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World Warfare
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  1. KatzEye

    Halloween Moments

    In game name: KatzEye
  2. KatzEye

    Share your battle!

    ??? The second pic was me and my #2 seeing if we could take a city with nothing but infantry ~225...lol
  3. KatzEye

    Share your battle!

    Had many a epic battle, but here are a few....
  4. KatzEye

    Maintenance & Update on February 9th.

    Any (even approximate) timeframe when it will be up?
  5. KatzEye

    Best Moments.

    I havent received my rewards......
  6. KatzEye

    Best Moments.

    Found this game from my close internet friend Mr Google. I was recruited while playing my 3rd BF by ThePathToVictory a long time ago. At the time, the only good battles were against Pasta. We had lots of epic scout wars.....lol...name is KatzEye
  7. KatzEye


    I would like to see a way to set privledges for League Centers. The logs show some stuff but seem to auto delete quite often. Perhaps set the player who converts as the one who sets the privledges....
  8. KatzEye


    Can someone please explain the latest scoring system? There has been at least 5 times that I've been first in battle score and first in territory score but 3rd or 4th overall. From what I read on the game, those are what the devs say make up a score. Thanks for any help.
  9. KatzEye

    New Notification

    30 min
  10. KatzEye

    Take World Warfare to Every Corner of the World

  11. KatzEye

    Veterans Day Event! 

    Me on an exercise in Morocco, ~May 2015. I'm a Mustang....about to retire after 20 yrs of service.
  12. KatzEye

    Transport trucks

    Yes! Thank you DEVS for the supply planes......so much better now
  13. KatzEye


  14. KatzEye


  15. KatzEye