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      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. From my observation I theorize that Turrets prioritize targets as follows; troops adjacent > lowest health by percentage > troop threat (stugs are high priority because of attack power vs buildings). This isn't a science but it's good enough for me to manipulate the AI in my favor in both offense and defense.
  2. You guys are awesome, thanks for your help.
  3. I am not sure, all I know is the description says all army units except tanks; Tank Destroyers are not tanks, they are basically a very big AT Gun on a mobile platform. Also thank you very much for following up on this for me.
  4. Tank Destroyers are considered a vehicle type unit. So why can't they be loaded onto a C-47 Transport plane?
  5. You first click on the minus sign of the officer you wish to replace. The officer will move to the bottom row. Then click on the plus sign of the officer you wish to put into your active slot.
  6. Update to guide You will need at least a level 3 and preferably a level 5 supply factory. The key to this guide is to be patient. The battle last 7 days with the potential to extend to 10 days. A good foundation of resources and production capacity is very important to success. I will eventually post a guide for bringing your Capitol from level 8 - 20. The new guid will include the 2 villages and 1 iron resource zone plus special resource zones necessary to accomplish this.
  7. My wife and children indirectly owe their lives to the Russians from WWII. My wife's grandfather was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division. During Operation Market Garden he was shot in the helmet and the bullet grazed the top of his head, this knocked him unconscious and he was taken prisoner where he remained until he was liberated from his camp by the Russian Army and returned to Allied control.
  8. I say when in a battlefield the cool down should remain even if kicked, if you leave an exception then people will learn to take advantage of it. I also feel though that the cool down when not in a battlefield field is pointless. There are times where leagues ally or cross members after a battle. This shouldn't be hindered by cool down. There isn't a tactical or strategic necessity for a cool down period when not in a battlefield.
  9. Not in WeFew anymore, I can say what I want. So shove your CoC where ever you placed your trust.
  10. I have multiple points to address here so I'll get started. If your in a league where you can't depend on your mates to help where needed, then GET OUT. It's not really a League, it's a group of people in the same battlefield with the same tag sharing a total score. Which; from what I have seen, is pretty much every league I have fought in this game EXCEPT the Chinese. They fight together without fail. The League I am in fights together without fail also. There is one main point I would like to make that everyone in this game makes when fighting us or the Chinese."It's impossible for you to be that good, YOUR GEMMERS." Well here's my answer, No we are not using any more and in most cases less gems than any other league we have battled against. But since all the normal leagues who just bash noobs, rebels, and surrendered players are just pissed that the developers have made your only opponent harder to beat. Well just dial Cry11 and get a Wahh-mbulance to bring you a pasifier to replace your thumb. Yes any league can be that good. If you would open your arrogant mind and quit thinking it is impossible to be that good because we're not that good and analyze what they are doing and apply it to yourself you might get better. Next the statement "flavor of the month" shows how truly ignorant you really are. Every unit has a weakness to another. So having the majority of your troop count a single unit and then complain when someone uses a unit against that unit and you have no counter Obviously. It's not your opponent's fault, or is it an imbalance, or him cheating, or gemming, or any other reason except for the ignorance of the person you see while brushing your teeth in the morning. Anything spam is Lame and is extremely easy to defeat. One single .22 cal bullet will kill a person, 1 MOAB (look it up, the largest non-nuclear bomb in the world) will kill a person also. The person killed by the MOAB doesn't complain to the person killed by the .22 cal saying that it was Over Powered. You know why? BECAUSE THEY ARE BOTH DEAD. Sun Tzu said "To defeat you enemy you must defeat his strategy." So find out what your enemy is doing and counter it. Hence MkV's PRO TIP: USE SCOUTS. DUH. This is a Multi-Player War Strategy game. What that means is there are other Actual people besides rebels and surrendered. And there are some of those other people that actually have a little knowledge of what strategy is. It's not that hard. The very old proverb of, "We either live together, or Die separately." Should be the absolute foundation of any League's Strategy. But the first thing EVERY LEAGUE must have is a Strategy. The Style of play that all of the so called Top leagues that have been around since the release of this game, is being exposed as a fraud. This is because now that more people are being exposed to this game you are starting to see some actual brilliant Strategist. How dare ye spout this blasphemy against the false prophets of Zeus, or boil the Pasta and make it limp. Well I dare say this because these actual children who are running these so called strategies, are not GODz gift to understanding Warfare. The game isn't unbalanced. The real competition is just now starting to find this game. The so called experience players are now coming to the realization of how an Actual strategy used by a competent group of players working towards a common goal are making them look like Amateurs and their only replies are GEMMING or OP. So here is my final say to that; Sorry kids it's a school night and time for bed, and us adults want to have a good time without all the whining and arguing.
  11. Invited by MkV. Excellent game.
  12. Sup captain, understand that each troop counter isn't a single unit it is a squad or fight or what ever. I do believe that to relieve the bandwidth burden less troop markers equals faster download and upload speeds. I also don't think it takes to much away from the realism. As for Stugs speed, yes they may have been faster but they were attached to the infantry as a mobile gun platform. Meaning that even though they could go that fast didn't mean that was the norm. Armored vehicles in combat situations are extremely high maintenance no matter the quality of the manufacturing, so crews didn't push the limits of performance unless absolutely necessary. Lastly for the turrets the player you were attacking may have had the General that affects the performance of the turrets so that maybe why his seemed better.
  13. Exactly what MkV said. SnakeEater Out!
  14. We are entering the Battle Isles tonight. Just wanted you to know.
  15. Exactly, you don't have a choice of who they give you in the Military, you just assess their ability and put them in a position that will highlight their strengths while at the same time minimize their weaknesses, but also in a way that enhances the overall performance of the unit. This is sometimes very complex especially depending on a unit's specialty or mission. It is because of this, that their are very few people that can accomplish this effectively.