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  1. I ask you do one of two things, REMOVE ALL TANKS FROM THE COMMERCE CENTER AND ONLY HAVE MOTORIZED INFANTRY. Or the other thing is add the Motorized Infantry to the League City armaments. Please give me some kind of feedback on this post because your drop rate of Motorized Infantry in the Commerce Center really really sucks and you have to have a level 1 or 2 commerce center.
  2. Clint Eastwood has something to say about people Ike that.
  3. Every business must make profits or it will fail. The same applies to business that develop and host online games. When a business offers their product for free such as this game it must find a way to bring in income. The huge majority of businesses that do this give extreme advantages to the people who spend money. These games are called pay to win games. The developers of World Warfare IMO have developed a system that allows for a person to spend money for an advantage, but this advantage isn't so overwhelming where a person who doesn't spend as much or no money can't overcome. This is what great business do that want everyone to enjoy their product not just the big spenders. That being said let me get to the subject at hand. World Warfare has multiple ways it generates income, has monthly offers, generals who give a slight benefit to certain troops, package deals and so on. None of these things guarantee a win in this game. The use of diamonds and amethysts in game is commonly referred to as Gemming. Understand Gemming is part of this game no matter how much complaining you do it will not go away, because if it goes away so does this game. I used to be on the "I hate Gemming" team I have since then learned how to counter Stupid Gemming (Defined below). I am not saying that Stupid Gemming doesn't annoy me because it does. Gemming can be placed into two different categories, Smart Gemming and Stupid Gemming. We will cover Stupid Gemming first and save the best for last. Stupid Gemming is what I refer to as Gemming just to annoy an opposing player or Gemming with no tactical or strategic objective. Gemming the pacify of your city that is being attacked by another player and you do not have your or your league mates troops in-route to counter attack just to annoy him or to fill your need to poke him in the eye, is in my opinion the pure definition of Stupid Gemming. I maybe wrong but in my point of view, there is only one instance where Gemming for defensive purposes is considered Smart Gemming. I will try to list the other things I consider Stupid Gemming. Shields (bubbles) over a city just because you are being attacked is stupid (Bubbling your city is the pure definition of weakness). Gemming turrets while being attacked is stupid (turrets do not defend cities, troops do). Gemming the demolish of buildings in your city to deny them to the enemy is stupid, there are a few instances where this isn't the case but again ask yourself what is the tactical or strategic value. Gemming a bunch of armaments from the Commerce Center is Stupid (if you don't have the resources to sustain your offensive and protect yourself, no amount of gems will save you from Leagues with a good strategy). Now I will cover some Smart Gemming, not all of them of course, not giving away all of my secrets. Gemming turrets to level five in my starting city doesn't cost very much in resources but helps protect my city early games when turrets matter (Late game turrets only protect your city from people without an understanding of this game). Gemming the pacify when you capture a city or key resources is smart because people will try to snipe them (It is annoying and a waste of gems, but can't be helped because people do it all the time). The only defensive Gemming I consider smart is this, if you ever see me gem the pacify of My city that you are attacking that is because I have troops coming to counter attack you. If I or anyone from my league can't reach the city in a realistic amount of time then I don't waste the gems. To sum up this post, Gemming pays the bills and keeps the game going. Smart Gemming is the use of gems that enhance you tactical or strategic objectives, not just because you are mad that someone attacked you and you want to annoy them. Again I will say this, you have to understand that Gemming is a necessary part of this game to keep the game online. Proper use of gems will promote income for the developers and also enhance the enjoyment of this game. Everyone Gems, if you lose a battle it isn't because someone is using more gems than you are. It's because they have incorporated Smart Gemming into their overall League Strategy. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  4. Limiting the use of gems also limits the amount of revenue received by the game developers. This will in all honesty not happen. I am a huge advocate of a pure battlefield without gems but I am also a realist and understand that it is part of the game. This being said you must develop a strategy to overcome the use of gems. You are completely correct in that it doesn't matter how many gems they have, your are restricted by the amount of resources you own. No amount of gems spent in a given game can ever guarantee a win if the opposing player has a good strategy vs the use of gems.
  5. What he is saying is that there is no quick way to check what transport a specific troop is in, and when a transport is in an airbase the function that allows you to view and dispatch troops is disabled. I agree that if a transport has troops loaded you should have the ability to view the troops it is carrying even while in an airbase. I also wish they would increase the number of groups.
  6. The developers are Chinese. (And they have admitted this)
  7. From my observation I theorize that Turrets prioritize targets as follows; troops adjacent > lowest health by percentage > troop threat (stugs are high priority because of attack power vs buildings). This isn't a science but it's good enough for me to manipulate the AI in my favor in both offense and defense.
  8. You guys are awesome, thanks for your help.
  9. I am not sure, all I know is the description says all army units except tanks; Tank Destroyers are not tanks, they are basically a very big AT Gun on a mobile platform. Also thank you very much for following up on this for me.
  10. Tank Destroyers are considered a vehicle type unit. So why can't they be loaded onto a C-47 Transport plane?
  11. You first click on the minus sign of the officer you wish to replace. The officer will move to the bottom row. Then click on the plus sign of the officer you wish to put into your active slot.
  12. Update to guide You will need at least a level 3 and preferably a level 5 supply factory. The key to this guide is to be patient. The battle last 7 days with the potential to extend to 10 days. A good foundation of resources and production capacity is very important to success. I will eventually post a guide for bringing your Capitol from level 8 - 20. The new guid will include the 2 villages and 1 iron resource zone plus special resource zones necessary to accomplish this.
  13. My wife and children indirectly owe their lives to the Russians from WWII. My wife's grandfather was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division. During Operation Market Garden he was shot in the helmet and the bullet grazed the top of his head, this knocked him unconscious and he was taken prisoner where he remained until he was liberated from his camp by the Russian Army and returned to Allied control.
  14. I say when in a battlefield the cool down should remain even if kicked, if you leave an exception then people will learn to take advantage of it. I also feel though that the cool down when not in a battlefield field is pointless. There are times where leagues ally or cross members after a battle. This shouldn't be hindered by cool down. There isn't a tactical or strategic necessity for a cool down period when not in a battlefield.
  15. Not in WeFew anymore, I can say what I want. So shove your CoC where ever you placed your trust.