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World Warfare
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  1. Iggy112

    Maintenance & Update on February 9th.

    Returning to the maintenance warning messages, I think the developers would minimize reasonable complaints with three actions: 1) CountDown Clock - this idea surfaced earlier in this thread and seems like a super idea! 2) 24 hour Minimum Warnings - Except for emergency situations, most game updates and maintenance are not a rush situation. Publish warnings at least a day in advance. Many folks are not playing this game full time, so that they easily get caught with even a 6 hour warning. Yes, some folks will still complain about getting caught in the air, but our community will not take their complains seriously with a full day warning. 3) Facebook Warnings - Developers are doing a good job on FB advertising of upcoming changes (see latest hinting of subs). Why not post the 24 hour maintenance warnings there too (other social media sites might also be candidates, but I don’t use them myself)? Usually, you are pretty good on your timing estimates once the maintenance starts. So I can personally overlook this Google problem as a one-off. However, the above suggestions would make you look more professional and customer focused for future changes. Thanks for listening! The WW core game is great, and I am sure you can see how much i appreciate it with my personal time and money. Please keep a high priority on making the core game work better and smoother, even as you add new elements periodically. HEY, I did not complain about lag once in this post! LOL
  2. Iggy112

    Android Emulator

    Unfortunately, menu does not run on a Mac. I have heard good things about it. wish I could try it!
  3. Iggy112

    Android Emulator

    The lag on my iPad has been frustrating me for month now. I am rebooting game 4-5 times an hour. So I would like to try using an Android emulator on my Mac. I have heard from others that they see no lag when using an emulators on a PC (leading me to believe that programming for a mobile device is main driver of lag). In any case, I have downloaded Bluestacks for Mac, but cannot get it to run properly. I get some message that it cannot open channels and lacks internet access (which is strange since I can run its own internal browser). Does anyone have experience running Bluestacks or other emulators successfully on a Mac? Is anyone playing this game on a Mac? Any plans to have this game written for PC or Mac platforms? Love the game, hate the lag!
  4. Iggy112

    Bomber Ammo Supply

    Since yesterday's update (coincidence?), some of my bombers cannot be supplied with more than 50% capacity (i.e. 25/50). Has anyone else seen this problem? its particular troublesome, because I recently the tier 3, level 5 bomber ammo bonus. Took along time to get this. Did not realize that the intent was a reduction, not a bonus! LOL
  5. Iggy112

    Gem Bonzo

    So here is a clear case where what I call non-core game usage of gems that will ruin WW. Just entered a new Kill Chain map, which is barely half full. Already a league, which will not be named, has captured the center city. I entered this map just to learn the new Kill Chain layout, so don't care right now If the developers are going to allow this kind of play by a league, what is the sense of my playing seriously? Do others agree? Do the developers agree? Would love to see some feedback here! BTW...the Kill Chain map was less than 10 hours old when screenshot was taken
  6. Iggy112

    August 23rd Update preview

    I always have a chuckle when egotistical trash talking gets into the forum in any serious way. Never understood why that seems to happen in every kind of game, much more than one would think. My perception is that the vast majority of players here are pretty decent and mature folks, constituting at least 90% of players. But somehow it always feels like half the dialogues have emotional displays of chest thumping or name calling. Kind of like when we were in grade school a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. I much prefer talking with folks that are serious students of the game, researching tactics and techniques, having fun playing against good opponents. WW requires a great deal of time and effort to develop an advanced skill level. Why not respect others who are kindred spirits and enjoy the game too!
  7. Iggy112

    after the update Command Effect not working

    Seems to me there are two separate issues here....what should be done in the nam of balancing ?.....what are th developers contractual obligations as a seller? I might agree on the balancing, but that should not let them off the hook as a business selling a product. they represented a product that we purchased. NOt really our issue that made some mistake in balancing. They should either live with with their mistake (grandfathering, no rebalancing,etc) or refund the money and let player decide whether to buy the new version of the general. Also, with all due respect, does not seem to me that what other developers do is germane to this discussion. This was am implicit contract between the developers and us. BTW...I am just going to live with this situation...but it calls into question just what you are getting when you hand over real cash to the developers...it's almost like a blank check that they can do what they want with the game. For example, they could easily make the purchase totally worthless in a variety of ways. PLayer should be due some expectation for why he is handing over the cash, right?
  8. Iggy112

    after the update Command Effect not working

    That's ridiculous! If I spent money to buy something as advertised, how can they change it later....give me a refund, or see me in court!
  9. Iggy112

    Tech Tree Glitches???

    Starting this thread, so we can report any issues with the new Tech Tree! i have observed that the cash bonus is only displayed when I look at an individual farm, but not in the overall summary menu for cash. UNclear at this point whether I am actually getting credit for the extra cash. Anyone seeing other issues?
  10. Iggy112

    Poll: Unlimited Respawn in Tourney

    Agree with MKV! My thinking on this game is that most of us think of WW as having two macro parts to it. There is the core game (building and developing cities and territories, attacking and capping cities, PvP combat, etc.) and a non-core game (respawns, shields, gemming, alt accounts, hacking, glitches, etc). Some issues can straddle the line between these like buying tactics, upgrading troop technology and the new tech tree. Think of it in chess terms. Bobby Fischer was almost unbeatable at the game board, but used psychological tools when he played too. He also argued that the Russians were using all kinds of outside tactics. So both sides use non-core techniques! When playing WW, any and all play is fair game in war, so my hat is off to anyone that uses any tactic, strategy, tools or tricks available to them (especially, if they have discovered/invented a new technique themselves). On the other hand, most players feel like they are here to compete on the core game and are happy to win or lose on that basis. Any non-core game components that are used against them, somehow feels like a cheat and diminishes game play enjoyment. To my mind, the developers should strive to maintain and improve the integrity of the core game while minimizing non-core components. For the most part, this has the developers and players as partners with the same agenda. However, developers need a revenue stream too, but must incorporate the revenue elements such that core game supporters continue to enjoy their experience.
  11. Iggy112

    Tech & Tech Tree

    MKV, can you identify that ones that are not working?
  12. Iggy112

    Tech & Tech Tree

    Wondering how everyone is thinking about the new tech tree relative to the Generals? How are you directing your gold purposes? Staying with Tech? All tech tree now? Any insights on the tech tree improvements that are similar to benefits from Generals? For example, I am thinking I will stop using the General with extra transport space once I get there with the tech tree. while it would be nice to double up some of the benefits, the limited General spots will allow me to get other benefits. All insights greatly appreciated! WINTER IS COMING!
  13. We are in violent agreement! ?
  14. I agree that these automatic moves are a pain in the butt, but I am not sure you should see them as flaws. More like the meeting of two alternative needs for gameplay...the need to move troops with a single command versus the need to have troops defend themselves automatically. i always thought that a good solution would have been a better HOLD command, where troops really do not move at all!