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World Warfare
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  1. No only if a players attscks another city or rss or deleted it himself
  2. Can you explain why shields disappear when facing kevin from the Chinese league? It literally happened to me today and another player yesterday. I was 6 min in on a 2 hour shield troops were loading into AB no other troops out and about and poor my shield disappears and here come enemy troops dropping from gigs. It’s Total bullshit
  3. Should make it no allying leagues though with best league standing
  4. Raidawg

    New Tactics

    Subs😂😂😂😂😂 I’ve been hearing that rumor ever since the blueprints came out. But I do agree radar towers tactics would be good addition to the game
  5. Pretty much what Clinton said. Make it only for league mates and not allies. The 4-5 alts some ppl have is what’s causing the problem not the life saving tactic itself.
  6. Think he’s just frustrated like the rest of us MK so he went on a little tangent lol. He has a point though The game playablity does seem to be getting worse.
  7. Raidawg


    Lol okay tinker bell
  8. Raidawg


    You cannot make 6 tigers appear on your turret by dropping a shield it doesn’t work like that. You can make 6 tigers follow you to your city but obviously if you read the original let it didn’t mention that
  9. Raidawg


    Can’t make 6 tigers drop on a turret once u drop a shield everytime unless a hack is involved
  10. I agree 100% with Hitgirl on this. Please fix the bugs and prevent hackers, just found one today and I posted picks about it in forum. Bring back gold map and make some new maps (once bugs n glitches are fixed) we also try and bring in new players and show them what we’ve learned about the game like it seems a lot of the bigger leagues do. Some listen and stay and the lone wolves get booted or leave. Somehow you need to have a dedicated map for the new guys and smaller leagues because they always get destroyed but us bigger leagues and it can get disheartening for them always losing. Maybe bring back the original map for the new guys axis vs allied at a smaller scale so they can all learn together like all us old timers did back in the day. Just my 2 cents worth
  11. Raidawg


    When are you going to prevent hackers in this game???? There have been numerous times we have all seen it but it still seems to be going on. The last one was on a battlefield where a guy would shield and all the sudden 6 Watfen tigers pop up by his turrets. What’s a actually being done or do you guys even care?
  12. Sorry to see you go Clinton. I feel your pain I’m in the same boat as you. I am waiting to see if they reimburse me from the map we were all in. The game has t gotten better just worse and it’s sad this was a great game when it worked, now not so much
  13. Yes it does the second u get booted off for maint all vehicles stop moving
  14. I fix my own vehicles so don’t have that issue
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