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World Warfare
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  1. Ok so I got a league city for the league that's kinda the only real update so Ima ask a question in the comments what is your favorite troop in the game only one troop mine is artillery
  2. TheGrimReaper23


    Ok so I ended up capturing both the oil and rubber zone I have trained some small transport plains so I can go further and attack I've made a couple allies I helped 3 people in global in my battlefield I have a lvl 8 city I am trying to get to 11 so I have fighters and bombers wich are the main troops along with transports stugs and artillery they are what the game turns into in the about middle is when it changes over to there after that not many people use tanks oh and aa guns are important too now harbors they are ok but before you cap one you want to see the water around it I mean is it like a pond or river or big lake because harbor importance depends on the acces of water the more water the more places you can attack
  3. TheGrimReaper23

    Update 1

    Ok so I have got some stugs 1 lvl 4 turret and secured the land around me I plan to capture a rubber zone that's near me it has lvl 4 sniper towers so it will be hard but I think if I can get some more stugs I can do it after that I'll get oil ounce I get oil it's a push for bombers and fighters ounce you get bombers and fighters it's land conquering time now with the bombers and fighters you want a healthy amount of stugs with transports then you can start taking cities and get a good amount of control then a league city to produce better bombers and fighters
  4. TheGrimReaper23

    The Start

    Ok so now I joined a battle today I'm in I started regularly trained some infantry then moved to some jeeps and tanks I plan on next securing my hold of the land around me this is pretty important at the start so you don't get surrounded by enemies and starved of reasorces now if you can get the mini reasorce buildings to max lvl then turrets to 5 then they will be able to shoot artillery and stugs before they reach you now they will only help they won't kill the whole attack you'll haft to attack them too
  5. Ingamename:TheGrimReaper ServiceTime:AnytimeI'mOnline if need be just incase Email:xxjpxx82@gmail.com
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