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World Warfare
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  1. Delta

    Military Rank

    What does “CW5 II” mean?
  2. Delta


    What is and where do I find info on a monument?
  3. Delta

    Army Rank

    What does the symbols of army mean.
  4. Delta


    I have 4 metals but they are not shown. Why?
  5. There needs to be a way to stop, return or delete a supply transport both in the air or on the ground. I have a transport loaded sitting in my base that will not leave due to an unknown error. It just sits there. I cannot do anything with it. I would like to have the resources back.
  6. Delta

    Island Ferries

    I captured an island for the rubber and steel plant. I dropped myr artsy to get rid of the tanks and such. Now I cannot get my troops back. How about creating a troop ferry that will water transport troops including tanks.
  7. Delta

    2 Villages Reward

    Cannot collect my reward for capturing 2 villages.
  8. Delta

    ?? 72%

    What does ? 72% represent?
  9. Invites me to join and then won't allow me to join. Frustrating.
  10. Delta


    Where can I find a listing and icon of all the solders ranking. I have a rank but do not know how that relates to other members.
  11. Delta


    What is gold used for? How do I use it?
  12. Delta


    Is there a location that I can review the changes that have been made for each update? If not, there should be. You should be able to,post all your changes after you have updated the game. It is helpful.
  13. Delta

    Capture #2

    Thanks, that explainers everything. However, how do I increase the quantity of flags?
  14. Delta

    Capture #2

    Again I tried to capture a base but received a message that I needed to increase my battle level. I started to capture when I was lvl 17, I am now 24. When can I capture this base?
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