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World Warfare
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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. Version 1.0.11 Preview

    Good update coming. Still lots to be done
  2. Destroy unit button

    Definitely need a destroy or dismiss unit button. A lot of times troops are too far away from a base to dismiss. Would be better than sending them off to suicide and affecting your kill/loss ratio
  3. Waypoint System

    Drawing routes (especially for groups since i can only get it to work for single units) would be so much easier if there was a button to push that put you into this mode. Its very frustrating when you have to try, try again to get this function to work as it usually wants to draw a box for selecting. A way point system would be cool as well. Having to baby sit planes on long flights is painful. Its also difficult when you want troops to go a certain way but they seem to want to go a different route to get to the same end point.
  4. Transport function for LC

    Ya good idea. Also, for the trucks it would be nice if there was a preview path option so you could see how it was going to get there before you deploy it.
  5. Different way to choose victors

    Why does there need to be a vote? If your in first, you deserve to win in my opinion. Voting just seems to drag it out.
  6. League member/city increase

    Agreed. Take the limit to 50. Also have league battles where 10 or more member can join a battle and go up against other leagues with 10 or more members. This prolly has more to do with the matchmaking but you need a way to keep smaller leagues with other small leagues otherwise people will just quit.
  7. Different way to choose victors

    I agree. Needs to be a better way. Such as once the 7 day timer is up, whoever is in first place wins. Its simple, easy to do and no one needs to vote. For whatever reason people who have no chance of winning or even coming in 10th place will no vote and just drag this on and on. Your current end game is too complex! Lol.
  8. UI upgrades

    The upgrade button should be greyed out if a building is at its max level. No reason to have to press upgrade and then see that its at its maximum level. Will save a lot of time. army base - troop list menu. Besides listing food, ammo, and fuel, adding health would be a great benefit for this screen. I dislike having to hit the refill troops tab to find out which ones if any need healing. I should be able to tell from the troop list menu which ones are injured. Would also be nice to have a button on this screen to send the injured units to the refill tab from the troop list screen. Air base - troop list menu. Besides listing food, ammo, and fuel, adding health would be a great benefit for this screen. I dislike having to hit the refill troops tab to find out which ones if any need healing. I should be able to tell from the troop list menu which ones are injured. Air base - troop list menu. Need to add a button "display troops" or something similar so that when selecting a transport plane, you can look at what troops are in it. It really sucks having to deploy it just to see this information. give the option to turn names on units on or off on screen. This will be helpful for when deploying large amounts of troops. Lots of times the names are in the way of seeing the battlefield.
  9. Several suggestions

    Instead of quitting i have tried your new game out and have several suggestions for you. Bring back the Golden Empire map with two factions with the new targeting system and bug fixes etc. Several people in the games i have played mentioned that they wished there were still two factions. The current map is great for those that want strictly PVP. Again, there are plenty of players who appreciate having two factions and goals to go after besides just other people. Resources - either, increase the amount of resources the city based resource buildings give per hour so you don't need to capture additional tiles unless able to, or add more villages/resource tiles. Its very frustrating when all your doing is trying to procure your own resources and it ends up choking your other league mates. very frustrating for them as well. This is a huge problem as it causes a lot of league mates to just quit the match. It doesn't promote league mates helping one another. it works against you. in my opinion the MZ's protecting the Waffen-SS HQ were harder to take then the HQ itself. I would suggest you make them able to be captured and a little harder to take. Maybe make it require 5 flags to take it. Then come up with some way to make it reward a league for taking it. Maybe make them like a gold mine where each league member can click on it and for a price, collect gold after a certain amount of time. Would make them definitely worth going after. If you do nothing, make them worth more xp so its worth going after. flags - either remove them all together or start giving a lot more of them as the battle levels go up. You actually stall players out as it takes longer to get xp to gain a battle level for only one flag. in this PVP map, i would think you would remove them all together. Isn't all out war what you want for this map? On the Golden Empire map, i would start increasing the amount you get as you get higher in the battle levels. escorts - you should give every unit the ability to escort another unit. its like the follow command. wherever the unit they are escorting goes, so goes it. allow this for league mates as well as allied troops. maybe require buildings be a certain level for each one before this is possible...IE you would be able to escort/follow league mates before allied mates due to building level. League cities should allow allies to land there and enter/exit the airfield and army base. they should also be able to load up their troops there as well. this allows for strategic positioning of league cities and makes them useful for allies to come help other allies. need to change the HOLD POSITION command. If i hit STOP. they should stop. they can go after units that come within range but then go back to their current position. If i hit HOLD POSITION, they should stay exactly where i tell them to until i tell them to move again. They can attack anything that comes within their firing range but not go after them or give chase. It is very frustrating when you have stuggs and they have such an aggro radius that they go after units even after you have told them to HOLD POSITION. then they wander into firing range and get hurt. again, if i tell them to hold position they should not move at all. Its the whole point of telling them to hold position. I would also shorten the range in which they go after units...seems ridiculously wide when they cant fire that far. Makes it hard when you are waiting on other troops to show up and you have to continue to move them away until they finally stop giving chase. can be difficult in certain situations where there are enemy rebels near by. That's all i can think of for now, but as i come up with others, i will share.
  10. Anti-tank gun disguised as a farm!

    City 1167 at x168,y186. He is expand lvl 2 either the server maintenance or having my main city taken over by enemies freed him. Im able to move him now.
  11. Anti-tank gun disguised as a farm!

    i dispatched my anti-tank gun and it immediately disappeared. I found it in the menu on the left and when i clicked on it, it showed up as a farm. I tried to move him but cannot. He is taking up a unit space and is out of food, lol. Yet he is a farm! Please fix, lol.
  12. Make noise in chat to get attention

    Having an audible is a great idea! maybe have a chat bubble appear above the chat box as a visual as well. lots of times I have the game turned down. but an audible would be nice. if you add a visual such as chat bubble notification you should make it so that it is configurable so only the channels they want to be notified on are notified. I don't need a chat bubble every time something is posted to the battlefield chat or even faction chat. sometimes I just want notified of league/private chats. the audible should be customizable per channel as well.
  13. 24 hour maybe 12 hour acceptance of invites

    or better yet, allow the league leader and deputy leader to create a list maybe only up to 5 where they can actually choose the league members that will automatically join a match. that way players that have different schedules don't miss out on getting in the game. then you have a timer where each league member has to accept or be removed from the battlefield. Another idea, remove a rebel (NPC) from the map when a real player wants to join. I see lots of grey still on the map yet my friend cant join for some reason. seems silly with all the NPC cities that a real player cant join. Anyone else have any other suggestion on how to accomplish something like this? all are welcome to comment.
  14. 24 hour maybe 12 hour acceptance of invites

    yes please! I want to fight beside my buddy once again!
  15. Should the Factions be removed?

    you should keep the current game style of two factions as well as adding the new style of choosing your allies. I played in the beta and I didn't care for that style as there seems no point in allies if they can just be broken later. seems the biggest league will always win as long as everyone is actively playing. I like the current style and play this a lot. If this goes away I don't see me staying a customer or continuing to play your game. I'm sure there are a lot of players out there that like having the two factions and goals to go after besides just one another. The new style is just not for me. just give us the other new updates such as targeting etc. and add the other game option for those that want to go that route. but again, if this style is going away, I wont be playing any longer. really sucks as I really enjoy the game as it is minus the targeting issues. adding some new maps to this style wouldn't be bad either.