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  1. MOPS1

    LC Permissions?!

    I think the biggest problem is that new players take rss from a league city. I think this should not be an option at all. The league city is to make advanced armaments. New players don't know this and take rss from the lc, to the point that it cannot be upgraded in time. It will be better if a lc can give out only armaments, but no rss to anybody.
  2. MOPS1

    Isles Of War

    I am very disappointed with this map. As in previous maps the ships are equally useless. 99 percent of the cites on the islands where the players pop up originally are NOT reachable by Bismarck battleships even though the cities are on the coast. The battleships simply do not have enough range to kill most of the cities on the coast. Only few cities in the islands towards the center can be reached by Bismarck. So, what's the point of having ships if they cannot reach the cities? With the current ranking system the way to win the map is NOT to make any ships at all, just make a league city, make mobile arty, kill the island cities in the center to get the oil, then make strategic bombers and jets, then start collecting cities and avoid enemy navy. Nothing new here. It will be much better if all the coastal cities can be reached by battleships. The epic navy battles will not help you win the map, only tie up your resources in ships.
  3. Nice to see our league in top 5 in silver cup. As for the gems, I think they are well balanced, the game is relatively cheap overall. For global war, you rarely need to use gems, but if you fight the Chinese league in cups, gems are very helpful. By gemming vehicles and buildings you can complete missions quickly and get instant armaments, airforce, etc. If you combine this with playing all the time for 2-3 days, you can wipe out the whole map in 2-3 days. The Chinese league is very good at this, we fought them twice, all leagues allied against them both times. The first time we lost, the second time we won, with Godz. So, the Chinese league is very good, it's not just gems, they know very well the sequence of missions and play 24/7 with very good coordination. The problem that I have with this is that it is too intense, you literally need to spend 24 hours a day playing the game, or switching player accounts between players playing in shifts. I would like to have a slower pace battlefield, even slower than global war, which has gotten shorter and shorter with time. Overall, this is a great game.
  4. No, just signing in from the game center.
  5. How do I sign in to my old account in the android device? There is no game center.
  6. I showed the top secret map to my psychic. She told me that if the developers encourage more ship battles, there will be more active players in the game. I tend to believe her, my psychic has never been wrong.
  7. The old system was much better. Currently the players are motivated to capture city after city to get points instead of capturing resource zones to make strong fleets and armies. This leads to battles with stugs and Shermans at day 7, instead of battles with much better vehicles like maus tanks and strategic bombers. The current system discourages building monuments, which eliminates the thrill of attacking high value targets or strategic management of resources to build the monument itself. Currently the battles are monotone as it is about capturing targets of similar value and collecting cities. And it can become tedious to be clicking on 20 cities to be upgrading them. I would like to see more emphasis on monuments and owning powerful troops like maus tanks, battleships and strategic bombers. Currently there is no emphasis on how powerful your troops are in terms of your personal score.
  8. Fireworks from North Carolina battleships. A bit longer range than usual.
  9. MOPS1

    Lost troops

    Troops are still disappearing. Please, fix this.
  10. Monument defense formations. The monument was successfully defended.
  11. Another bug. I had 40 planes in a monument airforce base- 20 strategic bombers , 16 jets and some transports and fighters. When I dispatched them from the monument airforce base they came out with only 100 points of health, which is almost nothing. They had full health before, they were not starving. Then I started healing them with tactic and moving them to my cities, but then when I checked the monument airbase again, it showed that they were still there, even though they were far away near a city. Then I dispatched them from the monument again and the planes that were flying and reaching my city quickly jumped back to the monument, again with health down to 100 points. I got them again to a different city and now they are parked in the airbase there. And they still show up in the monument airforce base, so I don't really know where my planes are now. This is very annoying, especially the part that dispatching them from the monument gets their health to almost zero. This is a good game, but those bugs are a big problem.
  12. There is a problem with troops missing. When you select them from the menu on the left side of the screen, it shows that there are in the lower left corner of the battlefield with a message"loading" but you cannot see them. It happened twice to me, 1-2 troops at a time missing. They still count to the total amount of troops but you cannot use them. What is the solution for this?
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