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  1. Dear Worldwarfare developers, I would like to address an issue that needs to fixed as it brings frustration every time I use it. The issue is the sensitivity of the slide bar in the commercial center. When attempting to add resources, supplies or armaments it is difficult to add the desired amount without first having to slide it back and forth many times. Then when you finally get the amount you want and lift your fingers the slide moves and you are back to square one. Can you please change the sensitivity or better yet add a number pad option so we can just add the amount we want to send. Thank you for you making a great game and I am sure with help from the Worldwarfare community it will become an even better game. Regards, Ronin1
  2. In game name: Ronin1 service time: whenever I'm online. But I'm online a lot!
  3. I would like to suggest for them to be left as is. Yes they are powerful, However, their defense is low, so it evens out. I love the fact that I can load them into a small transport and off I go to expand my territory. If you start slowing this game down anymore people will lose interest fast. Thanks for asking for our opinions! Ronin1 Te
  4. Dear Developers, I would like to suggest the implementation of a time stamp on the chat messages. This time stamp can let you know how old a post in on chat group and in turn can help you coordinate times and battles with your faction and can tell you whether to act to a message that was posted. Thanks, Ronin1
  5. Dear Developers, I am not sure if this topic has been discussed before but I would like to know if you can add a destroy unit button. A destroy button unit will help the commanders better plan attacks and save time. Instead of sending troops on suicide missions, if you are lucky enough to have enemy units around to kill your units. If not your slow units might take forever to get rid off. Time for all of us is limited so if you can assist the commanders to make it easier to destroy our units that we no longer need it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Ronin1
  6. Hello Developers, I would like to suggest the implementation of waypoints. Waypoints that you can map your own course to your desired location, instead of the app choosing a route for you. This way you can try to avoid all the turrets and other dangers that are lurking and not have to specifically guide your troops. This would help when. You are trying to run different task in the war arena. Thank you, Ronin1
  7. Hello, I have recently built four destroyers in my munitions building and the ships did not appear in my naval base that is next to my city. Please advise as to what is happening and how can I can fix it. Thanks, Ronin1
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