thought this was a good idea? Who ever thought of this idea should have the poem boots played through there head repeatedly (to my sear school grads you will get the reference) but seriously change it back. The micro machine size units is horrible. Especially for those who are playing on there phones.. -sceagles515- out
  5. What if a league say concidius does this over 10 times to one city is it ok then? I believe there has to be honor in this game. Im at the edge of leaving because of it
  6. Is there anyway someone can land my airforce before i lose all my forces. They will run out of fuel soon
  7. It is not fixed! This is a dang lie! Message coming up is.. chat connecting. Then error message! Please fix and dont lie
  8. Your chat is repulsive!! Im about to leave this game im so mad! Im in bronze chat trying to communicate with bronze teammates and your repulsive chat takes me to my other battlefield chat. Then I was typing battlefield plans and it started in correct chat and then ended up in main chat were i lost 30 troops because they knew i was coming. Worst of all i try to contact you and cant because everytime i press the button it kicks me to my homesceen on iphone. Fix this soon or lose me for good.
  9. My self pulling CQ duty. I served in operation enduring freedom. sceagles515
  10. Took my little guy out for trick or treating for his first time. It was 40 degrees. -sceagles515-
  11. I am freaking out because you're stupid update might cause me all my bombers. I ordered them home but then son started crying. Checked to see if they la ded and now locked out longer then the time the bombers have fuel. You gave us 2 hours notice for the maintenance that is not right.. if i lose these bombers i am leaving the game..
  12. A heroic stand by detcord 2 but after repelling the enemy twice they finally took me out. (sceagles515)
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