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World Warfare
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Going well my dudes





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So It's going well! I have my resource plots for my army, have two harbors and have been recruiting a lot of players to the league "SmokeydaBear" from 2 to 7 and counting:571f47921950f_QQ20160426184724:.  


I also have a decent army and navy setup with their first city target. I usually get one area of the island to maximize score and city. Instead of working towards a city and then attacking, I attack the city first using transports and then get the resource areas around the area. I feel people make a mistake when they only focus on city because city produce nothing. They only raise your ranking, NOT your score. It also defeats the purpose of the game.image.png


Florian out.:D

P.S. Will be posting entry every 24 hours with a bonus at any given time.




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