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      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. Massive Sale!

    Are there any new Officers for October?
  2. On the surface this sounds like a good idea. There is a problem however, player base. The game doesnt have enough players to quickly fill multiple map modes as it is. If you add a solo or campaign mode, the problem will get worse. In order for this idea to work, you could create a set of solo and league challenges that were very short in duration (A few hours at most) with fixed or semi-fixed armaments and a specific task to perform. I know that is an effective way to teach tactics and build teamwork, because thats similar to how we train all of our new people. These would have to not have any impact on rankings, gold, or account xp or they could be abused. The problem with that is it isnt a very good use of joycrafters limited rss and probably wouldn't generate any revenue.
  3. Thanks, One thing i see, although i only tested one unit type ( In this case i used light tanks,) is that you actually have to select each unit individually to access the special skill. this will get onerous in pvp. Is there a way change it so when you select all light tanks you can activate all repels at the same time?
  4. Some more questions: The generals say their LC Bonus is +XX%. Does this mean that when assigned to an LC they provide all League members with XX% of that their normal bonus would be? So, for example, Marshall is +10% so when assigned to the LC each member gets 10% of his normal bonus? When a unit has a BattleTech (BT) Skill that has a timed effect and a cool down when that skill is activated, is it for all units of that type, or just the unit that was activated. Are they on separate cool downs?
  5. Question is the 2nd lab in the battletech screen for Amythist a permanent purchase, or does it have to be bought every field? As fun and entertaining as all this bickering has been, the update is out and now i have stuff to do. You guys are right, i clearly cannot read. good luck with all of your issues, anger, and stuff. 🍺
  6. Well good luck with your issues with their servers. I'm not having those issues and I'm on the same servers, but hey, what do I know, I don't know how to read. Speaking of learning to read, inhale said that no one would put their officers in the LC because it would deprive themselves of the officers, thus unbalancing the game. Please try and keep up.
  7. If no one will put officers there, how does that destroy the balance of the game?
  8. I Never said more important. They are both important. I have been both a project manager and a buisiness owner. I realize that as a project manager or a business owner you task organize your assets. According to Bolt, there are people assigned to finding and fixing bugs and glitches as well as other people assigned to creating new content. Why cant you accept that as good enough? For some reason you guys seem to think that just shutting down everything and fixing one problem at a time is somehow how its done. I assure you, its not. To make matters worse as soon as they stop coming up with new content, the same people crying about glitches will start crying about content as soon as the glitches are fixed. This stuff doent just happen over night. It takes MONTHS to conceptualize, plan, code, support with artwork, etc. ideas before they become a reality. Now since you're not being an asshat and you're actually discussing this i will give you some of my thoughts on the lag, chat, and glitches. Some of the additional content (not all) may be raising the memory and processing requirements. Because of that, some devices may be struggling now when they played the game fine before. I have personally played this game on a total of 5 devices. Two of the ones I started on wont hardly even load the game now, and when they do, its like watching a slide show, especially when there is any sort of combat. Another thing I feel may be effecting performance is the number of chat channels and number of people in those channels. I was briefly in the saloon chat and i noticed a considerable drop in the performance of my device. I left the chat and the performance improved. I have disapearing units just like the rest of you. I OFTEN find them in the wrong air/army base. This is because there are a lot of broken links. The new arrow system where you send units to an airbase have a lot of errors. You will click one base and the units will fly to another base. To make matters worse, the unit grouping thinks the unit is where you told it to go. In the last 4 months this has happened to me several times. (Including the game im in now) I have eventually found those units by manually searching all of my air/army base, and when done, searching my leaguemates air/army bases. One problem problem is, Joycrafter doent know which of those links are broken unless someone tells them. Is that the end all be all of the problem? No, just my own observations.
  9. I think most would agree the current cup system is seriously flawed.
  10. You are speaking from a position of "not enough info" I probably send more bug reports and glitches to the devs than many of you guys combined. Thats one of the reasons I know they are being fixed. The difference is, mine include screen shots, device info, repeatability, etc. you know, stuff they need to know to find and fix the problem. The second big difference is i do it through contact us and pm. Not crying on the forums like a petulant child. My biggest issue with boredom was his rudeness., not the bugs he was complaining about. The devs have to be polite on this forum, they take all of this abuse and never retort. I dont have that issue. Im not going to agree just because hes rude and loud. Besides, it wouldnt matter. He has no real desire to see his issue resolved, he just wants to complain. Heres how I know... His entire rant was due to the lag, crashes, and glitches. He took offence when he was told it might be his device. When i said i wasnt having that problem, he just doubled down on his argument and said that other were so i was wrong. If he TRULY wanted to solve his issue, and he wasn't just being a crybaby, he would have asked, "oh really, what device are you using? How much memory? what version of the software? Etc. you know stuff people ask when they want to fix stuff, not just whine about it.
  11. Lol. Thanks, you made my day with this one. Made the whole exchange worth it. 👍🏻
  12. This conversation is going nowhere. You're unhappy, you like to insult people when you're unhappy, we get it. fwiw, its a good probability that your device is to blame. I dont have near the glitch problems you describe. That maybe because i gemmed all my glitches fixed though.
  13. The devs introduce a system to improve your units without gems and you complain that its just more money grab? I realize you can purchase rss with gems, but do you realize thats not the only way you get them? Unless you are saying that the new tech system can only use rss purchased with gems, i dont see the issue. You are the one who said you complain about no new content, then complain when there is new content. It appears that you just like to complain. The problem is, your message is being lost in its delivery. Bolt acknowledged the issues, then tried to explain how they are dealing with it. You disagree, so what, there is no need to be a jackass about it. If you had said, something like "great, new content, now how about focusing on the lag and disconnects, I probably would have liked your post and agreed, instead you went full bi-polar on a guy who was trying to address your concerns. Remember, a Douche Nozzle doesn't make a good microphone.
  14. This is where the hyperbole get old.. All of the same bugs are there? None of them have been fixed? Thats b.s. And you guys know it. I guess you guys didnt notice that the new tech system uses in game rss? Hardly a money grab. New General slots? The community has been asking for that for a while. You do realize that Joycrafter need recurring revenue right? This proves my point exactly, you are crying for lack of content AND about new content. There is no pleasing you. Once again, pay attention, the new tech is in game rss. I get it, you're unhappy. But all this ranting, raving, and rudeness is not helping. Especially when its in response to people acknowledging and trying to adress your concerns.
  15. You can't please everyone, I could point you to a dozen posts complaining about lack of new content. Making the same petulant arguments about how when you don't add whatever the poster is complaining about at the time (No new units, no new maps, etc.) all of the players are going to leave. To say that none of the bugs (or even half, as you say) have been fixed over the last year is disingenuous at best. They KNOW you have to work on both, the man said they have people working on bugs and other people working on content. Not good enough? I'd say take your T.S. card to the Chaplain.