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World Warfare
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I’ve been playing this game for a year, and what World Warfare Really needs are maps for smaller leagues and people who like to play solo. World Warfare has been focusing a lot to satisfy the bigger leagues, but has never done anything for the smaller ones. Also, this game needs a player vs player tournament. 

My suggestions:

- Solo map/gamemode

- League map/gamemode (3-6 players)

- Historical gamemodes (Can pick between Germany/Romania/Italy/France/England etc)

- When a player joins a match, they can choose between US; British; German and Soviet Union skins. Instead of the equipment you produce in Munitions being mashed up (Willy jeep, Sherman, Tiger, P-51, North Carolina etc) you could pick a German skin pack, so you could produce (Panzer 4, Bf-109, ME- 262, Bismarck etc)

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This seems like a good idea in theory but the game is built around team play, and having a competitive team with you. There has always been a risk and reward of running solo, and the game isn't gonna influence more players to run solo, as it makes no sense. The game is built around getting a league, training together and capturing an entire map, this just would change to much and completely negate the fact that running solo should be a concern and you have a better chance of winning with your league.


BWAR, Fluffy FTW

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