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World Warfare
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Improved Troop Technology

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I want to suggest, about improving the technology of the troops:
1) Add the button; restart of the improvement of the troops,
the option to reuse improved troop points in another troop.
2) Do not return the gold, only the points that will be reused in another troop.
- I suggest this because there is already a similar option in class technology.

This would benefit experienced and new players.

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-In class technology it starts with a small amount of gold, but at a higher level, it invests more gold in the improvements.


box 1 = level 1 = 800 gold

box 30 = level 1= 21800 gold

box 40 = level 4 = 38800 gold

- There is also a lot of difference in gold investment here.

- Even so, when you use the "class technology reset card", the points are returned, omitting the gold differences previously invested.

- If this happens in class technology, you should also add the option to troop technology.

- I put technology test photos.

-I do not know if the suggestion will come true, but it would be a good enough improvement in the long .



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