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Found 6 results

  1. Greetings Fellow Commanders! The path to victory is paved by a commanders' experience of a battlefield! As stated in prior posts, we want to up the ante and add more content to the World Warfare YouTube channel. Content like that stems from players who know our game well! If you wanted to participate, you'll have the chance to win diamonds for the videos and epic screenshot you curate. Below are some details to bear in mind: Rewards: (if accepted) 3k Diamonds for short videos 350 Diamonds for epic screenshots Theme: “Fireworks are Nothing Compared to This!” Due Date: July 12th How to Submit: For Videos: The Content can be gameplay such as: defending a city, tech leveling, attacking cities, etc. It can be anything you're truly passionate about with World Warfare! Get Creative! Submitted videos must be no longer than 4min. Once created, post a YouTube link in the comments area below. For Screenshots: The context of the screenshot can be of grand proportions or one that shows off your unique strategic unit mastery. Anything you think will illustrate your passion and skill in World Warfare. Once created, upload the screenshot in the comments area below. **REMEMBER: Your screen name and Game ID are required to send any rewards!!** If you have any questions, be sure to PM us. See you soon Commanders! Regards, World Warfare Team YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnpc0Z50w5QcAZvkMsL5S3w IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/world-warfare-3d-mmo-wargame/id1035495958 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joycrafter.worldwarfare.gp
  2. [Fireworks- Tears of Your Enemy] Commander, I bet you already know how to make those beautiful fireworks with artillery. Any suggestions to counter this? One creative suggestion gets 500 Diamonds! Also, you can post your own fireworks to get 1000 Diamonds! You can only get the rewards for once. Commander, don't forget to leave your in-game name here!
  3. So I was resetting tactics and found that even though the notification said it would use the new purple currency it uses diamonds instead (I started with 15000~ diamonds but it got down to that amount). Small bug. Please fix. d:
  4. CmdrRouke

    Down the pot

    So ive been saving diamonds up for a while. I reached near 20k to use in the battle and the battlefield closed due to new update. Will there be compensation? If not, it's alright, just kind of stings. 100 dollars worth of saved up diamonds rendered useless
  5. First off thank you for creating a fun and addictive game. We just received the new daily rewards and I like the emphasis that was placed on ranking and the increased amount you receive based on that. However, I think you cut way to much off the daily reward amount. It went from 800 to 100 which is a drastic change that can only be seen as a way of enticing more people to dig in to their pockets to pay for diamonds. I get that you're a business but please don't lose sight of the fact that players are what makes this game entertaining and making money spenders the sure winners, and diamond use is a huge factor in that, will cause you to lose players in the end. I recommend you return the daily rewards to 800 so that all players can start their next battle with some saved diamonds from their previous battle and have a better chance of remaining competitive. For your consideration BrutalDestiny Cocidius
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