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World Warfare
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  1. I havent been able to unlink an account from either FB nor GameCenter and would like to know too....
  2. Just looking at some of these screenshots and wow.....keep up the alts, boys ;-|🤬
  3. Most of us that have played for long time seem to say the same stuff over and over again....restricting the amount of players from one league just persuades people to create more and more alts and alt leagues. Sry to be blunt but I will probably not even try this map at all. Dont know exactly how you’d restrict alt accounts and alt leagues but since its now a “pay to play” (if you want to have a chance) I defer to the people that get paid to “enhance” our playing experience. P.S......still waiting on my permanent Tiger skin...i remember reading that the highly active players would get it and since i have more hours logged than 90% of the other players, i would think im pretty active.....just saying
  4. Wow. You already made it slower...now some more restrictions....I agree with the other comments and believe you are making a mistake.... ~Katz
  5. I agree with and reiterate 2 key suggestions: 1) Speed. You need to stop slowing BFs down to 1x. Its like watching grass grow. Speed it up. 2) Limit alliances. You know the saying “For every action, there is a reaction”? Well, the first time you all limited league sizes in a map, the established ones just started creating numerous alt and sister leagues to counter. Hopefully we dont just see 1 league of 5 and its 10 alt leagues show up. Limiting allies to 1 or 2 at most would help solve this. Eliminate neutrals all together. 3) My personal suggestion for this and every map here on out....get a grasp on alt accounts....period. Its gotten old. I just play and am not a data geek, so, as a paying customer, i put the conundrum of a fix upon you devs. Name changes arent as big a deal as alts but there are so many now, i’ve kept a list nearly 2 pages long. Alts joining same BF and used to feed RSS to main account provide an unfair edge against the “newer” participants you so much covent. ...standing by for player wambulance rebuttals. ~KatzEye
  6. For future reference, you can leave comments about my life out of a game forum. You know nothing about me...
  7. Might have been said but im too old to scan thru all these words.... Anyway, I wouldnt mind seeing a new class that is orientated towards ships. Choices would now be Airman, Tanker, Cannoneer and (for lack of a better word) Seaman....with new maps with more water as well as numerous ship types, why not. Just my 2 cents....Keep Pressing!
  8. To answer your question, you will stop being a seal when you stop complaining. Everyone started small in this game. I got owned by the original Pasta and then was introduced to the scout spam by Sparty....the old Furies taught me a bunch as well as some good, experienced players. Make some small alliances of your own, instead of complaining about others who have put the work in....not bashing you, at all but rather responding to a sense of entitlement. Work for it....
  9. KatzEye

    New Tactics

    I would like to see a new tactic called “Fix bugs” or “Stop Lag”. It would be free.....just saying 😏
  10. Heres an idea....fix the ongoing problems with lag, magic tricks...i.e...dissapearing troops, cities and zones....and for God sake put the speed back! Now its like watching the gr a s s grow......ur losing some more veteran players soon, if you (Joycrafter) dont get ur act together.
  11. KatzEye

    New Tactics

    Wait a minute!!! You mean there aren’t subs already? Dam.....I've been looking for weeks 😮
  12. KatzEye

    New Tactics

    Create lag or glitches???? Are effin kidding me? We still have the old “dissapearing troops” and tremendous lag. With every addition, it gets worse. Stabilize the platform first, then introduce new content.....just an opinion of someone who has played and given joykillers lots of dinero.... I still enjoy the game, just so you know.....i just believe the devs need to get their priorities straight.
  13. 1. Favorite officer is SHERER. His buff to turrets is quite impressive. 2. LTCOL MATT URBAN -Just a sample of these includes taking on multiple enemy tanks with a bazooka (while walking on a cane because he’d broken his leg landing on Utah Beach), organizing multiple counterattacks after nearly having his leg blown off, then breaking himself out of the hospital, hitchhiking to the front, immediately throwing himself into battle, running into an abandoned tank and driving it toward the enemy line with no crew. He was wounded again and again, but refused to be evacuated. As for the game, he could be a special anti armor infantry...maybe with bazooka --RICHARD BONG - He was the top scoring fighter pilot of the war for the US, shooting down at least 40 Japanese aircraft in less than three years of combat. By April 1944, Bong had shot down 27 enemy planes, and the Army Air Force wanted to recall him for duty as an instructor.He told them where they could stuff their desk job, and kept on flying fighter missions. He won the Medal of Honor in September, then was ordered to go home or face court martial. He spent the rest of the war raising war bonds, then became a test pilot for the new F-80 jet fighter. He was killed in a crash in August 1945 in Los Angeles, and his death shared front page space with the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. He was just 25 years old. As for the game, buff fighter attack and health. 3. Commander name: KatzEye ~Katz
  14. Underwhelming.....most prob will never see the arty skin from game crashes and lag.....just saying.
  15. KatzEye

    Halloween Moments

    In game name: KatzEye
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