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      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. Thank you for the detailed feedback! Officers are meant to be powerful tools that add another layer of strategic consideration, enhancing your current plan or possibly opening up new strategic options. We have been busy adding officers to add to the number of options that you have to choose from and to fit different players' and Leagues' play-style and needs. Players always surprise us with their ingenuity and we always look forward to seeing what kind of combinations of Officers players use on the Battlefield. You make a very valid point that because of the experience and level up system, changing officers in a Battlefield is not common since Officers can be under-powered if swapped due to a lack of experience; this favors picking 5 Officers and sticking with them for the whole battle. We believe this stifles choice and the benefits of owning a large roster of Officers. We've considered removing the exp system and simply allowing officers to provide their maximum bonus at all times; however, some Officers are designed around growing more powerful later in the Battlefield and leveling up officers provides it's own form of satisfaction. We have settled on a different solution that we will release in our next update: all Officers, regardless of whether they are summoned or not, gain full EXP as you progress in the Battlefield. This will allow all Officers to be useful as you gain experience, allowing you to choose Officers based on the situation, not on whether or not they have leveled up. This keeps the level up system intact, allowing officers to grow in power as designed.
  2. There was no delusion that the change to the Gigs HP was going to single handedly "solve" a new player's negative experience with Gigs. As you pointed out, a bigger issue is that effective AA options available to new players are limited. Strengthening the AA rating on Turrets and restoring the Gigs HP is what we are inclined to test out instead. Any thoughts and feedback are welcome!
  3. Commanders, Let's play a short Military Exercise. You are tasked with destroying the following army: Eight M40 Gun Motor Carriages One L-3 Grasshopper Scout Four Flakpanzer Mobile AA Guns Five Strategic Bombers You can use any combination of 16 units with the following limitations: No more than 3 of any unit No Naval Units The Battlefield: Open Field, with no cities, water, roads, forests, or any outside interference. Battle starts at a distance of 400 and imagine you have any formation you want. The Enemy: Imagine a competent enemy that will play well and has no obvious strategic weakness. The units are arranged in a half-moon formation avoiding heavy clustering. The Scout remains behind, avoiding engagements and providing line of sight. For this scenario, imagine no unit has any upgrades (not the enemy units or yours). Tell us: What Units you select and why Describe your strategy on how to defeat the enemy If we get a fair number of participants, we will choose one or more to receive Diamonds as a reward. So have at it!
  4. Can you think of any other scenarios where there is a 'negative' effect if players could direct the targeting on the turret?
  5. Thank you everyone for your continued and passionate feedback on this subject. Just to clarify a few things, the -15%hp only applies to the base hp for the unit, it does not affect the tech upgrades. All said, a fully upgraded (tech) Gigant lost about 11.71% 'survivability'. I don't agree that this change affects newer players more negatively than veteran players for the simply fact that newer players don't normally use Gigant, but instead use the C47 (often they don't really have a choice). To be honest, there are a myriad of ways we could go about trying to positively affect the balance in the game, at both the new player level and veteran level. We have buffed up some units that we felt were underwhelming. This change to the Gigant was not meant to be very disruptive but because it is a powerful unit that has a significant impact in the game it is bound to be far more controversial than the previous changes. Often times the effects of "-15%hp" are just theoretical while on paper, they have to be experienced in the battlefield to be truly understood. We are more than willing to accommodate our players and revert this change, but since this change is indeed live I would love to take the opportunity to ask more questions seeing as how you have already experienced 6-7 days of "Nerfed Gigants". Impactful changes are a rare opportunity to get a glimpse into behavior that is hard to put into words, I would love it if you guys could give us some feedback, such as: How has this change impacted your strategy? Have you made any adjustments to what units you build? Any anecdotes of battles lost or won due to the change? Do you find Gigants significantly easier to shoot down? Have you noticed any significant changes in the way other players use this Unit? The C47 is inferior in several ways compared to the Gigant. Do you think it should be buffed? Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, Thank you for all of your input on the unit changes, your feedback is very helpful! To give you some context into the changes, here are some thoughts to consider: Experienced players always find the most efficient and optimal strategies on how to overcome obstacles or achieve an objective as efficiently as possible. Optimally, there are several good options to choose from and your choice is influenced by tactical considerations, play style and teamwork. However, if there are strategies that are overwhelmingly better than others (which can occur at times due to a flaw in the design), then players will naturally use that strategy repeatedly since other options are not as efficient. Before the change, the Gigant had 42% more hp than the C47 Skytrain. After the change, it has 21% more hp than the C47. It is still very efficient at being a "meat shield", just not as overwhelmingly so. The reason to test this balance change is not to kill a favored tactic, which is still valid; the change is meant to open up some "strategic space" so that other solutions can become just as viable as the Gigant "meat shield". If there is little or no benefit to this change then we can easily reverse it. Now, some of you may be thinking "I figured out a long time ago how to deal with Gigants, why are you making such a big deal out of this?" You are correct that many players already make room in their army for the proper counters. I would venture to say most of the players who visit this forum understand the unit balance in the game and are not overwhelmed by Gigants buzzing overhead, or "Bomber Spam", or any other favored strategies. Veteran players can adapt very easily to a small change like this; what remains to be seen is if this change can in some small way improve the experience for newer players who are still learning the game. In conclusion, we hope you can keep an open mind and take time to experience the game and any subtle shifts that can come from a change like this. Then come back and tell us in your own words what your experience has been. Thank you for reading!
  7. Commanders, Units are one of the most important factors in a war game. With our next update we plan on simplifying the way you unlock and upgrade units: 1.Tech tree adjusted. 2.Blueprints adjusted. 3.You will unlock units by leveling up their munitions factory. 4.You will build advanced units in the league city munitions factory. Give us your feedback below! Note:Blueprint will be adjusted but not removed; they will be an important item in a future update. You should hold on to them for now.
  8. Great discussion guys. After playing with the new units, does it change your perception of the existing units like the Jeep, the transport or the other naval units?
  9. Very soon, should be before the Christmas holiday! once we have a more secure timeline we will give a definitive date.
  10. Thank you for submitting your questions, here are the answers: let us continue the conversation on that thread!
  11. Commanders, Thank you to everyone who submitted questions in our first Q&A: This is just the beginning, we look forward to more Q&A and answering your questions as we continue to develop and grow World Warfare. Feel free to discuss below! We definitely plan to create more maps. We started by adding the League Map, which is very different from our standard map. Adding additional maps and more strategic experiences has been part of our plan from the very beginning. We hope that as we add more maps you find additional maps that you love to play again and again. We have plans to make changes to artillery and bombers, more details to follow! We are considering additional matchmaking options, especially as the player base grows. Keep giving us your suggestions and we will prioritize as soon as our schedule allows. Yes, we agree that they require a revision. We are working on changes, we will share more details once we have made more progress. 1. To be honest, point distribution would be very difficult with the way our system is set up right now. We will try and think of other solutions to this problem. 2. That is a great suggestion. We will see if we can add it to our development road map. We are planning some balance changes and additional units that will add more strategic options and opportunities for counterplay. We also have plans to add construction sites outside of town and cities so that you can add strategically located defenses. These plans are further down the road but are part of our future plans. The idea is to start fresh and give players a more balanced battlefield without having just the strongest players dominate every map from the very start. Another point is that your skill in expanding, conquering territory and making good strategic, long term decisions all become important factors when the map is new every time. Consider how RTS games start each match from scratch and you will get the idea. We are considering ideas on how to allow some of your progress to carry over but only if they add fun gameplay without sacrificing balance in a major way. We have revealed new units this week and we have more planned for the future. We need to be very cautious when introducing new units to ensure that existing units are not made obsolete and that balance is maintained. We are exploring solutions for this as part of our long-term plan. We hope that players explore strategies where they bring back their units by constructing airbases on the frontlines. This is a great way to use your resources and invest in your frontline infrastructure; it also adds more strategic depth because there is a cost to rapid expansion if you don't properly plan on how to resupply your troops. As you can see, we have revealed plans for a large transport plane that can carry any unit, including tanks. We don’t currently have plans for helicopters.
  12. Commanders, The R&D department has been working overtime and has finished development on new units to help you dominate on the Battlefield! We have released a teaser on our Facebook page, care to guess what these units will be? Like and follow our Facebook page and never miss an update: https://www.facebook.com/worldwarfaregame
  13. Welcome Commanders! I would like to kick-off our first official Q&A (questions and answers) and answer some of those burning game questions you may have. Please post your question(s) below by the end of day on December 6th. We will post our answers next week and do our best to answer as many questions as we can (we might not be able to get to all of them). let's stay on topic and post questions only; we can discuss the questions and answers after we post our answers. Of course you can always start a new thread for any discussions you want to have between now and then! An update on some of the recent issues: A fix for the disconnects has been found and continues to be optimized. We believe most players will see the disconnects go away. If you are still heavily impacted please continue to stay in touch via the in-game customer support system. A fix for units getting stuck is underway, we will update you when we have a better idea when this fix will go live. A fix for battles ending early has been identified and is being tested. More information to come. If possible, please focus your questions on non-bug related topics, we want to share the development of the game with you so please ask and we will do what we can to answer! Thank you! Edit: You can find the answers here:
  14. I don't see anything to be confused about. These are two separate Leagues, with different leaders but very similar names. At some point if Leagues are inactive we may go about purging them but a few weeks is too soon to do that.
  15. Glad to hear it's no longer an issue it was probably a server hiccup.