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  1. They already are VERY resistant to aoe if set-up correctly
  2. Blitz combat system is broken. Not all “veteran leagues” love it. Normal battlefield is fine.
  3. MkV

    The Ten Thousand

    Probably best to PM the league leader. Thats how i got in touch with them
  4. MkV

    Leaving world warfare

    I personally hate to see any one leave, but its a game and everyone has to make their own choices. As to the reasons why people are leaving, that's what I'd like to comment on. The whole "Pay to Win" argument doesn't hold water with me. Yes, generals cost money and they help, but they aren't an auto win button. WeFew plays one game a month and yes, we have generals, but we ALSO play other games on alts that don't have all of the the generals/gold/gems, and we do just fine. (and FYI we never enter with more than 10 in WeFew, and fewer than that with our alts.) If you are losing and you are blaming the other guy, or gems, or generals, or whatever, I.M.O. you are doing yourself a disservice. You're far better off self examining to determine the cause of the loss instead of blaming others. The fact is, too many players rely on numbers to win. It's why there are Leagues/sister leagues/permanent alliances and all that other "I suck at this game B.S" that pads stats but creates bad players. EVERYTHING in this game has counters, including gemming. And if alts and alt leagues are the issue, get in a better league. A coordinated league of single accounts will beat a bunch of alts played by one player every time. Even playing on 2 devices (or 5 if you're War1War ) is nowhere near as efficient as one player/one device. (The exception to this is the tourney. Alt leagues in the tournament is very broken; but that's another subject). Having said all that. It is a game, you guys are adults, and I respect your decision. Best of luck to you both.
  5. MkV

    Feedback From Battleship Supremacy

    Ithink the food useage for troops carried by cargo ships and planes carried by carriers is not working correctly. They run out of food very quicly. This does not happen when they are carried in gigs or c47. Also,, sea transports should work the way carriers do. Carriers can carry league mates aircraft and resupply them. Sea transports should do the same for ground troops
  6. MkV

    Multiple Devices

    not at the same time
  7. Or, just land your planes. The game doesn’t need more dumbing down.
  8. MkV

    Requests from the Player Base

    I like the idea of the actual waterways being added. They did this for the pc version of global and i loved it. I disagree, however, on some of the other points justifying the change (although i agree with the change) for one, naval units arent “irrelevant” for achieving victory. They are VERY useful, even on global. As to the rivers reducing m40/aa spam. This i also disagree with. Imperial assault is loaded with rivers and the spam still happens there.. The game has already changed to the point that m40/aa spam isnt the all powerful beast it used to be. The majority of players haven’t realized that yet, but they eventually will. No. This is a Ww2 era game. Lets leave it that way. Turrets are fine. Changing stuff just to be changing stuff is usually a very bad idea. Besides, i really dont think they have the ability to permanently change them to aoe. Because they are classified as a building, not a unit, At best they could perhaps add a tactics similar to “for the country” that made them aoe for a short time. Even that though is an unnecessary change imo. If naval units are irrelevant, whats the point? 😀 I dont think they are, so I want subs as well.
  9. MkV


  10. MkV

    Feedback From Battleship Supremacy

    The main issue with keeping any of the event maps open permanently is player base. There just arent enough players to consistently keep multiple maps filling. The global map already has issues filling when popular event maps are open. This gets even worse during cups. Slow filling maps are a huge issue in that once a certain time has passed, early spawners start at too much of an advantage over later spawners. I love the idea of this map, but we wont play any of the increased speed maps. Id love to see it at x1 speed.
  11. MkV

    Planes and Allied cities

    Completely agree with both of these statements. Allies sharing army/air bases/ports is a really bad idea.
  12. We have sent pages of data, photos, even a video to support. Essentially, when loading into gig, transports, army and airbases, units are sometimes duplicated. I cannot personally confirm sea transports or carriers because i never use the first one and rarely build the second. The effects of this duplicatipn means the transport thinks its full when its not. Most of the time, emptying the transport will re-zero it and you can try again. The subsequent tries are just as likely to ghost again. Occasionally, the extra space is not cleared when the transport is emptied and you now have permanently reduced capacity. I have occasionally seen the same unit in 2 transports at the same time.
  13. MkV

    Feedback From Battleship Supremacy

    Here is what is meant when we talk about the speed vs the combat resolution. Combat is calculated once per minute. On a normal speed map, the speed is x1 and the combat resolution is x1. When you increase the speed to x2 (or x3, or x5) and you leave the combat resolution at x1 it creates balance problems. Ideally, if you double the speed you 1/2 the combat resolution time to maintain the current force on force balance. They put a stopgap measure in where it is calculated the first time in 15 seconds, then once per minute thereafter. This helped some, but is problematic in many other ways. Fortunately, the vast majority of the community doesn't fully understand how it works, and therefore doesn't take advantage of it. All I can say is trust me, it's B.R.O.K.E.N.
  14. The issue with limiting troop “types” is that players have invested quite a bit in classes by now., many only pushed one class. To exclude anything like say air and cannon by having a tank only field would be a bad idea i.m.o. The meta has already changed away from all m40/wirble spam. The fact that most players havent figured that out yet is on them.