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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. Defense: Explained More

    Defense (and extra Defense) lowers the damage a Unit takes with every attack, it isn't bonus health. The concept above of "Effective Health" is a tool to help translate how much more damage the unit needs to take to die thanks to the Defense bonus. Rather than do a bunch of math to determine how effective additional Defense is, you can think of it as (for example) "every 10 points of Defense require that a Unit take 1% more of its maximum health in damage to be killed." This could help you evaluate the value of tech skills.
  2. Defense: Explained More

    Commanders, In a previous post, I went over the effects of Defense and how it reduces incoming damage: http://www.worldwarfare.com/topic/1735-what-does-defense-do-explained/ The purpose of this post is to simplify some of the math and give you a different way to look at the effects of Defense: Every 10 points of Defense require that a Unit take 1% more of its maximum health in damage to be killed. For example, if you increased a Unit's Defense by 1,000, you are effectively increasing its health by 100%. That's it! This is the simplest way to think of Defense without getting into the math. If you're interested in more detail, look below: Let's call the Health of a Unit after factoring in Defense Effective Health. The formula is as follows: Effective Health = (1+Defense/1,000) x Health For example, a Sherman Tank has the following basic stats (without any upgrades): Health: 4,567 Defense: 1,200 using the formula: (1+1,200/1,000)x 4,567=10,048 HP Yes, a Sherman Tank's Effective Health is more than double its regular health! Another example: The Cannoneer Tech "Camouflaged Guns" gives your Rocket Launcher, Artillery and Self-Propelled Artillery 250 Defense vs. Bombers when maxed. This means that in effect those units would have 25% more HP when attacked by Bombers. I hope this gives you another tool to look at the effects of Defense. Thank you for reading!
  3. Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    Hi InHaLe, If there is something you wish to communicate directly to the developers it is better to send a ticket through the support system. The forum works best for open, public discussions. You are welcome to discuss the issue here too of course if you think it is of general interest.
  4. Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    Our apologies for the delay. As soon as the fix is approved we will publish it.
  5. Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    A fix for Android devices has gone out, we are still waiting for approval from Apple for the iOS fix. What device do you play on? are you on an Apple device?
  6. Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    That is the intended design (all units selected will activate the ability if you tap the button), the next update will have a fix for that as well. We're investigating reported glitches, including the game hanging on the loading screen when you launch it. Please continue to send in tickets using the in-game support feature for any issues you find. Thank you.
  7. Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    They provide X% of their normal bonus. the '+' is unfortunate, we couldn't get rid of it in time for this release but we will remove it in our next update to avoid confusion. Each unit has it's own Cooldown so they are separate indeed. We are updating much of the new text in our next update.
  8. Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    It lasts for that field only. We will update the text to make it more clear on the pop-up.
  9. Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    Our apologies for some of the occasional or persistent issues you continue to see, we have dedicated significant resources to attempting fixes and yet some of these fixes have remained elusive. More often than not, there is code in our new releases that attempts to fix some of these issues but doesn't always succeed. Some of the underlying issues have been fixed but others have not; a full 3D Online Multiplayer PvP game has many moving parts which creates a complex environment where discovering the cause of these issues is very difficult. Our promise to you is that we have not forgotten and we continue to search for ways to discover the source of the issues and fix them. The time we use to develop new features does not come at the expense of trying to fix these issues; we have different developers with different skill sets. Here is an (terrible and not perfect and I'm sure some will roll their eyes at) analogy: Imagine you are the captain of a cruise ship. All of your guests are on board and you're at sea, where guests are having fun. Now imagine that a percentage of your cabins lose AC. Other cabins lose their internet connection. Other cabins still have no hot water. As captain, do you decide to stop the ship, suspend all entertainment and special events until your crew figures out what is causing these issues and fixes all of them, or do you go on as scheduled while doing your best to fix the different issues that different guests are having? These issues need attention and have to be worked on; after all, some of your guests are suffering for them. But would you then ask the bartender to stop what he's doing, grab a toolbox and try to help the professional repair crew? what about the dancers, maybe they can lend a hand with the plumbing... well no, we all know that will probably only make things worse. The best we can do as a team that is providing a service is take our responsibilities to you seriously and not ignore these issues. That some of them persist is a challenge that most software companies have to deal with because of how complicated software development is. But we can't stop everything we are doing to fix these leaks; our "cruise ship" needs to continue to innovate and entertain even when we know not everything is working as it should. I hope that made some sort of sense
  10. Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    We're aiming for later in the week. At this time we don't have a mechanic that will reveal Officers. You'll simply have to take all of their League Cities
  11. Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    Since each Officer can only be assigned to a League city once, you deny them the use of those Officers for the rest of the Battlefield. The conquering League does not gain the Officers or gain any other related benefit. Just one, period. You are correct, each city only holds 2 Officers. You would need to have 5 League cities for a maximum of 10 Officers.
  12. Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    1. Yes, if you have an Officer in your own panel and a League mate assigns him to a League City you get both benefits. 2. An officer can only be assigned to a League City once, you cannot double up on Patton in League cities (or any other Officer).
  13. We are pleased to bring you Intel on Battlefield Tech, set to arrive with our next update! Battlefield tech is research you can use in a Battlefield that lasts for that Battlefield only. It will be accessed through the HQ building: Battlefield Tech can be purchased with the resources in your Capital, such as Fortune and Steel. All research will give you options on how to customize your armies and boosts your units’ stats to take on worthy foes. In addition to boosting your units' stats, you can unlock abilities such as: Beware! Spending all of your resources on research without upgrading your buildings and building your armies will leave you vulnerable. Commanders will need to balance their economy successfully to maximize their odds of success. Our next update also brings other changes: League City Officers. Your Officers are now ready to take command of your League Cities! League members will be able to assign their Officers to League cities, providing their bonuses to all League members. Assign your favorite officer to a League City and have him inspire your entire League on that Battlefield. Some details: Each League member can assign one and only one Officer to a League City per Battlefield. Each City can hold 2 Officers max. Any Officer you assign to a League City cannot be assigned to your own army for the rest of the Battlefield, so choose carefully. Officers assigned to a League City do not provide their full bonus; instead they provide a percentage of their bonus to the entire League. See each individual Officer to see what % they provide when in a League City. Officers assigned to a League City cannot be unassigned. You cannot assign an Officer to a League City more than once. Officers in a League City continue to gain EXP according to the Commander who assigned them there. Warning! If an Officer is assigned to a League City, that City can no longer be returned. It must remain a League City. Additional Officer Slots. You now have the option to unlock up to three additional Officer slots for a Battlefield using Amethyst (they remain unlocked for that map only). We hope you enjoy the update and we'll see you on the Battlefield!
  14. Maintenance & Update on September 12th

    I have updated the announcement with these two lines we forgot to add: Class Tech has been updated to include Flak Units (both in the Airman and Cannoneer Classes) General Douglas MacArthur now boosts Flak Units as well
  15. August 23rd Update preview

    For any bugs or issues, please report them using a Support ticket in the game or in the Help section of the forum: http://www.worldwarfare.com/forum/20-help/ This makes it easier for support staff and developers to find so they don't need to look in every thread. Thank you.