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World Warfare
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  1. I like the idea of cool downs on shields, not sure it needs to be sped up any, doing this could mess with strategies. However my big suggestion is a cool down on life saving, and by that I mean how quickly a single unit can receive this tactic.
  2. I have played this particular set up many times, the problem isn’t being piled up or spread out it is the number of heals used by a league for the bombers. You can easily defeat 100 bombers with just 10 Bofers, as they do AOE damage. (Area of effect) all the bombers receive equal damage. And without a heal will all fall to just 10 Bofers, the more Bofers AA the quicker they fall. The issues is heal after heal till they get directly over the target. Just so you know BOFERS have the highest range of all airdefense artillery. There downfall is set up time. My main suggestion is a cool down on a u
  3. Really, I’ve had 100 bombers run up on 30plus Bofers AA and get healed a lot of times, no losses for bombers. This isn’t a problem? Wow you must run a lot of bombers and love heals. Why can’t there be a cool down on healing a unit, then turrets would be a lil effective and general vs research, it already makes the game a lil more even for the guys that don’t buy every general, I only have 2. I think it’s bs that an airforce and 1 soldier can cap a high level city. Tell me when in history even modern history that this has worked. An airforce can level a city but there is a still fight for the
  4. I consider my self somewhat of a veteran noob. Seriously I love this game I’ve been playing it almost from launch. I often take big breaks from the game due to the time it takes to commit to one round. Hence the “noob” and veteran combined. My suggestion will possibly aggravate a bunch of veterans, but I think it would be better and more realistic. For instance the allies didn’t win WWII by only bombing Berlin and dropping a single unit in. It took tanks, soldiers and airmen to get the job done. On to the suggestion, limit unit types. It is crazy and hopeless to see 100 plus lvl 1 bombers fly
  5. I feel for your league mates, keeping a running tally of who donates what, and how much, for resources distribution is a time bomb waiting to explode. Doing this causes teammates to focus on personal goals and deters from acting as a team, especially in the critical early stages of battle when resource are first being obtained. It’s team work that wins battles from the fighting to preparation. Not who donates the most oil or rubber, everyone should contribute, yes. But what do you say to the guy that was defending his, and your borders and got no oil zone and can only contribute 800 oil a day
  6. This would be good for training and learning troops and abilities
  7. Well I liked it the way it was, I ran mainly battleships and cruisers. I like many of the ideas posted here, especially the one oboist subs and sub hunter, I think something like depth charges should be a tech upgrade for ships if you do ever add subs. My only complaint was ghost resources. I destroyed a oil zone in the south east corner of the map that just disappeared. Well the main structure anyways. Was unable to cap, kinda disappointed. Took photo will share. All in all I enjoyed it, just had to build enough cruisers to keep away the bombers.
  8. SPC

    Can’t log into BF..

    It has now been more then 24 hrs, Ive used the contact us option on main screen and this forum trying to get this issue addressed and still nothing! WTF! Not even a we’re working on the issue, we know about the issue. Nothing. If need more info ask And I will provide it for you. I can’t provide for y’all what I don’t know you need. I know for sure that my league members are locked out of the BF and the bf should have ended hours ago, less the vote changed. Anyway I would like a response of some sort to this issue. Here are a couple of screen shots of the messages sent through th
  9. SPC

    Can’t log into BF..

    Haven’t been able to log into my teams BF for a couple of hours now, I know at least 1 buddy is having the same issue.
  10. SPC

    Gigs load

    Are all your stugs the same lvl? After lvl 2 they start taking more then 4 spaces this may be the problem. It goes and adds up quickly. Just a thought.
  11. SPC

    Veterans Day Event! 

    I served from 1999-2010, 2 tours of Iraq, first was with 1AD/1-1CAV as a heavy wheel mechanic, second tour was with 4thID/2-4AVN as a CH47 mechanic. These are photos from my second tour as the first tour the high speed 2megapixel camera (LOL) I had brought, didn't survive the desert and the rest of the photos are on film. The first phot is of me in Kuwait before moving to Camp Cooke, Taji Iraq. The second photo I'm waiting to go on guard duty! Yea. The last photo is a statement I found a while ago. The last photo I took out the back of a CH-47 while flying over the Grand Canyon. Just a cool p
  12. SPC

    Halloween Event!

    My youngest, second oldest daughter, wifey and self at Frontier City's frieght fest. SPC
  13. Yo can't do it without spending a gem. And you know it. Your team violated the neutrality and expected us to be okay with it! Why becouse y'all are number1 who cares we all know how y ubachieved this and I'm sorry 100 plus mitchels in under 3 hours how else is that possible with out gemming, you made it obvious then and in your reply to this that your intention was to utilize the neutrality to build a army to attack us and before your team tried to steel a city and failed! My guy was already attacking btw we had only 1 front till your team intentionally broke the neutrality. Yes one guy spent
  14. SPC

    Isles of War Coming!

    One long land stop for the strats. I loved the map, seemed kinda glitchy at time but maybe it was the update. One suggestion, figure out a way to encourage naval battles as I only fought in one and I think no more then 4 where fought over the course of the game involving my league. P.S. It was still a great change of things.
  15. GEMz players have admitted to being wallet warriors. Proof enough. However why when the suggestion of a gem free tourney is brought up why are so many GEMz against the idea? My thought is because they wouldn't have gems to save them from a real league. Or they may actually have to play. I have never said I don't use gems in the game btw, read thru my posts. My problem comes when other leagues use them to get tech in a few hours compared to what took us @ least 12 hrs to obtain. What league did this... hmm gems. My other complaint are players that gem there city multiple times I recently had t
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