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  1. MkV

    Halloween Moments

    Grand-kids at the fall Festival
  2. MkV

    Sneak Peek on Battle of the Bay

    Disagree that its a good idea. By speeding up maps like this, you are hurting players who have invested in generals to provide speed. If they want their stuff to go faster let them buy the generals like the rest of us.  speeding up the map AND generals makes it too fast.
  3. MkV

    Maintenance and Update-Oct. 22nd

    Having trouble getting the game to load on android after the update
  4. WeFew is looking for a Naval Commander. Class Tech of Airman or Tanker Tier 3 is preferred but not required. As a Naval Commander, your primary responsibility will be to build and maintain a Naval/Air/Amphibious Force in accordance with WeFew Doctrine to support Land and Air operations. A few notes: WeFew usually plays 1 map per month. We do play other maps with our alts. You are not required to have an alt, but if you do, it must be in our alt league. You cannot have an alt in another league. WeFew Recruitment Process Line app and discord are mandatory. 18+ age requirement Steps. · Initial interview in line with MkV · Follow-up interview with WeFew command staff in discord · Entry into selection. · Basic training with an alt in a cadet map · Advanced training with your main in WeFew battlefield · Peer Review · Permanent membership in WeFew or removal from Selection based on Peer review If you are interested, please PM MkV in the Line app. My Line ID is mefaircloth
  5. MkV

    Master List of Generals

    He replaced Zedong Mao
  6. MkV

    Map Rotation

    Thats why i think the best option is a 15 player limit with one ally
  7. MkV

    Map Rotation

    In my mind, the main reason to have these discussion here is to provide the devs player feedback and ideas. Unfortunately, the majority of their feed back comes through "contact us" and is usually threatening, self centered and rude. This can and has lead to "knee jerk" changes which are rarely a good thing. A better solution to the diplomacy thing is to return the League Size to 15 (or 20, but I think 15 is a better number) and limit leagues to one ally. I don't know if this is possible though. Another option is leagues of 20 and no allies. That would cause other issues though and is a bad idea in my opinion. I 100% agree on the speed vs life. There never should have been speed increases in the first place. I know that it was asked for a lot, but the unintended consequences have been far worse for the game than it has helped. For the most part, players weren't leaving the game due to its slow speed, but they left in droves over the lag and other issues the speed caused. When I say the game is having an identity crisis, here is an example. It started out as a slow paced, long term strategy game that gave players time to develop their economies and armies and have slowly building battles that culminated in huge battles towards the end. The 24/7 persistent environment means the pace has to be slow enough so that you can manage and survive in the times when you are offline doing "life" stuff. Activity was an advantage, but with league sizes and the slower speeds it wasn't mandatory to be online constantly. Class tech sped up certain units, and Battlefield Tech sped the game up slowly so that by the mid to late game units were moving pretty quickly. The people who like that, loved it. The people who wanted fast paced rts stuff played other games. In an attempt to grab the other crowd, the game was sped up causing all sorts of issues. With the higher speeds out the gate and Class/BF tech making speeds INSANE, you HAVE to be online constantly or your whole league can get rolled very quickly. Maps ending too quickly is also discouraging the spending on map infrastructure (general slots, research slots, etc.) This has led to both sorts of players being unsatisfied. I realize this is an over simplification, but the concept is valid. It is leaving it's core concept and trying to be all things to every sort of player. As a result is becoming good at nothing. it's a shame, because it has been and can be the best strategy game of this type in existence. The fact that it isn't for every one is just a reality.
  8. MkV

    Map Rotation

    I don't think that's why the League size change was made. The fact that the tendency of the player base is to come in with large leagues and sister leagues, plus permanent allies creates a situation where global gets all green very quickly. This creates many many request to the GMs to close maps early. In part to compensate for this, the voting system on global was changed from "8 days, vote to extend adding +2 days" to "8 days vote to end the map after 3 days". (which is silly. at a minimum the vote to end should be on day 5, not 3) When the speed was changed to x2 this exasperated the problem. Maps are ending very quickly. I believe the League size was changed in part to offset this. Those quick maps are bad for their revenue. In my opinion, the best solution would be to remove the speed maps all together. If they don't want to do that, then they need to fix them because the combat system is broken. The game is going through an identity crisis right now, and in trying to please everyone, they are pleasing no one. This fact does not invalidate the original poster's suggestion. It reinforces it. I offered, but they don't seem interested in selling. One of the worst decisions imaginable was to go to the PC platform and create a different game. It would have been FAR better to make the mobile game cross platform and bring those players into the mobile version, increasing and expanding their player base. This also would have allowed their dev efforts (In house or contracted) to concentrate on one product. I'm still shaking my head over that one.
  9. MkV

    Defense: Explained More

    It was originally one time per minute. Now it is once in 15 seconds and then once per minute thereafter. The issue as I understand it is that while the speed can be adjusted per map, the combat resolution is the same across all maps. that was the reason for the initial change. With the all the maps now 2x speed maps, it would be best if it was standardized at once per 30 seconds. That means that other things need to be adjusted as well. Speed is x2 so you need to do the following to get every thing back in balance: Combat resolved every 30 seconds Shorter combat resolution means the towed units should lose their setup time (or have it drastically reduced) Unit build/expand times times and costs need to be 1/2 (not resources income. those should be left the same. If you 1/2 the cost, you are effectively doubling the resources. This allows for the fact that units move and die faster so they need to be built cheaper and faster. 1/2 the xp gained for each unit kill to keep the rate that players gain battle level the same (this affects battlefield tech and troop count, which needs to stay the same ) The build times should NOT change. the "pace" of the game needs to be the same (When bombers are available, LC advancements, etc)
  10. MkV

    Islands of War

    Agree. It is game breaking
  11. MkV

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    Your message is lost in its delivery
  12. It suits me for you to remain uninformed on this. Good Luck.
  13. MkV

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    sometimes I feel this not a fight but mostly a challenge who’s have more life savings tickets alts will win
  14. MkV

    The best Armada for all situations?

    Excellent thoughts, you're definitely on the right track.