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      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. Great an administrator that is kept in the dark! I feel for you Russell! Now you know how we feel!
  2. Yes they need to make money I get that, generals are a good idea, I buy them! I bought the General that give an attack bonus to the turrets for air attack. After I started using him, I deactivated him! When people attack they use 20+ bombers at least, so what does 50% more damage do to one bomber not much. it can 100% more damage if they want your city it's theirs! If the turrets are a problem fix them, don't just create a new general. I love this game and pay to support it! Thank you for having a nice conversation about the issue, I think this helps the developers more then people trashing each other!
  3. Well if this is a game issue/problem then just raise the turret damage and don't make people buy a General to fix it!
  4. That makes it more of a scam! Rather then fix the issue, they sell you a general, that you say you can't afford to buy, so you fall further behind everyone else! Then the people like you quit the game!
  5. I see now, I missed that one!
  6. So, you upgrade turrets do 200 more damage against aircraft! Then you sell a general that gives 10% more health to aircraft! Are you kidding me, This is a scam! Fix the problems with the game before you add new content!
  7. So I just watched a battle! One league had 4 players attacking another players city. They destroyed the the city, the owner gemmed the pacify at least 5 times, every time the city went back to 55k health. He kept gemming until his bombers arrived an wiped out all 4 armies! My question to the developers, is this what you had in mind when you permit the gemming of pacify! If not then why have you not done something about it! I have seen people complain about this in the past. please fix the problems with the game before you add new content. i am not complaining about the defending player, it is permitted by the game, and so are gems.
  8. On the world map over view! Your city color is blue, your league mates are light blue, allies are green? when you go to the main screen battle map to see your cities the colors change to your allies and league mates are all green! Can this be changed for your league member troops and territory to be consistent with the world map colors! Making your league members light blue for their troops and territory!
  9. I don't think city protection is an issue! I think the way it works is the problem! Protection should only cover the players city and his troops, that city is out of play for the entire protection time. The city can't do anything until protection runs out, the owners troops are stuck in the city turrets do not fire. Also the biggest problem is see is that your league members can enter the city and also be protected, if a city is under protection league members are dispatched from the airbase or army base and are able to be attacked! One league member should not be able to protect all or half your league members troops.
  10. It also happened to two other players from my league during the same field!
  11. No I never removed the jet officer!
  12. Yes I have the general! He is level 10, it was doing it a few days ago when he was level 7!
  13. Yesterday I land my full health Jets into the airbase in my city. About 6 hours later I take the jets out of the base to find the jets have damage to them as shown in the screen shot! The city did run out of food, however the jets did not run out of food! Each jets was over 7 mins to repair. I noticed before this incident which happened several times in the same field, that the health of the jets was lower in the airbase then it was when I dispatch them! I think it might be a glitch with the general. Below are screen shots of the jets health inside the airbase and the same jet dispatched from the airbase! There is also a glitch when you change your capital! The old capital every building has damage to them!
  14. From what I have seen, the troops that you have expanded prior to getting the mission, do not count! Also it appears the you have to dismiss the troop to get the credit! Here is what I do for expanding troops for the mission! i just expand infantry, they are cheap and quick! When they get to the level I need For the mission just dismiss them and expand more.
  15. You need to produce extra troops for the troop you want to expand! These troops are produced in the munitions factory