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      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. Agree with MKV! My thinking on this game is that most of us think of WW as having two macro parts to it. There is the core game (building and developing cities and territories, attacking and capping cities, PvP combat, etc.) and a non-core game (respawns, shields, gemming, alt accounts, hacking, glitches, etc). Some issues can straddle the line between these like buying tactics, upgrading troop technology and the new tech tree. Think of it in chess terms. Bobby Fischer was almost unbeatable at the game board, but used psychological tools when he played too. He also argued that the Russians were using all kinds of outside tactics. So both sides use non-core techniques! When playing WW, any and all play is fair game in war, so my hat is off to anyone that uses any tactic, strategy, tools or tricks available to them (especially, if they have discovered/invented a new technique themselves). On the other hand, most players feel like they are here to compete on the core game and are happy to win or lose on that basis. Any non-core game components that are used against them, somehow feels like a cheat and diminishes game play enjoyment. To my mind, the developers should strive to maintain and improve the integrity of the core game while minimizing non-core components. For the most part, this has the developers and players as partners with the same agenda. However, developers need a revenue stream too, but must incorporate the revenue elements such that core game supporters continue to enjoy their experience.
  2. MKV, can you identify that ones that are not working?
  3. Wondering how everyone is thinking about the new tech tree relative to the Generals? How are you directing your gold purposes? Staying with Tech? All tech tree now? Any insights on the tech tree improvements that are similar to benefits from Generals? For example, I am thinking I will stop using the General with extra transport space once I get there with the tech tree. while it would be nice to double up some of the benefits, the limited General spots will allow me to get other benefits. All insights greatly appreciated! WINTER IS COMING!
  4. We are in violent agreement! 😜
  5. I agree that these automatic moves are a pain in the butt, but I am not sure you should see them as flaws. More like the meeting of two alternative needs for gameplay...the need to move troops with a single command versus the need to have troops defend themselves automatically. i always thought that a good solution would have been a better HOLD command, where troops really do not move at all!
  6. Just create one and invites allies. You can do this now.
  7. True Dat...but I don't want to find out 6 months from now that I wasted my time!
  8. Also, check out the mission objectives..some of them provide supplies for free
  9. I like the way you said it...it's like game theory...we are all better off (some more than others) if we all share, but we are in a competition at th same time!....Didn't I see this is the movie "A Beautiful Mind"?...who gets the blond?
  10. How is everyone spending their gold these days? Have you diverted all your spending to the tech tree now? Are you holding more gold in reserve for the future tech tree costs? Have you choked off all spending on troop technology altogether? Since we have not been provided with complete information on future tech tree costs, I am personally hoarding more gold these days, since I do not want the tech tree progress to become potentially impeded in another few weeks/months. Any thoughts?
  11. NIce scoring folks! I like this game, except maybe for the time element (wish things were somewhat faster). One of the best parts of the game is the learning curve. Even after more than a year playing, I am still picking up new techniques and tricks every field. One of the weakest parts of the game is the information flow (and I don't mean the terrible game chat). There is a general lack of information on game parameters located centrally, similar to Clash Wikia web page. This elongates TY learning for newbies, as well as creating a lot of work for established players that want to optimize their performance. Another aspect to the weak information flow, is the relative lack of battle tactics discussion on the forum. I understand how the nature of the game has everyone holding their cards close to their vest. But I miss researching the game on YouTube. When I was heavy into Clash, I enjoyed learning about attack techniques like GOWIPE and GOWIWI. It created a community feeling and much discussion. Maybe this is the reason that our game is lucky to get a dozen form posts daily. However, I can understand that if you invest heavily into a game, the knowledge has a utility value for you that most will not give away for free. 🤗
  12. well said Immel!
  13. If we change the system away from using our Commercial Centers, it will begin to upset the balance of the game. Just off the top of my head: a) Too far from you LC to send resources easily or timely? Just trade with a closer league mate and let him send it. In the isles map, one could get resources to the other islands very quickly. b) Want to get a league advantage early in the game? Have every one trade with 1-2 league mates, well before Commercial Center L5 are available. Then let these 1-2 league mates forge quickly ahead to level 8. Not saying either of these are the end of the world, but these and others could push the game into undesirable balance!
  14. Pluto, thanks for the info. Turns out that I do that all the time already, but thought this only shows in those folders, and is not shown for everyone to see and use. Generally, I name cities as "1st. 435". However, I also use this option to name locations on the map such as "Railgun", "my fleet", etc. this makes it easy to get back to a important map locations or where my troops are located.
  15. PEter, I have seen this problem often, as have others in our league. When the planes are graphically shown all over the map during an attack, are they actually still damaging the original target? I have experimented during these situations...performing a move command to all bombers will have the strays slowly fly back to the target...on the other hand, executing an attack command to all bombers has the strays immediately fly to the target and show them bombing again...I have taken this to mean that they may have been bombing/damaging the original target all along, just being displayed graphically flying elsewhere. is this correct?