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      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. Id use the contact us feature to report it
  2. So you want the enemy to target whats best for you not him?
  3. Well done, its rare to see that level of coordination between allies.
  4. I agree that it's subjective to each individual, and to a certain degree, defined by the community. Unfortunately we already have a lot of that in this game. My current favorite is gemming. I too have seen players gem their way out of trouble. I have also seen, more frequently, people just rage gem and lose anyway. What's disturbing is that even more frequently than the other two examples combined, I have seen players play badly, lose, and explain away the loss to the opponents gemming. Never once considering that perhaps they either made a mistake, or were just out played. That's human nature though so we just have to suck that up. I also agree that the latest update had income stream firmly in mind. I don't personally consider that a bad thing though. As a business owner, who has to offer a service, satisfy customers, while at the same time paying bills and making payroll, I have a sympathetic eye to the difficulties of striking that balance. I believe the good players are going to use the tools at hand and win, the poor players are going to lose regardless, and the guys in the middle will just keep plodding along as always. A few more thoughts: What I like about the update. I like the ability to customize your "account" to your style of play. WeFew has been studying and discussing these skill for the last couple of days and it's kind of cool some of the possiblities, especially for team play. I like that playing an air class one game will feel very differently than playing a tanker class another. Variety is a good thing imo. What I don't like about the update: I consider myself a pretty staunch advocate for the game. Not only is it the best mobile game imo, it's one of the best strategy games out there, pc or board game, as well. It's not that I don't have criticism, I just send it to them by pm. Having said all that, when I see how long it's going to take to even max out one of the trees, much less three of them, I just end up shaking my head. These trees will take YEARS to fill out. That's just crazy. A LOT of my enthusiasm for this update waned when I ran a spreadsheet to calculate the amount of time it will take to push a tree to the top tiers. W.T.F. Over?
  5. You buy the armaments from the commerce center for diamonds. It used to be not too bad a deal, but since the monthly packages changed to amethyst, diamonds are much more scarce, thus more valuable. I no longer think they are worth the price. Thats just me though.
  6. The is how it looks like turrets and towers target. Target physically on turret/tower > Lowest health target in range > first target in range > Target that poses most threat (usually stugs) So park the tank on top of the turret and it will switch, or better yet, park an aircraft since the turret has a much lower attack vs aircraft if you send in a tank first, and it takes damage, the turret wont switch to the stug unless the stug has damage already. If they all enter range at the same time (like when dropped from a transport), and they are all at full health, and nothing is on top of the turret, it will shoot the stugs because they pose the greatest threat.
  7. No, for classification purposes its a vehicle, although it is in the tanker class
  8. The tree doesn't reset, the choice does. Whatever progress you've made on a tree remains. You just need to select the same tree the following bf and you're back in black
  9. No question those that who have progressed the tiers have an advantage. This is no different than those who have max gold units or generals vs those who dont. Where we disagree is the term imbalanced. One player having an advantage does not make the game imbalanced. To me imbalanced means the person who has the advantage cannot be defeated because of the advantage and that simply isnt the case in this game.
  10. We have confirmed that this is bugged. As long as you have more than would have been needed origionally it works and gives you the discount. If you have less it doesnt work. So the original cost for a stug is 260 rubber. If you have more than 260 rubber and you build one, it subtracts 130 rubber. But if you have less than 260 rubber and try to build, it says insufficient rss. Even if you have more than 130. We only tested it on assault guns. Im not sure if the others are the same way.
  11. Several things, This game already has long term improvement paths in the form of research and tactics. Do they give long term players an advantage? Yes. But nowhere near a game breaking one. Even generals which could take some time to accumilate them all can only be used 5 at a time and are mainly a convenience rather than game breaking (The one exception being perhaps Marshall). Add to that the fact that each class gets its first serious unit increase after only 15 points spent, which isnt that long or expensive, and i dont think the difference is going to be that unbalancing. Even with the existing benefits that long term players have, well played un golded troops beat badly played golded troops everytime. The main diffence in this game and games like clash of clans is the amount of control that the player has over everything. That makes a huge difference in the effect of these types of benefits. In fact, i personally think the game is far more unbalance towards large leagues than it is to a single players tech, or even generals. Im not saying thats a bad thing, in fact i like it. This is a team game and thats a good thing, although it can be very tough on solo players. My point it, its way to soon for Chicken Little. These have been out two days.
  12. Agree, it's definitely a long term investment. Also, we are telling our guys to not spend points in a class tier over what's absolutely necessary to advance to the next tier. This is because of the way the incremental increase works. We are going to suggest a slightly different method that might change that while still keeping the devs intention for tier 4 skill being a long term process. The games not spoiled, I'm not rich, and I've seen many players who don't spend a dime on this game be successful. It's much too soon to tell the impact of this update. If you follow the thread "ideas to make that game better" you will see that quite a few of the ideas submitted by players in that thread were incorporated into the skill tree.
  13. Are you the leader? Or in a position that allows banning? If so, go to the lobby and follow these instruction
  14. Not an option. You can however place and label bookmarks that may helpwith that.
  15. It took 110k to go to level 90. Another 2k for the second lab (which i wouldnt have bought if i had known it didnt work on the same class as the first lab) A years worth of saved diamonds gone in 15 minutes. Lol. I dont regret it though, they werent getting used on anything else and we got a pretty good idea of what the system is capable of.