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World Warfare
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    • Please help me know what I need to do in order to get the medals on profile. Please answer the following medal separately, I have ADD haha. Please name the medal and what I need to do. I’ve been playing since 2015 and  I never understood how to do them. I also want to do them ASAP. Thanks 🙏🏽   
    • Subs are fun but the strike range is ineffective. Need a warning prior to attack. Also enemy resource nodes can see your subs there is no reason subs should be seen by resource or maybe just navy bases only. Also the subs can be visible when firing this should not be the case a subs strength is being invisible.  Also I don’t think a player should have to útilize a bf tech for strike mode find a better mix of bf tech instead of the current   
    • @Peter -Officers and Battle technology that apply to all units and all naval units currently don’t work for subs. This should be fixed. This will help with the speed.  -Sub special attack:    —Option 1: If subs are out of range while they conduct their special attack they still attack but with half the effects of bonuses.    —Option 2: If subs are out of range while they conduct their special attack they still attack with full bonuses but the bonus effects only last 1 minute.    -Time for surfacing submerging and special attack: Special attack 3min, Submerging 30 seconds, surfacing 3 minutes.  ***Emergency dive: deals 50% damage to max HP and submerges immediately.***    ***Emergency blow: deals 50% damage to max HP and surfaces immediately.***    -Bombers: need to be able to attack subs while surfaced. 
    • MMR needs to go back to a day between each map 
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