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World Warfare
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  1. More health and defesnee also i think more space to hold planes
  2. Ooooo ill have over 10k for the first time lol
  3. I think the rocket truck will be a bit op if its a league armament
  4. Chinese attacked early in cup we held them back so we decided to keep pushing. Yet you would think they would be done for and have little bit of troops after losing hundreds but no they got full strength an hour later. Congrats miyagi clan you bought yourself fist place ?
  5. Still alive and healthy not even gemms can kill us entirely. Take tht miyagi
  6. Annoying the chinese since thts all we can do now
  7. One chinese player lost all his army by just scouts and tanks while he had jets aa bombers and td wont be long till he gemms it back
  8. Taking the second cc in cup i imagine the look on the ai troops faces
  9. I see no one complaining about the aa thing tho its not supposed to be like tht it makes arty and aa more effective and the ones who complain are the ones getting killed by it
  10. Still not right pasta isnt ranked despite winning with 43 citys or more the pciture rotymir showed is us in the green
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