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World Warfare
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Speed maps negatively affecting general maps

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I expect a ton of backlash for what I am going to say but unfortunately it needs to be said. We can no longer afford to ignore the elephant in the room.

Dear Devs,
I hate to have to be the one to point this out but your great Speed map experiment has failed. Putting aside the fact that speed maps are completely unbalance to the point of being broken, thats not really my main focus with this post.
The main problem is that clearly the speed map mechanics are creating massive headaches for people not in a speed map:
1. Servers being randomly restarted 2-3 per day
2. Ghosting issues aka troops taking up more room when loaded onto transports
3. Tactics not working properly such as heals not healing allied units or only partially
4. Units glitching disappearing with no alerts, not running out fuel, not being killed in combat simply disappearing.
5. Alerts not working properly and consistently as in sometimes we get some type of alerts and other times no alerts are triggered at all
6. Allied troops not being supplied when when selected and supplied from city menu
7. Everyones favourite massive and excessive lag specially during combat, to the point of being locked out and unable to even log in for several minutes at a time
There are many more issues but these are the main ones. The important thing to note is that these issues virtually disappear when there are no speed maps running. That cant be a coincidence. 
Unfortunately I have no workaround or solution to propose, I am not a programmer. What I can tell you though is that from a customer perspective I should not be affected by something that I am not using. If I was going into speed maps and experienced this problems fine I can understand that but for someone that just goes into the regular maps and experiences these issues because of the speed maps being open its not only unfair but down right unacceptable.
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