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World Warfare
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  1. Ryan666

    Third-party apps

    Version 1.0.0


    It seems like this guy has an unfair advantage over everyone. I got this photo of a buddy on line. Are you guys working on this to shut this kind of stuff down?
  2. I like the idea of only having one ally and no neutral Also I don’t understand why you don’t open up the map for more 5 man teams. I have found the level 18 cities can be captured pretty easily by yourself with the right troops. I love how troops reappear after you kill them. Keeps you on your toes. However game speed is high, making map small. Maybe Takeaway shields For people Lieutenant or higher or limit shields 🛡to 1 a battlefield. Another problem is demoing people should be penalized for demoing while under attack. You should get flags deducted or XP. Too often this game has no consequences for bad sportsmanship
  3. Here’s a suggestion each time somebody demos their building they get experience points taken or penalized in someway Too often people get rewarded for bad sportsmanship
  4. This map is excellent for seasoned players Maybe to eliminate some of the alts can we get a lieutenant or higher only? Maybe put a Goldmine or two like the old school days.
  5. I liked this map version It would be better if the teams could not ally if you’re going to have five man teams. One league can divide up into factions and take the map. It would be interesting to bring back gold mines like you had in the first map or two also there was a few glitches some troops and labels disappeared Troops suddenly respond in the middle of taking cities but overall the concept was very good I love how the cities upgrade themselves. I love the space you gave people to. It gives newer players a chance to build up
  6. Concept Is good. Fixing a few bugs and tweaking a few things like speed and it would be an excellent map. And change diplomacy so no one‘s allowed to be allied, five man teams. Would be excellent for the smaller leagues. Kinda how it was when it first started and while I’m on that topic bring back the friggin gold mines!! I also noticed there was no navy or no jets patrolling like there should be when you get to the higher level cities. Should make rebbles more responsive and aggressive as well. Anyway that’s my take on the map.
  7. They can always take away allies altogether or you can only have one or two allies Resulting in a 40 person max on your ally list
  8. Ryan666

    Easter Day Event

    Playing with friends. Spending time with my wonderful family with great food Easter eggs and candy. In game name is R0CKET 😇
  9. Ryan666

    Women's Day Event

    I made my wife a cup of coffee. And I did not play this game for three whole days. R0CKET is my game name. Ryan666 was my original name.
  10. Ryan666

    Bf 1101217 is down

    As much money as they’re making office this is ridiculous
  11. Couldn’t agree more captain. I’m almost done to. Godslayer is going to retaire to
  12. Ryan666

    Not honest

    Thank you someone already compensated me. You guys were late getting back to me. I felt like I was being ignored. I'm glad you made it right in the end. Thank you
  13. Ryan666

    Not honest

    I was told I was going to be compensated for my troops being lost. I was in battle 1097872 Lost almost 100 troops. The whole battle was ruined. I spent a lot of gems on that before it crashed. This customer service is the worst, it seems like you guys do not care. You keep finding ways for us to spend money, here's a suggestion, find ways to make the game run smoother, find ways to stop the lag, stop troops disappearing, and stop the crashes. Until I get reimbursed I'm not spending anymore money on this game. Stop trying to find ways for us to spend money and start fixing the problems.
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