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World Warfare
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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. Is diplomacy necessary in Tournament?

    I say remove diplomacy. How many tournaments allow teams to team up together. Most tournaments are supposed to be fair and equal to see which team is actually the best. Allowing teams to team up on other teams does not seem like a true tournament format unless it is 2v2v2 with rules set up in advance.
  2. Alts, Gems, Demoing & Shields

    On the topic of alts. I use one to get around limitations on league cities that I think need to be fixed. As a league we are able to have 5 league cities but if you use all 5 you cannot capture an enemy league city. Also if you have a monument you cannot capture an enemy monument. So we use to only run 4 league cities and no monument because taking away enemy LCs is a great strategy. Then we learned an alt account in a different league solves all those problems. I'm not saying I agree with alts and most games actually do try to prevent multiple accounts but there is a few good reasons to use them that I think could be fixed in the game. Like maybe after 5 LCs you can capture a LC but it's a locked LC with only a demo option unusable by the team and providing no points.
  3. Maintenance & Update on September 12th

    I want to say congratulations on the life bars in troop list and thank you very much. Most practical thing done to this game since I've been playing. I love it already!
  4. Max HP Light Tank,No Full?

    It looks like any officer that gives bonus HP to troops are not working correctly.
  5. It was put together on the fly for fun. Some people were not able to be as active as they thought. We will see how this battle goes. I have a feeling both sides are going to learn some things. If not at least it's going to be a fun challenging global battle.
  6. GODz and DemiGODz against 4 active members. I'm glad you feel accomplished. Life was not on our side that day oh well. Life comes first. Have fun ruining more lives. We play at our own pace. Can't win them all without consequences.
  7. So guess i/we wont get to try the Isles

    I agree that they do a pretty good job but a little more information and I would be happy. While waiting for the map to come out Jane said maybe Friday. I think I started my field on Friday night after I realized that wasn't happening because I have been playing this game for the last 7 months I know they are not good at telling us a specific time for anything. I also figured they would give everyone a chance to play it without forcing the to surrender their current field. Well I'm glad I didn't wait because it came out on Thursday almost a week later than I expected. But I am sad I won't get to play it at least in its first release.
  8. So guess i/we wont get to try the Isles

    I don't think it's fair. I have worked very hard to keep my win percentage high. I don't think you should have to surrender your current battle so you can play the new map. That is so stupid. Surrendering is already a huge problem in the game and now this is just promoting it. The next time you have an event it should at least run longer than a normal battle so everyone gets a chance to play or give us some information like this map will start on this day and will only be open for 2 days so we can make sure not to start a battle for 6 days before just so we have a chance to play. So stupid why don't you guys think about your players before making stupid decisions.
  9. Notice: Maintenance and Update-June 1st

    Did you guys make the league transports follow roads intentionally or is that a Bug or mistake?
  10. Troops stuck in the corner of the table.

    I got a couple more stugs stuck in the corner of the map this time I only loaded my troops into transports in a league mates airfield. So I think that's what is causing my units to go to the corner of the map.
  11. Troops stuck in the corner of the table.

    I had some troops that were not supplying properly in transports in a league mates base so I unloaded them and put them in his army base. When I dispatched them from the army base is when they ended up in the corner I think.
  12. Matchmaking

    You guys might need to come up with a gold, silver, and bronze matchmaking system for global war. Under this new format the large leagues are just going to make everyone quit playing your game. Maybe something like if you are in a league in the top 25 you go to the gold battlefield. 25-100 go to silver and 100 plus go to bronze. That's just an example but something like that might save your game. After 2 battles it's not looking good at all for new players.
  13. Troops stuck in the corner of the table.

    Apparently the corner of the table is amassing a new army. I have 3 stugs stuck at 0,0 another bug I thought was fixed in the beta.
  14. Help please

    I have Game Center issues. The only way I can fix it is to close all aps turn on airplane mode then turn off my phone: Then I turn my phone back on then go to setting and to Game Center. Sometimes gamecenter setting will open and I can log out of gamecenter then turn off airplane mode and sign back in to gamecenter. Sometime the gamecenter setting will say it can find the server because airplane mode on s still on so I press the home button to minimize the app and use the pull up menu from the bottom of the screen to turn off airplane mode. Then I double press the home button to go strait back to gamecenter settings and log in. It's a long annoying and confusing process that works every time for me but no matter what gamecenter will stop working again. Hope this helps it is hard to explain.