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  1. Honestly this map came out in 2016. The original map the game started with should come back if you want to make those changes to it and jus leave global the way it is. Maybe the only change would be to make cities harder to destroy, but if you’re lookign to make the changes you have spoke about peter bring back the original map this game started with and map the changes you listed above
  2. The game speed is fine the way it is. It is faster than global so not sure what ppl are talking about. I do agree that with the limit of 5 players there should be a cap on allies to 1 other ally. Also a lot of bugs still need to be fixed IE: gigs showing troops space taken up but no troops and city building show they are rebel but has been capped. I would suggest that it be a totally different map layout. Another possibility is to not allow for an LC which may even the playing field for some newer players. Just my 2 cents Raidawg
  3. No only if a players attscks another city or rss or deleted it himself
  4. Can you explain why shields disappear when facing kevin from the Chinese league? It literally happened to me today and another player yesterday. I was 6 min in on a 2 hour shield troops were loading into AB no other troops out and about and poor my shield disappears and here come enemy troops dropping from gigs. It’s Total bullshit
  5. Should make it no allying leagues though with best league standing
  6. Raidawg

    New Tactics

    Subs😂😂😂😂😂 I’ve been hearing that rumor ever since the blueprints came out. But I do agree radar towers tactics would be good addition to the game
  7. Pretty much what Clinton said. Make it only for league mates and not allies. The 4-5 alts some ppl have is what’s causing the problem not the life saving tactic itself.
  8. Think he’s just frustrated like the rest of us MK so he went on a little tangent lol. He has a point though The game playablity does seem to be getting worse.
  9. Raidawg


    Lol okay tinker bell
  10. Raidawg


    You cannot make 6 tigers appear on your turret by dropping a shield it doesn’t work like that. You can make 6 tigers follow you to your city but obviously if you read the original let it didn’t mention that
  11. Raidawg


    Can’t make 6 tigers drop on a turret once u drop a shield everytime unless a hack is involved
  12. I agree 100% with Hitgirl on this. Please fix the bugs and prevent hackers, just found one today and I posted picks about it in forum. Bring back gold map and make some new maps (once bugs n glitches are fixed) we also try and bring in new players and show them what we’ve learned about the game like it seems a lot of the bigger leagues do. Some listen and stay and the lone wolves get booted or leave. Somehow you need to have a dedicated map for the new guys and smaller leagues because they always get destroyed but us bigger leagues and it can get disheartening for them always losing. Maybe bring back the original map for the new guys axis vs allied at a smaller scale so they can all learn together like all us old timers did back in the day. Just my 2 cents worth
  13. Raidawg


    When are you going to prevent hackers in this game???? There have been numerous times we have all seen it but it still seems to be going on. The last one was on a battlefield where a guy would shield and all the sudden 6 Watfen tigers pop up by his turrets. What’s a actually being done or do you guys even care?
  14. Sorry to see you go Clinton. I feel your pain I’m in the same boat as you. I am waiting to see if they reimburse me from the map we were all in. The game has t gotten better just worse and it’s sad this was a great game when it worked, now not so much
  15. Yes it does the second u get booted off for maint all vehicles stop moving
  16. I fix my own vehicles so don’t have that issue
  17. Raidawg

    Bugs and Compensation

    Agreed 100% Cody. I have contacted GM’s, sent screenshots which seem to be ignored. We complained for 6 days server never got reset by devs and nothing was done.
  18. Raidawg

    Bugs and Compensation

    I have screen shots where we would drop tactics but they wouldn’t work on our troops. Game would only glitch when s certain player would log in during a battle so there is definitely an issue
  19. Raidawg

    Bugs and Compensation

    I have sent screenshots to them and they have done nothing. This has happened 3 days in a row when that specific player comes online it’s obviously a hack but the GM are doing nothing about it and not giving any compensation.
  20. Raidawg

    Bugs and Compensation

    We are in a map right now that is obviously getting hacked. A certain player gets on from Satan during battles and all the sudden our troops disappear, run out of gas, circle and there’s no controlling them, moving and then resetting moving them resetting. This has happened the last 3 nights and we have told the GM’s and they have done nothing we have lost complete armies due to this hack. Someone higher than the GM’s need to look into this. I have been playing this game for a long time and have never seen anything like it before. It’s an obvious issue with that certain individuals and the GM’s that are aware of the issue we are having are ignoring it. Please contact myself Joey or Mad from Apex and we can give you screenshot ect of the issues
  21. Obviously talking to MkV is like talking to a brick wall boredomfalls. I have talked to a lot of the veterans of the game about it and we've all come to the same conclusion you have. I think MkV has drank the Koolaid so there's no getting your point thru to him.
  22. I understand what you're saying but I have played this game for a long time and it didn't have any glitches in the beginning but now it's constant, and honestly if I was the captain of the ship and enough ppl said just fix the issues and then bring new activities out once everything is fixed then we all can enjoy the cruise that's what I would do as the captain Boredom has a point the same bugs are still there and have been there for a long time.
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