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World Warfare
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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. August 23rd Update preview

    The current Russian carrier cruiser the Admiral Kuznetsov has missles and aircraft. However that is about 60 years past World War II. So the carriers should only have air defense.
  2. Class Tech Tree Wording

    Developers, looking for some clarification on some class tech wording under the airman class as an example. Looking under tier 2, I AM BECOME DEATH, what is the meaning of "100 point radius around your Tank Destroyer"? Tier 2, EXPERT DOG FIGHTER, "Fighter Aircraft Units bonus to attack" does that mean for fighters as well as jets? Or when you have bombers, does that mean both bomber types?
  3. after the update Command Effect not working

    How was he changed (nerfed)?
  4. Ideas for new packs and commanders

    I agree with MkV, don't make it a pay to win game. This is a "real time strategy" game, I don't like the fact that you can gem your troop production and build, it ruins the balance of the game.
  5. Tech Tree Glitches???

    MkV, I don't think they are correct, unless I misuderstood Bolt's response! I have the 25% fortune bonus, this is the first field that I had any fortune bonus. In the screen shots of the two end reports show about the same fortune. The first one should have the 25% fortune bonus, look at the number of farms, and my total fortune received from the field at the end, they are very similar. I am not seeing a bonus being applied. Maybe some other players can ch do their stats also. MkV I do appreciate the response, however the developers need to post known issues with the game!
  6. Tech Tree Glitches???

    Surprised no one has anything to say about this topic. I guess everyone sends private messages to the developers. the tier 2 class for the increased cash from a Farm and mini farm is not working, or it is not showing up in your total income. The details on the farm screen show the proper increase but that is all you do not get credit for it.
  7. Naming issue

    I agree!
  8. Tech Tree Glitches???

    Developers, can you post a list of what is not working properly in the new class tech tree, it would be easier then everyone posting issues that you already know about. Also some might not want to post issues as to not give away what class they are researching! Thanks
  9. Team Limit & Start Time

    As a player maybe we are looking at this wrong! It could be a revenue issue. I don't know if it's true, I am just tossing it on the table. Maybe a large part of the player base is from the United States, knowing how much gemming there is in the tournamnets it's a money maker for the developers. Changing start times or days would cut into profits. And that is not a slam on the developers they can't work for free!
  10. Experimental Job

    I agree!
  11. Team Limit & Start Time

    If you are responding to my post, I was using that as an example. My point was start times and start days should change for each match. Some player can't play all weekend, just as some can't start at 10am! The cup needs to be more flexible to expand the numbers of players participating.
  12. Poll: Unlimited Respawn in Tourney

    My comments were directed at the tournament not a regular field.
  13. Poll: Unlimited Respawn in Tourney

    I can accept players respawn in the normal field, maybe eliminate the city protection for respawned cities, there should be some type of penalty other then starting with a level 1 city. The tournament is a different animal, the object is to eliminate your competition. When your cities are all gone it's over for you! I have played in a field where my last city was capped, then the player abandoned the city, when it was over I got my city back in the respawn with all my zones around it still mine!
  14. City protection

    I can't imagine the developers intended city protection to be used as I have seen recently in several fields. Protection of a city should only benefit the city owner, not all the league members. Currently there is no downside to using protection other then the cost which is free if you use the daily reward. The protection is instant unless the city is under attack, Your turrets still attack, your troops in the bases are protected, enemies do not know the duration of the protection, you can repair your troops, build new troops and collect resources, and then cancel protection when ever you want. Almost all the other games I have played have some downside to protection, you need to wait for the timer to expire before attacking, you do not collect resources, there is a timer before protection takes effect, and the protection only covers owning players. Currently a player can receive a notification that an enemy troop is in his territory, log into the game and bubble up instantly.