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World Warfare
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  1. I would believe them if I hadn't learned from past experience and saw on several occasions stuff being done continuously over a 20ish hour period while I was working. Most normal people don't have the ability of stamina let alone a whole team.
  2. It's not called intelligence, it's called unethical behavior something I'm sure you have no problem with. I play on multiple devices because it's my account I play my game not let other people play it for me. But feel free to troll more responses. I have absolutely no clue what this was supposed to reference.
  3. A bit late but worth the share. Had some guys trying to muscle in on allies, they learned real quick that they wouldn't succeed.
  4. One thing I noticed as a recently is the Chinese leagues have a seemingly endless playtime which leads me to believe some account sharing is going on. As with other games I have played this is actually fairly common for them to do, and a completely BS tactic. I suggest you find a way to lock an account to specific device or find players with unrealistic playtimes and simply issues bans. 1 player on 1 account vs 4 players on 1 account, who's going to win? Certainly not the guy playing right and fair. May want to find a fix before you lose the dedicated fan base you have built in a wonderful game. Just my thoughts seeing as how I have watched other games that were amazing fall apart and would hate to be moving this game to my deleted list, I would also not rather not spend a $400+ in a single battlefield fighting enemies like this. Actually you can probably see my purchases where I have in the past. Just my .02
  5. While I am in partial agreement with this I feel that as things progress they should be increased exponentially in the league battlefields. Limiting to a cap is limiting the money a company can make. Which means you'd be paying for this game or being charged more for less. Bad business sense. I'm a wallet warrior, but I do agree with you, something should be changed. Also they whole Chinese account sharing should be fixed. But that's another topic.
  6. So are we awaiting finalized results from all the battlefields now? When will those final result be tallied and what not? Just was curious.
  7. This posting literally portrayed everything I liked and disliked in one post with the last update. The old version was so well made, now I feel like a farmer and hoarder verses actually tearing up the field for combat. Well wrote SnakeEater.
  8. Not my forces, but thought this was still worth a fireworks share. Literally brought the continents fireworks to one place... Credit to the folks in Deathsquad007
  9. PaidToKill

    Travel Timer

    On a few units (Stugs, Pershings, and Tigers) plus transports have timer issues not reading appropriates times. Here is just one example of 3 units heading to the same location that left about 60 seconds apart.
  10. Been here 6 hours... So an early game rush formation.
  11. Here goes a post I intend to kept short-ish and to the point with several ideas I have thought about so here we go. To start the Military Zones we have remind me more of forward stations/outposts. Not that of a militarized zone attached to our admin areas. In my personal opinion I find them useful, but to a degree. I would love to see them to have the option to be detached from the admin areas and used as an enclave that could control itself (possibly a small area surrounding it) and need to be supplied with food, fuel, and ammo from deliveries by other cities. This would change tactical gameplay rather than just amassing cities in chunks all over. Plus the coding would already have a base here. There's a neutral section for un attached admin areas. A slight tweaking to the scripting would allow a new "enclave" tab and allow for detached controlled, usable areas. Next is transportation. Not troops, but resources. Those going to/from player and league areas both. We already have planes in the league cities, why not add that to higher level commercial centers for players to reduce time to spend moving resources? Plus you're increasing weight load wouldn't a large plane transport make more sense later on than the smaller covered transport used now? Coding already exists in league stuff for it, just reskin/add a plane and a whole new concept in the realm of transportation. Trains... Being the WW2 fanatic I am... Trains played a key role both in the conflict and outside of it. By short cutting traffic routes, allow MASSIVE volume movement of gear, soldiers, supplies, etc. Even if just used for resource or smaller troop movement would still be a lovely addition to the game. Hehe maybe could even tie it into the whole independent enclave/military zone ideas... I have a few more thoughts on stuff... But would love to hear some feedback on this little list I threw together.
  12. PaidToKill


    Just in this picture 87, but two more players joined in bringing the end total to 117. Plus ground troops.
  13. PaidToKill


    Their counter attack was scarier than my attack...
  14. Micro Siege Fleet- Used it earlier to turn 3 enemies into 3 league members. 10/10 would build again.
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