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World Warfare
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    • I like them please please please consider having a filter for the colorblind or getting rid of red text and colored text completely. So many things I can’t read because they are in red or some kind of bright blue or purple. It really is bad for those of us who are color challenged.
    • Hello Commanders,   The rewards of Vol 6 will not be distribute as we didn't get any valuable feedback.    As always, we will give away 3000 diamonds to the commanders that leave the top3 BEST comments of this volume, too. Come and leave your comments under this post! It can be suggestion, advice or opinion on our UI optimization. We will not deliver the diamonds if no good comments in the comment area.   Here come the events interfaces that include daily login, special offers, special events, etc. We have chosen some interfaces that may affect your prior experience for your information. Check the pictures below.   This is the daily login interface, we have moved the tabs to the left and changed the background into black.   This is the limited time pack interface, we have optimized the packs into a small size and added some back ground pictures. They look better than before now.  
    • Until you get the leagues in the mind set of what you call a campaign  bf they need to learn to work together. You got leagues that are still coming in and attacking  everyone just so they can alone can win it. Or they don't care to complete  the objectives only just kill other leagues.   Calling these campaign  bf is really not true they are not true campaign  bf 
    • I agree with everyone on the “drop in and force all to be allied for the first few days.” People coming in to fight everyone right off the bat is trash.    There should be a screen in ranking that tracks unit type kills (ace, outpost, guard, etc)   There should not be a declare victory since this will cause most players to never experience the end game fights.    Capital city missions do not give credit for the global mission if they are capped before that phase.    Lincoln’s luck 11544
    • not bad. but for marketing purposes I would add a tech booster to the store. I and many other players have learned all technologies in all classes. it is necessary to introduce new technologies or increase the technology limit, not 5/5, but for example 10/10. The same can be said about tactical maps. they are out of date. it is necessary to add new ones or, as a marketing, create a laboratory to improve them for gem
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