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World Warfare
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Daily Login Event

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The Daily Login Event is now available! Login in everyday to claim awesome rewards!

Login daily to receive a variety of new rewards, including City Shields, Tactic Refills, Gold and much more. Come back every day so you don't miss out on any rewards.
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We also want to apologize in advance for not having any details for each reward item. We have informed the developers about this and will try to have some additional details for these rewards in an upcoming update. Additionally, the keys are used to spend less diamonds when getting a resupply pack; collect them to redeem the resupply packs when in a battlefield!
Once you unlock daily login rewards, you can go to the "all" section from on your main menu and there you can use the items. Here is a description of a few of the items received from the daily login event:
20 Tactics Points Card- Recovers 20 tactical points
Bugle- Used to broadcast to all players in global chat. Each message in main screen chat consumes a bugle.
Resupply Key- You use this item to unlock resupply packs in battle
Amethysts- Speed up production , construction, etc
Gold Coin- Upgrade the technology research level
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