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World Warfare
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  1. Yes but it was just a guest account that wasn't connected to the Game Center Than it just put me in the new account I changed my name back to my old name with the rename card so I am good now
  2. Why do I have my moms game center account I want to be Cmdrfrosty again I want my league back plz
  3. I think infantry is underpowered against everything, cmon infantry in almost every war is center of the fighting force (excluding the gulf war which was focused on planes and tanks) Many could argue it can capture buildings so it makes it valuable but when do you actually see infantry in battles other than the end. the next is the stupid aa on ships the only ships with aa are cruisers which is wrong battleships and more importantly aircraft carriers had aa guns. I understand game balance but why would you not put aa on a carrier cmon these aren't escort carriers
  4. I also cannot open the game after weeks of refraining to play this game I played a few games of wot blitz with kaiservlad and I wanted to play this game again .than I updated the game and now it won't open. There was a note of players able to open the game again in the new patch notes but that seems to be a lie or a screw up. Plz help I can only play so much wot blitz before I need to play this game.
  5. What if you have tanks and stuGs attacking a city and you get like 5 nonifications
  6. I'm sorry I didn't look at ant credible sources
  7. Exactly I posted about that long ago
  8. The waffen bomber is inaccurate the ju 290 was a transport the ju 390 was a bomber. I know it's petty but still it ticks me v Here is some Wikipedia pages on the planes
  9. Even though I don't know what happened completely and I don't know what was said I think the ban is unjustified. There is many wwII nazi league names, I was even in a regular battle while a league was explaining what the real life ss division they were named after with battles and new tactics. I respect Wolfpack but if they do stuff like this because they're good and popular is still completely unjust and should be ignored by the devs. In all they should get they're league back and stuff like this should stop. If the devs just want to shut down all the nazi and ss names it will take a long tim
  10. Supehooman

    Wtf game

    Well today my league started a bronze cup match and we got a mission for our league to cap 7 cities. Easy enough, Thor also got this covered but then it didn't give us the prizes can you help. I want to be happy in my pants
  11. Supehooman

    Layered anti tank

    shrek + tank = panzerschrek
  12. yes they did have humor
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