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World Warfare
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Suggestions for future updates

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I have been playing for about 2 weeks or so now, and i must say, awesome game! But there are a few suggestions i'd like to give to make this game a little better:

1. Different Maps - There is only one map so far. I would like to see medium-large islands only, continents, maybe even a winter map where resources are gained slower. 

2. Easier to read names - many times i have been scoping out possible expansion routes and seen enemy lands, and wanted to know who they were, and had to zoom all the in almost to read the name. I would suggest bigger lettering, or a different color name tag.

3. Let the players decide who is friend and who is foe.

4. Allow easier player look-up - I have seen many allies without a league, and would like to invite them from the battlefield. This would allow foreasier league   expansion, as well as easier communication.

5. More options for upgrades - examples:

upgrades for roads to make them more efficient 

experience upgrades for troops where a certain ammount of exp on a troop would allow an upgrade such as 25% more damage to armor or 10% more damage to ships etc.

This is all i have for now, and i will post more if i see any more problems or ideas to make this game even better than it already is


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Hi Chaos, it's really nice to hear your voice. I'll take notes and forward your ideas to our tech crew as reference of future adjustment.

As to the third one, we have a poll for it and other questions . Welcome to take part in. Your choice may affect the way how this game will adjust in future.http://www.worldwarfaregame.com/topic/146-speak-your-mind/

We'll probably can upgrade the road for troops to move faster in future updates. Our tech crew are still thinking about this.

For now you can expand your troops in base. They can take more damage and have more power. My lvl 1 arty is taken easily by enemy's lvl 5 arty by the way, which make me understand the importance of expanding troops.

Really nice to have you here. Any advice or problem, don't hesitate to tell us here. :)


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