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World Warfare
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  1. I mean I’ve been running around all day just fine and had a fair share of pvp. You act like lag doesn’t exist even in 1v1s it’s part of the game. Also the point of getting the exp caches is to pvp, if you like to farm that’s you, and if you joined with a sister league and alt leagues and overwhelmed your map already that’s also you.
  2. Here’s my suggestion. I see a bunch of people saying that you need to lower exp and arms amounts. I disagree. This allows more fighting in early game with good troops. I do however think you need to add more MZs to the map. I also think you should add missions for bombers and arty units as well. Or make it to where the cities you kill have elite 40s and elite bombers so everyone can have fun instead of tankers and naval builds
  3. Maybe make it to where tanks or armored units are not affected by AOE? Or half it maybe? Just an idea but it would help with M40s and other aoe units.
  4. Not saying you should take away gemming or purchasing gems completely, I will say that you should look into limiting the amount of gems you can spend on each field. For example I buy 100k gem pack but I can only use 10k amethyst and 10k gems per field. On tourney fields gemming should cost 2x the normal amount and it should still be limited to 10k amethyst and 10k gems. This would allow for more tactical game play I think and not a slaughter because someone gems the same 3 turrets 100 times each. I know some players will like this idea and other will hate it, thing is this is a strategy game t
  5. How about 2 new tactic cards. I'll even give a name for both . One should be called "fear its self". This one when activated makes enemy troops moral go all the way down and get that little 5% health loss over time debuff. The other card should be "battle cry" this makes all troops in area moral to max and make them jubilant. If ya like the idea great if not oh well it was worth a shot
  6. I think y'all have the stats a little messed up. I think aircraft carriers should hit planes and do extremely little damage to ships. Now that's just me, some players may like the new aircraft carrier stats
  7. Also an armored scout unit would be great. make it a greyhound or some kind of allied vehicle. I see too many axis vehicles lol
  8. They should introduce 2, 3, or maybe even 4 new maps. I'd prefer 2 for now simply because it would be easier to make 2 maps instead of 3 or 4. 1 map should've be designed by the devs and the other map should be designed by a player (make like a map design contest and have the devs vote on 2 maps made by players and then let the players decide which map they want out of the 2) this way the community can contribute to the game it's self. Only thing I really want is other maps to choose from. I don't think I'm the only person bored if playing the same old maps over and over.
  9. Gunslinger21


    May not be an actual player I'm hitting but does this bring back memories for anyone else?
  10. THORPAKS list for rewards MOPS1: 900 diamonds, 6,000 gold Finkle4: 600 diamonds, 6,000 gold BrewceLe: 900 diamonds, 6,000 gold PhoungHongMai: 600 diamonds, 9,000 gold Mecklenburg: 600 diamonds, 9,000 gold Lon3Wolf: 600 diamonds, 6,000 gold DeionB: 600 diamonds, 6,000 gold DISTURBED: 600 diamonds, 6,000 gold DeathDealer6: 600 diamonds, 6,000 gold Thanks XxWarDaddyxX/gunslinger21
  11. I think the commander thing is a great touch to the game. Although it does suck that I have to pay money to get them... I was hoping more on having to spend gold to get them, this would help some players who don't spend as often. So could y'all add a commander that cost gold, thanks. I love this game and it's really good, and I really hope this game doesn't turn into game of war where players pay to play making impossible for others who can't afford to keep up to play and experience a good game.
  12. Me and my buddy MOPS navy lookin good. I'll post pictures of battles later.
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