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World Warfare
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  1. ClintonW

    Christmas Moments

    Peter i dont think i got the reward
  2. ClintonW

    Christmas Moments

    In game clintonw. Merry Christmas!!!
  3. ClintonW

    Halloween Moments

    Happy Halloween!!! In game ClintonW
  4. There are nothing wrong with life saving tatic. The issue is that people have multiple alternatives and sub league. Fix the real problem pls instead of ruin the game experience. Also how about fixing the shield cooldown issue.
  5. Goodbye guys. I finally have enough with the way support treating me. I played since 2015. We have to put up with issues and bugs for years but never been this bad. When we ask them to do something reasonable they don't respond to you or give you a bs respond. We can work around the issue, but they need to support the people who help build community and the game. We as players help create this community and make the game better also share our experience with others. I save multiple people from quitting this game, but they don't listen then what the point. Oh, we won't reimburse you because it is not our fault that the game lag when multiple leagues at the same spot (by the way it is the same lag even if you have three or four player fight at the same place). Then give us what we spend on the map since it is not playable. What about the time we spend building up? Did we even ask to reimburse that? Not to mention other bugs like troop disappear in and out, overlap button, etc. I have enough.
  6. Right now it is unplayable unless u just want to kill ss and take empty city. 6 fights same problem cant get in the game or freeze or not able to move troops.
  7. Your comment is stupid. I dont play two accounts and experienced the same issue. The map is unplayable. It is an issue need to address. Making fun of other people comment is not helping the matter.
  8. ClintonW

    Best Moments.

    I found this game by doing a search on App Store. My first fight vs anti pasta. Bishop and I started the league Eightballers after that. We march tank across the map without know how to build large transport LOL. We still fight to end even anti pasta was stronger. Yes Fran that was the first map. In game clintonw
  9. It is always amazed me that they never test before roll these thing out. Or at least post for people ask question.
  10. Why not fix the shield issue? Only one 8 hour per day limit?
  11. It is not about diplomacy. The format allows alternative accounts to be in the same battlefield. If you want to fix it then show number of team sign up for tournament then randomize. Also the other way is do one on one bracket. You can increase the season time but double the rewards.
  12. I like the ememy list. Can u make it so we can jump directly to the city instead input coordinate?
  13. Are you guys gonna make it so we give morale boost during city upgrade?
  14. What about large transport? How is it regain?
  15. Go out eat with family. In game clintonw.
  16. ClintonW

    Halloween Event!

    Halloween at work. ClintonW from Cocidius
  17. Are you guys going to fix this? We have more total points but then they start to attack weaker city and turn the ranking.
  18. You should weight the ranking on # of cities instead of count. For ex, higher lvl city should have higher score. People just capture low level city to have higher count than the true commanders who attacked harder base.
  19. ClintonW

    Adjustment Ideas

    So i guess his lvl 5 carrier is more important than my stugs lol.
  20. ClintonW

    Adjustment Ideas

    Same thing happened to me just now.
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