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World Warfare
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  1. Iggy112

    New Stuff for Christmas

    Like everyone else over the age of 6, I really don’t care about the medals or skins. In games like COD, where someone coming at you with a new skin, it is kind of novel. But this is a thinking game last I checked. You clientele are way beyond this kind of nonsense. First rule of business is Know Your Customer. It is almost insulting when you make a big announcement about it.
  2. Iggy112


    I disagree. I think it would be better to have a reasonable set schedule on a rotational basis with all the maps, although frequency of each map is negotiable. That way, folks can plan their time, increasing your chance to enter more fields (developers read as more $$$), especially the ones you enjoy. Multiple choices would be nice, but it does not look like WW has a large enough community yet, to support that. We already have map fill times that are extending well past 24 hours.
  3. Iggy112

    Filling field delays

    Unclear, they may read this thread and just disagree. As players, we view the game from an enjoyment viewpoint. As developers, they view the game from a revenue and programming cost viewpoint. Unless they are very customer focused and long term in their thinking, revenues/costs will always rule the day. Personally, I would think that they can see the problem with long fill times and could easily just not have so many maps open with little cost to them. Either they are poor businessmen or I am not appreciating the revenues/costs that they see. Along those same lines, I do not see how speeding up the game with twice speeds and shorter durations helps their R/C situation. It certainly makes me reconsider gem investment for a field, when it is unclear who will be in it (because of long fill times), or because the investment does not last very long.
  4. Iggy112

    Sneak Peek on Battle of the Bay

    Feels like we are creating a whole new kind of game with these speed changes and already established cities. That will strip out many dimensions of our current game, as things like logistics become relatively unimportant. That may be fun for some, but it is not what established WW as the game to play. All it does it make it much like all the other games on the market. WW was fun because it had some many dimensions to manage and coordinate for the player and the league. Dumb the game down to "here is an army go fight" and I am not sure its anywhere near the rich environment that was originally conceived. Please give us the feeling of a commitment to the original game richness and integrity. Otherwise, i will need to begin questioning my spending additional money on WW when I cannot tell if I will be interested in playing the dumbed down version. I have to believe that I have spent more than my fair share on your game. Please don't make me feel like I have wasted that money.
  5. Iggy112


    interesting that you would think that top players would be mostly/solely related to individuals. This is a league game, so teamwork and support are much bigger aspects than single player game.
  6. Iggy112

    Filling field delays

    I would be very supportive of an approach where a single map (global, isles, etc) is available for a week at a time, but then rotates to the next map type. Maps would fill quicker and once the pattern is established, everyone would know when they can play the maps they really enjoy. As it stands now, when multiple maps are available, they fill very slowly (giving early entries a big advantage). Also, we do not see some maps for long periods of time (e.g. Isles has only shown up a few times this year).
  7. Iggy112


    I am very concerned about the 2x speed maps. Its certainly something that is alluring on the surface (personally, I have always bitched about the time to fly across the maps), but clearly has many other ramifications that are going to hurt the game. For example, we have already heard that it has created maps that demand more intensive time commitments to protect your stuff. When playing a map, I am already committed to playing 16+ hours a day, but for those folks that work or go to school, this is a killer. Long term, it will become clear that only a small group of dedicated fanatics (including myself) can put up with these time commitments. So the general population will decrease. Maps will fill even more slowly. Game revenues will decrease. Developers will respond with additional feature fixes and on we go! For those that are vocal supporters of the increased speed, please consider whether it is worth the price of losing the entire game. I would rather continue playing a good 1x game, then a 2x game that will fall apart eventually.
  8. Iggy112

    Map Rotation

    Inhale, I have read a series of your posts across many threads. The tone is always the same. I, Inhalle, know best, the game stinks, all is lost and we are all doomed. While this game does need some improvements, your approach is over the top. If you are that unhappy, please move on to another game and give us a break!
  9. Iggy112

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    Is it possible that the alliance conversations should switch to an account limit instead of a league limit? So, for example, an alliance can be formed with any number of leagues, but can only contain say 25-30 members in a battlefield. The developers could select a higher or lower limitation to produce a good result. This might help with the heal issue, the number of alts issue as well as the lag issue (since there would be some limitation on players coming together en masse). Note: this does not stop large groups of folks from informally working together, they just cannot be allied within the field.
  10. Iggy112

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    Suggest that you cut your coffee intake way down, before you blow a gasket. Yes, alt usage is a non-core part of playing this game that many of us do not love. So is gemming, shielding and many other non-core features. Please stop repeating yourself! We can read and understand your thought the first time you wrote it! Relax. Enjoy a great game even with its glaring flaws.
  11. Iggy112

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    Love the phone number proposal! Players who are single will be wiped off the map! Married folks, especially with older kids, will rule the world, as every one of them has a separate phone number! Let’s do it!
  12. Iggy112

    Maintenance & Update on February 9th.

    Returning to the maintenance warning messages, I think the developers would minimize reasonable complaints with three actions: 1) CountDown Clock - this idea surfaced earlier in this thread and seems like a super idea! 2) 24 hour Minimum Warnings - Except for emergency situations, most game updates and maintenance are not a rush situation. Publish warnings at least a day in advance. Many folks are not playing this game full time, so that they easily get caught with even a 6 hour warning. Yes, some folks will still complain about getting caught in the air, but our community will not take their complains seriously with a full day warning. 3) Facebook Warnings - Developers are doing a good job on FB advertising of upcoming changes (see latest hinting of subs). Why not post the 24 hour maintenance warnings there too (other social media sites might also be candidates, but I don’t use them myself)? Usually, you are pretty good on your timing estimates once the maintenance starts. So I can personally overlook this Google problem as a one-off. However, the above suggestions would make you look more professional and customer focused for future changes. Thanks for listening! The WW core game is great, and I am sure you can see how much i appreciate it with my personal time and money. Please keep a high priority on making the core game work better and smoother, even as you add new elements periodically. HEY, I did not complain about lag once in this post! LOL
  13. Iggy112

    Android Emulator

    Unfortunately, menu does not run on a Mac. I have heard good things about it. wish I could try it!
  14. Iggy112

    Android Emulator

    The lag on my iPad has been frustrating me for month now. I am rebooting game 4-5 times an hour. So I would like to try using an Android emulator on my Mac. I have heard from others that they see no lag when using an emulators on a PC (leading me to believe that programming for a mobile device is main driver of lag). In any case, I have downloaded Bluestacks for Mac, but cannot get it to run properly. I get some message that it cannot open channels and lacks internet access (which is strange since I can run its own internal browser). Does anyone have experience running Bluestacks or other emulators successfully on a Mac? Is anyone playing this game on a Mac? Any plans to have this game written for PC or Mac platforms? Love the game, hate the lag!
  15. Iggy112

    Bomber Ammo Supply

    Since yesterday's update (coincidence?), some of my bombers cannot be supplied with more than 50% capacity (i.e. 25/50). Has anyone else seen this problem? its particular troublesome, because I recently the tier 3, level 5 bomber ammo bonus. Took along time to get this. Did not realize that the intent was a reduction, not a bonus! LOL