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World Warfare
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  1. Don’t think ram is the issue. The number of troops attacking in the area is the problem, when you are allied moving round with your allies no problems. It’s when the calculations need to be made for all of the damage and range calculations. Less allies, less troops because everyone is not moving to an area for some massive attack. i play on new good laptop with an emulator and still have issues!
  2. Sykes


    You are talking about a total rework of the victory conditions. I am looking for a simple fix to make the game more playable. With the 6 new tactics that are being released this game is going to be all about the alts and allies. And the need to be reduced for play balance.
  3. I send messages to “Contact Us” I always get a reply within 24 hours. I sent one last night Veronica replied within 6 hours!
  4. Sykes


    Limit the numbers of allies and NO neutrals! It is a war game!
  5. Sykes


    Maps already take to long to fill, up to 24 hours. Who wants to enter a map when most of the leagues already have LCs. The maps should be rotated, only one map available at a time! If you don’t like the map wait or play it!
  6. Sykes

    The Vote

    I think that would be a step in the right direction. However That does not change the fact that leagues can still ally 3/4 of the map. it should be a hard number, maybe 30 players maximum can be allied or neutral. It would also cut down on the lag during large battles by reducing the n8mber of troops in a given area.
  7. You can only supply them when they are inside the harbor attached to a city!
  8. Really, did you add anything we care about?
  9. Sykes

    Daily rewards

    You can only hold 10,000 amethyst! You can’t collect any if you are at the limit. You can save the daily packs until you need them in game.
  10. Several days ago I also entered a map the was over 24 hours old! When I enter a map that is that old I don’t spend any gems or money, I just hang out and collect the gold. please only open one map at a time, or rotate one map every week!
  11. Sykes

    Halloween Moments

    Come to the Dark Side! Sykes
  12. The Blitz map (ID: 1100438) is 13 hours old and Zone 1 is still not filled. The Global map (ID: 1100439) is 12 hours old and Zone 4 is still filling. Not sure why the developers are still opening up more then one map at a time, they can't fill these maps in a reasonable time. maybe start maps on only certain days, like Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays! something needs to change to fill the maps quicker. I would like to figure out how many maps are currently active, Please post your Battlefield ID!
  13. Sykes

    Map Rotation

    Its clear there is a problem when JoyCrafter opens several maps at the same time, the maps take to long to fill up! I have entered maps that take 36 hours to fill. Its a war game i want people to play against, Players enter the map then quit because the map is 24 hours old and they are just entering, so why waste your time and money on that map. Please only open 1 map at a time run it for a week, then move to the next map! the maps will fill quicker and i think would be a better player experience.
  14. Sykes

    Best Moments.

    I have played war games from a young age with friends, mostly Avalon Hill games, Squad leader was always our favorite! This game is the closest to the original board games that I have played in a long time, it brings back fond memories. I wish I remember the players name that introduced me to placing transports over the turrets to save your stugs! It’s funny the people that you meet along the way, I had a player on in my league that lived in the town I grew up in, he was about 35 years younger then me. He went to all the same schools I did, however all the teachers were gone! LOL
  15. Sykes

    Halloween Event!

    Sykes Come to the dark side!
  16. Thanks MKV! Developers, with the new changes to the officer swap screen, can you add text to the photo to show the generals bonus! I have about 15 officers and can't remember all the generals by their photo.
  17. Can we get our league member troops and their cities the same color blue of theirs cities are on the global map? It would make it easier to travel and land your troops! Also it would be more consistent it the overall color scheme!
  18. First I love this game have been plying it for the last 18 months and enjoy it very much. Over the last several months the game is becoming less enjoyable, mostly due to a shield glitch and shielding in total. In a previous field we were actively attacking the city and the player was able to activate a shield on the city. Second, look at the attached photo you will notice 4 cities all from the same league that we were attacking put shields up and this league must have shielded cities 12 times during the one field. How can you play a realtime strategy game when people can shield all the time with no real consequences for shielding. When they did this it ended our attacks! They get to put their troops and any other league members troops in their shielded city, then they can attack anytime the want even with the troops in the shielded city! There needs to be a negative consequence for shielding. Maybe only the owners troops can be in the city protected the others are ejected from the army base or airbase, the turrets stop attacking, you can not end the shield until the timer expires, you can not collect resources from the city or connected zones. When a member shields no of his troops can attack until the timers runs out. I know you need to make money but the use of shields has become a big problem, and it is make worse by giving shield away in the daily bonus, and selling shield packs. When a player reaches a certain rank, he should not be permitted to shield ever other then the first 8 hours at the start of a field.
  19. Sykes

    Transport damage

    Every time my full health transports land at my airbase the become damaged! I am using the General and the battlefield tech that increases their health.
  20. I would think anything to do with the game is general interest! The developers should post info about game issues without everyone sending in tickets with problems. I send emails and get what looks like a generic response.
  21. Sykes


    Am I missing something... or now I need to know what each generals ability is by his picture. can you place a title under his picture that says what he does?
  22. Sykes

    Game lag

    I often experience game lag when in a field. I use an iPad Pro that has 4g built in (Verizon). When the game lags if I switch to 4g and kill the wifi the game does not lag. If I clear the memory from the iPad (holding down the home button and the power button until the apple logo appears) the lag stops but only for a short time. I have also tried resetting my wifi router which sometimes does help. But switching to 4g appear to work best for the lag issue!
  23. Same problem here, using iPad Pro!
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