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  1. Hello, Please move or remove the sales, promo and specials icons that appear on the bf screen. They take up half the vision. Please move them somewhere else or make them collapsible. Or maybe bottom right on screen.
  2. NoQ

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  3. Congratulations. You have given me some good info here which will be used to our advantage. Mainly some insight to your mental state. I can see you are in full panic mode. That aside. I am really intrigued now by your accusation that I am the cause of GODz demise. Maybe I'm a spy or maybe I did it for the lulz or maybe it is all lies. I was able to bring down the number one league alone. Nothing any other league could do and without firing a single shot. I'm gonna actually roll with that. I'm pretty impressed. However, you did bring up an interesting prospect. If what you say is true then I can get to you fairly easily and cause you to turn on all your friends. This brings up a challenge for me and I accept. I will have an alt in GODz by the end of fall. I will then work my magic and spread the cancer like a wildfire. I will turn ppl against you and cause turmoil. I will bring GODz down since it is apparently so easy to do. It will be only for the lulz. Expect me.
  4. Again you prove you cannot get a simple story correct. You never told me to apologize. See that's the difference between you and me. I am able to admit when I don't handle thing in the best ways and I correct those things on my own. This is something you cannot do. Yes you demoted me and another for a day. There were more than 2 deputy leaders telling you that you were wrong. You got butt hurt once again. The next day when you calmed down you promoted us back to deputy leaders and said for the 3 that left to F them. Lol. You are not the noble person you pretend to be. I'm glad you are making new friends. Just more ppl for you to screw over. Believe me you need as many as you can get. However we all have friends here and you are not privy to all the pms that are said about you. From ppl that you are touting now. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Might be best for you. I still don't get it that you blame me for your "reset" when I had left well over a month before. Lol. Everyone in Fluffy knows the real reason. Losing, meltdown and booting. But if you feel better blaming me so be it. I'm glad I was able to get to you where you demo a whole team for it. People that you called friends. Lol. I'm sure I'm under your skin now. Burning you up. Please tell me more how I was able to single handily to bring GODz down. You told us because you just wanted to take it easy. But we see that you are close to another meltdown. It's coming. Glug glug glug.
  5. I will admit that there was an exchange between me and 3 ppl that were there. However it involved more than just me. There was some confusion on how gigs were distributed. That's it. I also know your response after they left was F..k (name).
  6. I see that you can only make dishonest statements with a few half truths sprinkle in to make it palatable. You made a stupid rookie mistake. You have name dropped. These people can confirm what is true and what is fiction. Now I wouldn't ask them to come down in the muck where you reside and would advise them to stay out of this. I decided to bring myself alone down into the filth and lower myself to your level. I don't mind getting a little dirty. However there are several dozens that know that you are just pulling stuff out of your ass. Anyone can confirm with any Fluffy if I said what is true including with the ppl that you name dropped. Not to mention several of the leagues that know the true story. You are just grand standing for your own players right now so they won't know the true you. I haven't mentioned anything about your current team and have no ill will against them although you continue to bash Fluffy. The players that made you what you are. You have repeatedly said that they came after you were already established and have on other occasions stated that they didn't do much for the team. You cherry pick a couple which I guess you think they will return but they won't. In fact most of us were there for well over a year together. Some coming and going for different reasons and some who spent time in Demi to make it a competitive team. Not all of your responses merit a response because they are so woefully inaccurate. It is funny that you are now solely blaming me for GODz being reset when I was already gone by over a month when it happened. Lol. What an idiot. It was after one of your meltdowns after losing. We all know that's true. Practically everyone in the game. If I was such a disruptive force in the league then you would have kicked me out long before I left. You never kicked me. So that makes you a liar or a bad leader if you saw that I was a bad influence. The one person that you stated that I made leave is in Ghost and is a friend of mine. We talk regularly. Ghost are another group of ex GODz which you kicked just like Fluffy. Again I never answered to you and that made you butt hurt and you still are. You never forced me to do anything. Yes. There are several ppl that are enjoying watching me make you my little biotch.
  7. As usual with the very last post you got everything wrong. You are so insecure that you cannot even be truthful in trying to make your points. Are you really Donald Trump? False again. I came back to Godz and brought several players from Dragons. Forest didn't come at that time until later and Dragon were still a team when we moved. Forest came later after I continued to court him. False again. I didn't start Fallen but later joined when several ppl were getting tired of your crap. I took several players with me. Fallen didn't die and was doing well but merged with Fluffy. It is funny how you said that I was the reason ppl left or that I got into arguments with players but I'm the one that is still friends and currently playing with those same players. As I stated in the very first response that there are many ppl with strong personalities(stronger than yours) and sometimes they clash but we always worked it out in the end. That's why we are still together.
  8. You mad? You seem mad. Lol. Now you are just making up stuff because you have nothing else. All you can is use the same insults I made on you and use them on me. No original thoughts. Lol. So lame. Have I pushed all the right buttons? I'm counting on it. We can do this all day everyday day. You don't intimidate me and never have. That's why I never answered to you. You have been played on several occasions and don't even realize it. Like when I stole GODz players. Several more were coming but you beat me to it with the booting. I will be coming. I may win or I may lose but you will definitely feel the hurt. We will see what a cupcake can do although I do like cupcakes. Oh and don't act like you won't or don't shield. Everyone knows you do. GODz has more to lose here than Fluffy. You can't afford to lose. If we lose then we go back to playing at our pace and making the game fun. If GODz loses, as history has shown, you will disappear for days and probably kick all your players. Not to mention the embarrassment from all the boasting like this post. Just like you said, you don't like losing and god(pun intended) knows what happens when you do. Lol. As far as fixing some problems I created. It's funny that I am still friends with all those ppl and you are not. To restate NO. We don't sit around talking about you. Did you not read the part where I said unless someone says something in chat. Just like the one you mentioned about me in main chat when you were boasting about you cannot find any worthy opponents. That is when I said we will fight you. Selective amnesia I guess. Or a drunken blur. Does someone need to pick up another white chip?
  9. Talk about blah blah blah. If you want a response from the other post here you go. You state that I didn't make any valid points but in the following sentences admit everything I said. Lol. So delusional. Once again you have shown that you are neither an honest person or have any integrity. Trying to spin things to put yourself in the best light. If I was afraid of difficult challenge I would have kept quiet. As far as not playing as many tournaments as others, I don't like to split my time into two fields, so what, that is my decision. I prefer to give my attention to one field at a time and there were always others that wanted to do cup. I was the first GODz recruit and you taught me nothing. If fact I believe I taught you more than you would give credit for. "Blinded by resentment?" I gave you no chance at booting me because I left GODz on more than one occasion. I know this made you butt hurt. How could someone leave when you had no say. You never kicked me. I have no hurt feelings from the episode [or any other] from your meltdown when you booted everyone. I wasn't there but I did remained in KiK. These are the things that I have observed over time. Or any hurt feelings at all. Just stating the facts. Something you seem to be unable to do. After losing you would disappear for days on end but I guess that makes you a great leader. You are only deceiving the newer players in this game because anyone that has been here over a minute already knows your BS. If you haven't noticed you are attacking some of my gameplay or game decisions. That's all you got. I am attacking your character because there are more important things to me vs where I rank in this game. Your true colors are shining bright. Remember, the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. Btw I wasn't the leader of Dragons but had friends there from a previous game and you know that.
  10. What? Do you think we all sit around and just talk crap about you? Lol. Well then I am sorry to inform you that no one really cares about you. You are just another random guy on an internet game. We have more interesting and better things to talk about. Has a few ppl said something in the past? Sure, but only when you or someone has posted some ridiculous message in chat. You apparently have an elevated opinion of yourself. After this next field, win or lose, you will think more about us than we will of you. We will continue on with our current pace and making the game fun again. You, however, will be obsessing over whether we hate you. No one care if you respect or have admiration for any of us. Again, just another random internet guy. Provoked you? Talked bad about you or your team? Lol. This is what you are best at with others but I guess the irony is lost on you. You say "this is not how I wanted it to be" well than why didn't you do the right thing and talk to the team before just booting them without notice instead of acting like someone in a drunken rage.
  11. There is so much wrong with this I don't know where to start. First off this past weekend was Mother's Day so there's that but let me get to the meat of your comments above. If someone didn't know you they would think you are the greatest person in the world by reading all the claims you posted. However, you failed to mention the meltdowns and tantrums you threw when GODz lost. One such incident took you out for several months. Another caused you to boot the entire team without any warning. No mention of your noble cause which you so delicately described above. You also failed to mention that you would kick ppl if they took off any time from the game. So the toxic situation that you described was your doing alone. You also didn't like the fact that many of the members had a stronger personality than you and didn't put up with your crap. The little bit of normal battlefield banter that happened with Demi shows how you can dish it out but can't take it. You are the biggest trash talker there is and this post proves just that. You weren't even in that field but yet you told Demi to quit the field. Talk about micromanaging. So stop being a hypocrite and stop trying to rationalize your poor decisions. By the way it was you first that had said that phantom ppl thanked you for kicking them because it was ruining their lives in previous conversations. Don't try to spin it now.
  12. NoQ


    Apparently it was a problem with Comcast and the game servers. Game seems to working correctly now. Thanks. NoQ
  13. NoQ


    Fix the connection issue. Geez. Can't even play right now. NoQ
  14. Unfortunately this is typical. This has happened on numerous occasions. No warning. Down time extended. I used to get worked up about it but after many times now I just enjoy the break. It is also very possible that any current field that you were in will be over even though there may have been time left. Save yourself the grief and relax.
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