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World Warfare
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  1. Agree, increase the length of map and bump up the speed a touch. If increasing the time may also need to increase size of map as well
  2. Make rebels more aggressive and higher in numbers as map progresses. Maybe with a count down timer a couple times a day to a rebel invasion on all player cities. Open up the 20s with shields on the last day of map, or at least some of them. With large enemy forces similar to isles protecting some of the rivers stop then restart shortly after, connect them so ships could go all the way through
  3. One ask for future would be a countdown clock maybe starting an hour before maintenance begins. I know the mail goes out but the extra reminder would help ensure people get there troops secure beforehand. Anyone who still ignores the timer is lazy, sometimes we lose track of time in this game so wouldn’t hurt.
  4. It was mentioned above, but now seeing Arabic script in chat screens? Settings are English and this only occurred after the maintenance was completed
  5. I was able to send a message, but the error is occurring none stop now at main screen... took several attempts to just complete a message, let alone send
  6. Receiving the same error. 100154, and it is happening at main screen, while trying to load and while in map. Game is unplayable at the moment. Using apple iPad Pro, had no issues at all till today
  7. Error code 100154, happening for lots of players
  8. Newloc

    Battlefield 1092276

    Good to see it is not just me!
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