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World Warfare
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  1. JaiJaiFerDayzz

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    peter check messages thanks. -Jai
  2. JaiJaiFerDayzz

    How did you find World Warfare?!

    By playing every stupid Warfare game till I finally found this one (:
  3. JaiJaiFerDayzz

    Short Maintenance Apr. 18th

    Sooo right next to a level 13 ... just capped this city thank god , however now going to lose bombers and gigas for this "short fix" ....
  4. JaiJaiFerDayzz

    Combat Scenario 0A1

    Love you domm ????
  5. JaiJaiFerDayzz

    LC Permissions?!

    All great opinions guys and girls !! I dig it . To me the only problem I see is how fortune is shared , all Wolfpack members fully understand the rules and expectations of our LC's , so no issues on my side . Thanks -JaiJai
  6. JaiJaiFerDayzz

    Balance Changes

    Nice diagram dom lmfao , miss you bro !
  7. JaiJaiFerDayzz

    Maintenance and Update on Dec.21st

    Joke ? There will always be people that pay , at the same time it honestly comes down to how much time your on compared to an opponent and of course skill and strategy is always involved , not to mention a great league to have your back . Just a thought (:
  8. JaiJaiFerDayzz

    Chat Issue!!! (Update 4)

    Shizzles lmao I love you fetus
  9. JaiJaiFerDayzz

    Defensive issues

    Absolutely , that's what I was saying . It's not impossible lol , lvl 15 turrets can still be taken out quite easily when your running with 30 stugs . It would just eliminate ppl running in with 30 stugs and only losing meat shields
  10. JaiJaiFerDayzz

    One Year Anniversary Event

    Right ?! New medals to me is like when a new subwoofer comes out for my car , gotta get it .
  11. JaiJaiFerDayzz

    GODz formally calling out larger leagues

    Great points guys , I'd love to see a map with just the top leagues in it , it would help the lower leagues not get crushed by bigger leagues . At the same time it would show who is the top league , fierce battles nail biting action strong battle rants in main and BF chats is what I need I think (: thanks for bringing this to light Kratos / Zeus . JaiJai - Officer of Team Phantom -Wolfpack
  12. JaiJaiFerDayzz

    One Year Anniversary Event

    Looking forward to the battle scarred General
  13. JaiJaiFerDayzz

    Ban of league....Justified?

    Woh !!!! I am blown away , since your asking Telwar to respond I won't even go into things , just know someone's not being honest within that message lol .
  14. JaiJaiFerDayzz

    Making World Warfare more known to the public

    They removed the screen recorder option , only way you can still screen record using airshou is if you downloaded it before they removed the option , I'm still able to record however once they take it away I will prolly buy one .
  15. JaiJaiFerDayzz

    Defensive issues

    I agree 100 percent , I've been saying this since I started (1 year ago) . Turrets being able to target would eliminate the issue of ppl sending in scouts to get hit first , transports being hit 2nd , I took this and ran with it . However if I could target stugs instead of bullet catchers being hit , it would make it a lot harder to gain city's . Which I'm more then happy for that to happen . (: