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World Warfare
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  1. QueenCthulu

    Meet Jesus

    I dropped a paratroop on a city that was being pacified, but it stole my tactic points and the paratroop never fell down... Soon after, we met Jesus
  2. It's self explanatory. If that doesn't convince you...
  3. QueenCthulu

    Is there cheats ?

    Anti aircraft don't have a lot of health, bombers can wipe all anti aircraft within seconds if they are grouped up and only take minimal damage. It's best to spread out your anti aircraft
  4. Although it's a good tactic, it would deny the entry of about 10-15 new members. I don't think that's right... If you say it's fine then I guess it is
  5. They didn't do it like that. They told me that they got all their league members to drop infantry and take out cities there. The only way I see them fixing this is by adding more troops to guard the rebel bases. Like have 2-3 artillery guard rebel bases. That way it won't do much damage to your city, but it will take out paratrooped infantry
  6. That's not how they did it. It took them about 3 hours to get there. It takes maybe 4-6 hours of spawning to respawn
  7. I just think this is pretty funny and I don't know which other topic it would go on... The picture will explain it.
  8. Please fix this glitch. I'm in a battlefield where a couple players prematurely spawned in the bottom left corner of the map... "What's the big deal" you may ask... The problem is, it basically allows them to get a substantial amount of cities within hours of the battlefield. Mainly because players can't spawn in the bottom left until everywhere else on the map has a player. This leaves the player that spawns there way too early with puny rebel bases that are too easy to destroy and is basically a free city. A battle level 8 with 5k total score already has 3 cities within 10 hours of the battlefield because of this glitch. I will provide a picture below.
  9. This definetly goes in favor of big leagues like GODz , Wolfpack, Pasta, etc. but I guess it will still be fun to try. Thanks for implementing this
  10. I have 2 new suggestions that will give ships a lot more love. 1. Add subs and maybe a little higher range... When taking a waffen city that is near the top or bottom of the map, my battleships can't taget the city even though it is a coastal city. 2. Make 3 maps! 1 map should be lots of land, little water... (Like the current map) the 2nd map should be lots of water, little land. (Just have enough land to make fortune, steel, and oil. Rubber isn't really needed in this map. However ships should be available earlier in this map like destroyers should be available at city lvl 5, cruisers at 7 battleships at 9, and carriers at 10. Because rubber is scarce in this map, anything above city 10 would be quite difficult to obtain.) and the 3rd and final map should be half water, half land. More of like a circular shape. (Land around the edges, and a big circular ocean of water in the middle. Maybe a small bit of land in the middle with oil and rubber bases all over it. It would really be a race to get in there.) this might be difficult to implement into the game but I'm sure if you did, everyone who likes the naval forces will definetly love this new feature. I was also thinking of maybe being able to choose what map you want, instead of it being random so people could always choose what they love. Thank you for taking the time and reading these suggestions. I appreciate you comsiderations
  11. I might be a little late but here are my fireworks
  12. Many many flaws in this ranking system. All mentioned above but I have a feeling there should be a way better ranking system implemented. My idea is that since this is a war game, the player with the most battle score is 1st place. Battle score basically depends on what you kill and destroy as well as what level troops the enemy has. It will definitely promote itself in a war based game and people can't really criticize it. However everything has a flaw and I have a feeling that alt account would be this ranking systems flaw
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