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World Warfare
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  1. More health and defesnee also i think more space to hold planes
  2. Ooooo ill have over 10k for the first time lol
  3. I think the rocket truck will be a bit op if its a league armament
  4. Well if they keep it how it is its gonna lead to good leagues to boycott tourney and also this might drive away some of its playere meaning less money overall cause 6 people cant keep the game running with what they spend
  5. I agree 100% with tht then they go saying they dont gem lol
  6. Chinese attacked early in cup we held them back so we decided to keep pushing. Yet you would think they would be done for and have little bit of troops after losing hundreds but no they got full strength an hour later. Congrats miyagi clan you bought yourself fist place ?
  7. I am whatching my words and you are just agreeing with everyone who likes your ideas and dont like it when someone criticizes yours
  8. Well if there isnt many zones then your income would be crap more zones means less fights for them
  9. What he is saying is tht your ideas arent gonna be put right away just because they are your idea its all up to the devs and they probably got alot of stuff to deal with
  10. Still alive and healthy not even gemms can kill us entirely. Take tht miyagi
  11. So i have been thinking alot lately and came up with a balancing idea for cup. So as we all know the most gemms will steam roll any league even tho their tactics teally suck so why not put a cap on the amount of gemms a league can spend in cup lets say around 50k per league not player, like this no league has the gemm advantage over anyone and makes it so once you reached tht cap you are forced into using your own tactics this will also save the game cause as of right now all the geming in cup is killing it
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