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World Warfare
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  1. Enlisted in the Air Force a couple years after high school to jump start things. While I got out after 5 and didn't go career, serving was one of the things I'm most proud of. Warlock America, f#%k yea! Coming to save, the motherf#%king day, yeah!
  2. So who won the mass pile of diamonds for the most awesome sit reps? Hopefully my story of the trampie scout
  3. Great write up and very sad we (Totenkopf) missed the last cup or we would have had first for sure Great fun though!! Warlock
  4. End game for this bronze cup was all about air superiority and taking out our enemies league city with a surprise attack. It took a couple of hours flight time and some heavy strategizing to work our air over there and in the end they had 10 minutes warning as we flew in and leveled their LC. Once leveled we had a furious 35 minutes of holding it while we captured it, pacified it, and then burned it to the ground (converted it back to a level 1). Once that was done it was game over and our remaining enemies switched their votes and gave us the win. Hats off to Warmachine for a great war!
  5. Once upon a time there was this super cute red scout who loved to taunt the big green jets. She'd fly about shaking her tail in a most arousing fashion until one day the jets HAD to have her! They rushed in to meet her and give her a little love but to their dismay her AA brothers were there to chaperone and when they were done? No more big green jets. Later that cute red scout came right back to play and twist her tail in the wind just waiting for more big green jets to taunt into her trap. The moral of this epic tale, Scouts are bad. Mm-Kay
  6. We finally got tired enough of our southern neighbors to do something about it. So a few of us went down to take care of them. Good times! Well for us anyways ? First shot was a village that got in our way. Warlock
  7. 18 hours in and taking my 6th city. Rommels AI troops put up a bit of a struggle but smart tactics won the day with only 1 stug lost. I feel bad for that stug though. Hopefully next one will have no losses! Warlock
  8. A bit of fun with artillery and others. In game name is Warlock.
  9. Hard not to get bored when your map looks like this and pretty much has for the past day or two.
  10. What we've been talking about in the battlefield I'm in right now is that the vote is called for at day 7 and as soon as 80% is reached saying end it. Then end it. If 80% is not reached then it could go on to day 10 and then end. This is the second battle where 80% was reached quickly after the vote was called for that we were done but then we have a couple days being rather bored waiting for things to end and the next battle to start.
  11. I still have Issue with flag conversions going a bit crazed and city lists scrolling about uncontrollably when you have more than 10 cities. Perhaps this bug fix isn't live yet but as of right now it's definitely still broken. On another, the new vote system isn't the best. This is the second war using the new system where the vast majority of people are quite bored for the last two days. Maybe consider changing it so there's an option to end game immediately once when the vote gets to 80%. Thanks
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